SCOOP 2016: Text book finish for Joshua “slayervfan” Hoesel

May 26, 2016

SCOOP 2016 ended this week, and if you’ve been hiding in a cave since that bad beat you received in SCOOP 1-L you can catch up on our results page which links to all the final table reports, including that of SCOOP 38-H, won by Joshua “slayerv1fan” Hoesel.

We spoke to Hoesel a few times over the course of SCOOP, asking questions in between the usual tournament grind.

Aged 25, and from north of Chicago, Illinois, Hoesel’s story is familiar. Black Friday forced him to head south to Mexico, picking out Rosarito, what he describes as a quiet and lazy town 45 minutes south of San Diego, and 30 minutes south of Tijuana.

“I’ve been here since I was 20 years old and I personally love Rosarito,” he said. “It’s pretty quiet and peaceful and there are a slew of other poker players that live here which is pretty nice. And if I want to go get a bit rowdy, Tijuana is only 30 minutes away!”


“The first place prize is the largest dollar amount I’ve ever won in a tournament before, which is pretty cool.”

But it’s not just the money that matters, but the various milestones along the way.

“I’m chasing 10 million VPPs lifetime right now, and if I get there I will be the ninth or tenth player to ever achieve that. Would be pretty nice to get there! Additionally, the PokerStars offer for the free ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ for reaching 10 million lifetime VPPs concludes on Dec 31, 2016, so I am really on the clock!”

In that sense then SCOOP proved profitable in both senses.

“On the final two tables I was pretty short but found a double and then played a key pot against Elio ‘smokrokflock’ Fox. We have a lot of history together playing against each other at $300-$1,000 6-max hyper turbos and actually the very night before I chopped and then won this event, he and I were deep in the $1,050 Super Tues together, where he eventually finished third and I got fifth.”

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Hoesel talked through the hand. He opened with K♠J♠ under the gun with 630,00. Fox flat called from his direct left with 765,000 and the big blind came along with about half of that. The K♣10♦6♦ flop was checked for a 8♦ turn card which was checked to Fox who made it 80,000. Hoesel called.

Fox bet another 195,000 when action was checked to him on the 5♣ river card. Hoesel tank called, to which Fox showed A♥Q♦.

“[That was] a nice pot to put me top three in the tournament and wasn’t ever out of the top three after that.”

Hoesel might have been hard to reach given his form during the past two weeks. Down significantly on the middle Saturday, he turned things around in Sit & Go’s the day after (up $65,000) and finished third in the $1,000 5 Stack SCOOP 22-H for $85,000. He followed that up with fifth in SCOOP 35-H for $75,000 and the day after chopped heads up SCOOP 38-H. That one was worth $245,000.

“I had a pretty wild ending to SCOOP!”


Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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