SCOOP 2016: Switzerland’s Ambri 81 conquers added Event #56-M ($109 NL PSKO)

May 24, 2016

No rest for the weary in Event #56! They were going to kick it old school and play from start to finish in a single session during a rare single-day event on the 2016 SCOOP docket. The actual official designation for this event is Progressive Super-Knockout, Bounty Builder Special Edition, which sounds like the title to a new single off of Kayne’s new album “Life of Pablo.”

For this Super-KO event, Switzerland’s Ambri 81 advanced to the final nine in the middle of the pack that also included Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields and Danny ‘DannyN13’ Noseworthy. A frosty and perpetually-chill Ambri 81 embarked on an early heater at the final table. When the near-apocalyptic carnage was over, Ambri 81 knocked out six of eight possible players at the final table en route to a nearly unstoppable win in Event #56-M. If you tally up all the bounties Ambri 81 earned, the Swiss player walked away with a total score worth $52K.


This was a special bonus event added to the schedule at the last minute. The medium-sized version of SCOOP Event #56-M $109 NL Progressive Super-KO was also the Bounty Builder $109 SE. The highly-popular PSKO format attracted 5,302 runners. The total prize pool was $530,200, with half (or $265,100) devoted to the bounty-KO pool and the other half devoted to the regular prize pool. Only the top 675 places paid out with $41,591.75 set aside to the champ.

With 15 to go on the final two tables, sniper18 picked off a few stacks and chipped up to 11.5M as the only person over the 10M barrier. The surging Ambri 81 took out @rtemur on the final table bubble when Q♠Q♥ held up against A♠K♣. Ambri 81 bagged another bounty and the final table was set.

SCOOP-56-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: theManiAKo (2,232,582)
Seat 2: marswu0624 (1,532,074)
Seat 3: Ambri 81 (7,750,568)
Seat 4: Vittorio_PL (5,538,416)
Seat 5: DannyN13 (8,435,681)
Seat 6: GeorgesVanC (2,684,952)
Seat 7: sniper18 (12,504,445)
Seat 8: LFmagic (2,625,834)
Seat 9: Green_Ape23 (9,715,448)

The final table commenced at the end of Level 45 with blinds at 60K/120K an a 15K ante. Canada’s sniper18 led with 12.5M and China’s marswu0624 was the short stack with 1.5M.

Two notables at the final table: Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields and Danny ‘DannyN13’ Noseworthy. LFmagic won over $2 million online. He final tabled the Sunday Milly twice and final tabled four previous SCOOPs with a pair of runner-ups. Meanwhile, DannyN13 a.k.a. Danny Noseworthy has nearly $2M in online cashes. In 2015, he final tabled 2 WCOOPs and 1 SCOOP.

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KING OF HOLLYWOOD: marswu0624 eliminated in 9th place

The short stack was the first to go. The shorties are always easy targets. DannyN13 min-raised to 320,000, marswu0624 bombed it all-in for 982,074, Ambri 81 re-shoved for 6,980,568, and DannyN13 bailed. marswu0624 was in trouble with A♥10♥ against Ambri 81’s A♠K♥. The board ran out K♣Q♠5♥8♣4♠. marswu0624 whiffed on a Broadway draw and Ambri 81 flopped a pair of Kings to win the pot. China’s marswu0624 became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $2,120.80.

In this Super-KO format, Ambri 81 banked a bounty worth $468.74, and Ambri 81’s own bounty increased to $2,361.02.

DISCO STRANGLER: Vittorio_PL eliminated in 8th place

Ambri 81 min-raised to 320,000, Vittorio_PL shoved for 3,978,416 with Q♠Q♣ and Ambri 81 called with A♥K♥. Classic confrontation with pocket Queens versus Big Slick. The board ran out 10♣4♠2♦3♠5♦ and Ambri 81 caught running cards for a Wheel. Ouch. Queens cracked. Vittorio_PL was unable to absorb the painful blow and went busto in eighth place, which paid out $3,313.75.

Ambri 81 earned a bounty worth $1,264.23 for picking off Vittorio_PL, meanwhile their own mouth-watering bounty jumped to $3,625.25. Ambri 81 chipped up to 12.7M and was nearly deadlock with sniper18 in first place. Thus would begin the fall of sniper and the fortification of Ambri 81 as the big stack.

THOSE SHOES: LFmagic eliminated in 7th place

Super-duper shorty LFmagic was all-in in the big blind for 190,364 and five players called/limped. They all checked the flop of A♦Q♥7♦, but Green_Ape23 spoiled the party and bet 400,000 the turn when the A♣ spiked, and everyone folded except GeorgesVanC. The board finished up A♦Q♥7♦A♣A♥. Green_Ape23 fired out 200,000 on the river and GeorgesVanC called.

Green_Ape23: 9♥7♥
GeorgesVanC: MUCKED

Green_Ape23 won the pot with a full boat and both opponents mucked their losing hands. Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $5,964.75.

Green_Ape23 banked LFmagic’s bounty of $760.63 and their own bounty was bumped to $5,283.29.


Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields runs out of unicorn magic in 7th place
THE GREEKS DON’T WANT NO FREAKS: DannyN13 eliminated in 6th place

How about a back-alley rumble? Ambri 81 min-raised to 480,000, DannyN13 shoved for 4,496,329 with A♠Q♣ and Ambri 81 insta-called with K♥K♣. The board ran out 7♥5♠3♠10♦7♦. Kings held up for Ambri 81 and Danny Noseworthy hit the virtual rail in sixth place. DannyN13 earned a payday worth $8,615.75.

