SCOOP 2016: talonaquiles conquers Event #34-M; maggess88 misses Triple COOP ($215 PLO 6-Max)

May 18, 2016

Pot Limit Omaha is so popular that it shows up several times on the 2016 SCOOP schedule in various formats. Event #34 put the PLO grinders on short-handed tables and gave them three re-entry options if their stack managed to hit the virtual felt. It drew a fine group of grinders trying to make headlines and it was the UK’s talonaquiles denying them all to win his first COOP title.

The medium buy-in tournament had a $215 buy-in with a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool attached. It drew 1,055 entrants, well more than enough to surpass the guarantee number, and the 881 re-entries pushed the prize pool to $387,200. The last 252 players banked a piece of the money with more than $60,000 up top for the winner.

The first day came to an end after Level 28 with 26 players booking their spot in the Day 2 field with F1nntroll leading the way as the only one with a stack over 2 million. He was being chased by some big names including Amit “AMAK316” Makhija, Alexander “AlexKP” Petersen, Alex “dynoalot” Defelice, and Joe “floes” Serock.

2016 SCOOP-34M Chips.jpg

Top ten returning stacks for Day 2
They gathered as one at the final table after a good, long time on the bubble when Adam “Adamyid” Owen went out in 7th place. He limped a big hand in the small blind and his A♦A♠Q♠6♦ was turned away by F1nntroll’s big blind special Q♣7♥4♣4♠.


Adam “Adamyid” Owen
The last six players took their seats at the final table and the big news at the start was maggess88 back at a COOP final table. The Dutch grinder was only five eliminations away from earning the coveted Triple COOP honors for holding SCOOP, WCOOP, and TCOOP titles. His first came during the 2015 WCOOP series and that was followed up with a TCOOP Event #40 win this past January.

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2016 SCOOP-34M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: krapcity112 (2,691,086 in chips)
Seat 2: slickrick110 (3,272,396 in chips)
Seat 3: F1nntroll (5,160,123 in chips)
Seat 4: maggess88 (1,300,127 in chips)
Seat 5: talonaquiles (5,756,677 in chips)
Seat 6: Kashmir_uzi (1,179,591 in chips)

Limits: 40K/80K

Kashmir_uzi gunned down, eliminated in 6th

Besides maggess88, Kashmir_uzi was the only other at the final table with a previous COOP win, holding both a 2015 SCOOP and WCOOP title, but he joined the potential Triple COOPr at the bottom of the counts when they kicked off final table action.

He was the first to take a shot at doubling up early when he was dealt a premium hand. Kashmir_uzi raised from the button with A♣A♦9♠3♦ and slickrick110 defended his big blind to see the J♦7♥2♣ flop. It took three bets to get all of his chips in the middle and Kashmir_uzi saw the bad news in the form of slickrick110’s 9♦7♠6♥2♠.

Kashmir_uzi had outs to stay in the game but the 10♠ was no help and slickrick110 improved to the unnecessary full house on the 2♥ river. It was a quick exit for the double COOP champion, out in 6th place for $8,673.

maggess88 denied Triple COOP, eliminated in 5th

maggess88’s Triple COOP attempt was looking good in the latter parts of the tournament, he was hovering among the top counts as they moved down to two tables. But things went sideways at that point and he came into the final table with the second shortest stack.

Eight hands after fellow COOP winner Kashmir_uzi was dismissed, maggess88 found a good flop to get all of his chips involved. From the big blind, he called a button min-raise from slickrick110 ahead of the 10♥6♦3♠ flop.

maggess88 bet out, slickrick110 raised enough to put him all-in, and he called with top two J♥10♦8♣6♥. This time, it looked like slickrick110 would be the victim of getting a big hand cracked when he needed help with K♣K♦9♦7♦. slickrick110 picked up flush draw on the 4♦ turn to give him 16 KO outs to the river. The 3♣ paired the board to counterfeit maggess88’s two pair and end his Triple COOP push for now.

