SCOOP 2016: Romania’s profit76 Wins $437,420.71 in SCOOP-51-H: $1,050 NL

May 24, 2016

SCOOP-51-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em [Day 2], $1.5M Guaranteed was a tournament broken down into two parts with the first calling for players to enter one of numerous Day 1 flights and survive 18 levels of play. Those who made it to Day 2 were not only in the money, but able to compete for a $437,420.71 first-place prize.

The tournament attracted 2,813 entries throughout the various starting days, but just 307 made it through to Day 2. Among those to fall in the money were Team PokerStars Pros Marc-Andre “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur (225th – $2,636.90), Naoya “nkenyo” Kihara (156th – $3,326.09), Jason Mercier (86th – $5,323.32), and George Danzer (47th – $6,754.57).

Others who cashed were Joe “smokrokflock” Serock (300th – $2,094.84), Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (294th – $2,094.84), Doug “WCG|Rider” Polk (174th – $3,326.09), Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich (64th – $6,754.57), and Alex “dynoalot” Difelice (13th – $20,086.38).

Here’s a look at how things stacked up at the start of the final table:

profit76 – 4,570,124
jzjayz88 – 4,166,245
ViCiuSMaXiMu – 3,622,690
Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins – 3,442,515
gordon0410 – 3,334,177
Jack “jackziyang” Salter – 2,704,882
Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion – 2,673,322
ismo<3seppo – 2,256,922
Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh – 1,359,123


Aces Fail ismo<3seppo, Who Falls in Ninth

With the blinds at 35,000/70,000/7,000, Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion (4,460,130) raised to 149,100 from middle position and “ismo<3seppo” (2,526,274) three-bet to 373,255 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Tinnion, who called, and the flop came down J♣5♣4♦.

Tinnion checked, ismo<3seppo bet 488,888, and Tinnion check-raised all in. ismo<3seppo called off his remaining 1,657,131 and the cards were turned up.

ismo<3seppo: A♠A♦
Tinnion: 6♠7♠

ismo<3seppo was ahead with aces, but Tinnion was drawing to an open-ended straight draw. He his it too as the 8♠ spiked on the turn. The 7♦ was run out on the river, and ismo<3seppo took his leave in ninth place for $29,440.57.

ViCiuSMaXiMu Runs Into Kings to Bust Eighth

With the blinds at 50,000/100,000/10,000, “profit76” (5,879,053) limped the cutoff and “ViCiuSMaXiMu” (1,117,757) moved all in from the button. Both blinds folded and profit76 made the call.

profit76: K♣K♠
ViCiuSMaXiMu: 6♣6♥

ViCiuSMaXiMu was looking for a six, but it wasn’t in the cards as the board ran out 7♥8♥A♠9♠J♥. ViCiuSMaXiMu earned $41,300.74 for finishing eighth.

Big Slick Doesn’t Do the Trick for Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh

Later in the same level, “gordon0410” opened for 210,000 from early position and Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh (712,371) moved all in from the cutoff. profit76 (5,914,410) then moved all in over the top from the small blind and gordon0410 folded.

Høgh: A♠K♦
profit76: J♦J♣

It was a flip, but Høgh needed to improve to stay alive. That proved easier said than done as the board ran out an unhelpful 10♦8♦5♥3♥J♠. Høgh won $57,938.79 for finishing in seventh place.

Double Knockout Sends Martins Out in Sixth; Salter in Fifth

A few hands later, Jack “jackziyang” Salter (2,813,359) limped under the gun and “jzjayz88” (5,068,936) raised to 270,000 from the hijack. Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins called off for 170,460 from the button, both blinds folded, and Salter called to see a Q♥10♠4♠ flop.

Salter led out for 198,445, jzjayz88 raised to 640,000, and Salter three-bet to 1.15 million. Not to be outdone, jzjayz88 four-bet to 1.8 million and Salter called to see the 9♣ turn. Salter shoved his last 733,359 and jzjayz88 called.

jzjayz88: A♦Q♣
Salter: A♠J♠
Martins: 10♣8♣

jzjayz88 was ahead with top pair, but both his opponents were drawing very much alive. Fortunately for jzjayz88, the 5♣ river was a blanked and he scored the double knockout.

Since he began the hands with less chips, Martins finished sixth for $81,279.66, while Salter took fifth for $114,022.98, his largest online score to date.

gordon0410 Takes His Leave in Fourth Place

With the blinds at 60,000/120,000/12,000, jzjayz88 (6,740,755) raised to 270,000 from the button and was met by an all-in three-bet from gordon0410 (1,758,465) on the button. Tinnion flatted fro the small blind, profit76 called, and then the two active players checked the 5♦10♠3♠ flop.

When the 8♦ appeared on the turn, Tinnion bet 900,000, profit76 called, and the 6♣ completed the board on the river. Tinnion returned to checking but called when profit76 bet 1.12 million. profit76 showed the A♣5♣, but it was no good as Tinnion held the 9♥9♣. gordon0410 simply mucked and exited in fourth place for $159,957.02.

jzjayz88 Straightened Out in Third Place

With the blinds at 100,000/200,000/20,000, Tinnion (11,417,816) raised to 426,000 on the button holding the J♥5♥ and jzjayz88 (6,402,016) defended the big blind with the A♣4♣.

jzjayz88 then checked the 5♦2♠3♥ flop, which gave him a straight, and Tinnion bet 647,680 with top pair. jzjayz88 just called and then led out for 1.2 million on the 9♥ turn. Tinnion, who picked up a flush draw, made the call and promptly his another heart on the 8♥ river.

jzjayz88 bet another 1.2 million, Tinnion moved all in, and jzjayz88 called off his remaining 2,908,336. With that, jzjayz88 was out in third place for $224,395.82.

Tinnion vs. profit76 for the Title

Heads-up play began with Tinnion holding 17,939,832 in chips to profit76’s 10,190,168, but the stacks fluctuated in what turned out to be a back-and-forth affair. Eventually profit76 pulled out to a lead, and things came to a head in the 120,000/240,000/24,000 level.

In what would be the final hand of the tournament, profit76 (21,000,050) raised to 480,000 from the button with the K♥2♥, Tinnion (7,129,950) called from the big blind with the 7♠6♠, and the flop came down 7♥5♦4♦.

Tinnion check-called a bet of 385,020, the K♠ appeared on the turn, and profit76 bet 1,373,506 after his opponent checked. Tinnion called and then checked for a third time on the 2♣ river. profit76 moved all in and Tinnion opted to call off his remaining 4,867,424. With that, Tinnion was out in second place for $314,794.10 while profit76 finished as the winner for whooping $437,420.71.

SCOOP-51-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em [Day 2], $1.5M Guaranteed
Entrants: 2,813 entries (307 on Day 2)
Prize Pool: $2,813,000
Place Paid: 307

1st: profit76 (Romania) $437,420.71
2nd: Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion (UK) $314,794.10
3rd: jzjayz88 (China) $224,395.82
4th: gordon0410 (UK) $159,957.02
5th – Jack “jackziyang” Salter (Cyprus) $114,022.98
6th – Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins (Australia) $81,279.66
7th – Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh (Denmark) $57,938.79
8th – ViCiuSMaXiMu (UK) $41,300.74
9th – ismo<3seppo (Finland) $29,440.57

This year’s SCOOP is winding down, but until it does can find recaps for each event right here on the PokerStars Blog.

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