Ambri 81 banked another bounty and DannyN13’s was worth $2,239.67. Meanwhile, Ambri 81’s own hefty price tag increased to $5,864.92.

With five remaining… Ambri 81 was the big leader with 25.8M, followed by Green_Ape23’s 11.3M, and sniper18’s 9.8M. Short-stacked twins GeorgesVanC and theManiAKo both held 3M each and a fading glimmer of hope that they could win a SCOOP title.

Danny Noseworthy-PCAeh.jpg

6th place for DannyN13
I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY: GeorgesVanC eliminated in 5th place

Another incident of big-stacked bully vs. weakling stack. Ambri 81 min-raised 480,000, GeorgesVanC bombed it all-in for 1,321,184 with 6♦6♣, and Ambri 81 called with A♦9♣. It was another race…but this race had a mortality at the finish line. The board ran out 9♦5♣4♠5♠3♥. The nine on the flop ended GeorgesVanC’s run. Stopped dead-cold in fifth place, which paid out $11,266.75.

Yup, another bounty for Ambri 81, who banked $628.12 and their own bounty ballooned to a paunchy $6,493.04.

With four left in the hunt for the bracelet… Ambri 81 led with 30M and held a vast majority of the chips in play, followed by Green_Ape23’s 11.3M, sniper18’s 9.2M, and theManiAKo’s 2.3M.

HEARTACHE TONIGHT: sniper18 eliminated in 4th place

The sniper got sniped. sniper18 spewed a significant amount of chips and was down to under 4M. sniper18 open-shoved for 3,953,986 with A♣3♥ and theManiAKo called with A♥10♠. The board finished up 10♥10♦2♦4♥6♠. The Brazilian Bounty Hunter theManiAKo flopped trips, which held up. Canada’s sniper18 was picked off in fourth place, which paid out $14,978.15.

theManiAKo collected a bounty worth $1590.16 and theManiAKo’s own bounty jumped to $2.632.32.

With three to go… Ambri 81 chipped up to 32M, followed by theManiAKo’s 12.1M and Green_Ape23’s 8.5M.

SAD CAFE: theManiAKo eliminated in 3rd place

The two big stacks rumbled: theManiAKo four-bet shoved for 6,249,618 with J♣J♠ and Ambri 81 called with A♦10♠. An Ace on the flop destroyed theManiAKo’s chances of a massive double up when the board ran out A♣Q♠4♠4♦10♦. theManiAKo lost with Jacks and fours against Aces up. Brazil’s theManiAKo was KO’d in third place, which paid out $21,870.75. Alas, Brazil missed a chance to win one last bracelet!

Ambri 81 banked yet another bounty. This one was $1,316.16 and Ambri 81’s own price jumped to $7,809.20.

HEADS-UP: Ambri 81 (Siwtzerland) vs. Green_Ape23 (Israel)
Seat 3: Ambri 81 (44,426,994)
Seat 9: Green_Ape23 (8,593,006)

Green_Ape23 was down nearly 5-1. Despite the deficit, Green_Ape23 pulled even early on and even seized the lead during their 25-min bout. However, Ambri 81 rallied and launched a successful comeback to regain the lead after dragging a 42.7M pot with a straight. That monster hand essentially cleared a path toward victory and within 20 hands, Ambri 81 acquired the remainder of Green_Ape23’s chips.

THE LONG RUN: Green_Ape23 eliminated in 2nd place; Ambri 81 wins SCOOP bracelet!

Ambri 81 teased with a min-raise of 720,000, Green_Ape23 decided not to mess around and shoved for 15,607,074 and Ambri 81 called. Battle of pocket pairs: Ambri 81 took 6♥6♠ into battle against Green_Ape23’s 2♣2♠. The sixes held up and Green_Ape23 was unable to come from behind to stave off an elimination. Ambri 81 won the pot and banked Green_Ape23’s bounty worth $2,641.65.

For a runner-up finish, Israel’s Green_Ape23 earned $30,884.15 (plus another $5,283.29 in bounties).

Congrats to Switzerland’s Ambri 81 for winning the added Event #56-M. First place paid out $41,591.75. Ambri 81 also earned an additional $10,450.84 in bounties for a total score in excess of $52K! Ambri 81 also wins a sleek champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.


SCOOP-56-M ($109 NLHE [Progressive Super-Knockout, Bounty Builder $109 SE]) results
Entrants: 5,302
Total prize pool: $530,200.00 (Regular pool: $265,100; Bounty pool: $265,100)
Places paid: 675

1. Ambri 81 (Switzerland) $41,591.75 + $10,450.84 bounties
2. Green_Ape23 (Israel) $30,884.15 + $5,283.29 bounties
3. theManiAKo (Brazil) $21,870.75 + $2,632.32 bounties
4. sniper18 (Canada) $14,978.15 + $3,180.31 bounties
5. GeorgesVanC (Belgium) $11,266.75 + $1,256.24 bounties
6. Danny ‘DannyN13’ Noseworthy (Canada) $8,615.75 + $4,479.34 bounties
7. Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields (U.K.) $5,964.75 + $1,521.26 bounties
8. Vittorio_PL (Poland) $3,313.75 + $2,528.46 bounties
9. marswu0624 (China) $2,120.80 + $937.48 bounties

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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