F1nntroll trolled by river, eliminated in 4th

F1nntroll had a nice run over the last two tables, mostly to the detriment of maggess88, but lost half of his stack after hitting the final table. He had to make something happen and three-bet from the big blind after krapcity112 raised his button.

F1nntroll put out a pot-sized bet after the A♦Q♠9♠ flop and krapcity112 raised enough to put him all-in. F1nntroll called with top pair A♣J♥4♥2♣ and had to dodge the second pair/flush/gutshot draw K♠Q♦10♦8♠ of krapcity112. The 5♣ turn changed little and it was a virtual coin flip on the river, 19 to 21 in favor of F1nntroll. krapcity112 binked his flush when it finished J♠ to send F1nntroll out in 4th.

Deal, no deal

The three remaining players decided to pause the clock and attempt to work out a deal to chop up the remaining prize money with talonaquiles holding the biggest stack.

talonaquiles – 8,655,222
krapcity112 – 5,897,808
slickrick112 – 4,806,970

talonaquiles was unhappy with the amount he would get from an ICM or chip chop and asked to receive more from the other two. That was quickly shot down and they returned to action.

Whoops, let’s make a deal now

The swingy nature of three-handed PLO showed itself to talonaquiles and he promptly lost his chip lead a few hands after asking for more money. He sent a 3 million chip pot when slickrick110 flopped a set and turned a full house with K♣K♥10♥2♣.

The stacks changed and the three paused the tournament again to attempt making a deal.

slickrick11 – 7,970,970
talonaquiles – 5,701,222
krapcity112 – 5,687,808

This negotiation went much smoother and they quickly agreed to the ICM numbers.

slickrick11 – $47,790.07
talonaquiles – $44,795.43
krapcity112 – $44,774.50

The deal left $3,000 for the eventual champion and the three were soon back underway.

krapcity112 coolered, eliminated in 3rd

krapcity112’s chip count was neck-and-neck with talonaquiles and krapcity112 moved above him after the deal was complete. That didn’t last very long and he took a big dip in a tough hand.

PLO pots can get huge in a hurry and krapcity112 built an eight-digit one with talonaquiles. It took five pre-flop bets to get all their chips in the middle and krapcity112 saw the problem, he was in trouble with A♠K♥K♣8♦ against A♥A♦J♠7♠. Krapcity112 had a primo hand that was about as dominated as you’ll see in PLO.

The board ran out J♥5♥2♣6♦6♠ to send the 11.5 million pot to talonaquiles and krapcity112 hit the rail in 3rd place a few hands later.

talonaquiles comes back to win Event #34-M title

Another reason for big PLO pots, flopping a bucket full of draws. The final hand saw both players do just that to finish things up.

talonaquiles called a button bet from slickrick110 to the 10♥6♦3♦ flop and they had everything shipped in with two pot-sized bets. slickrick110 was ahead with his over pair/flush draw Q♣Q♦J♦3♥ against talonaquiles’ wrap draw 9♦8♣7♣4♣.

slickrick110’s lead was short-lived and talonaquiles made his straight on the 5♠ turn to leave slickrick110 with eight flush stay-alive outs on the river. The 9♠ missed him and slickrick110 was out with a runner-up finish but still managed to take out only $5 less than our champion.

talonaquiles earned $47,795 for the effort, his first major online title, and a slick new Movado watch.

SCOOP-34-M ($215 PL Omaha 6-Max) results
Entrants: 1,936 (1,055 entries, 881 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $387,200
Places paid: 252

1. talonaquiles (United Kingdom) $47,795.43*
2. slickrick110 (Mexico) $47,790.07*
3. krapcity112 (Canada) $44,774.50*
4. F1nntroll (Finland) $22,264.00
5. maggess88 (Netherlands) $15,178.24
6. Kashmir_uzi (United Kingsom) $8,673.28
*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $3,000 in play for the winner

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