SCOOP 2016: Two SCOOPs for C. Darwin2 in Event #1-H ($1,050 NL Hold’em)

May 09, 2016

The opening weekend of the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker kicked off with three big opening Event 1 fields. The $1,050 buy-in high version drew more than 1,000 players to easily surpass the $750,000 guaranteed prize pool.

A total of 1,025 players put up their money, plus another 285 using the re-entry option after they went busto, to create a prize pool worth a whopping $1.3 million. The last 153 players getting a piece of the money with the top three set to earn a six-digit payday with the winner adding more than $225,000 to their bankroll.

The tournament paused action after Level 20 with 61 players still around with a chance for the title. The top ten list featured five players with runner-up COOP results looking to finish the deal this time, including WSOP bracelet winner Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja. He wasn’t able to ride his stack to an online title and dropped out before the tournament hit the final table bubble.

As expected with the deep stacks and high stakes, the last ten played 90 minutes of hand-for-hand action before they formed the final table, getting there when rounder3989 won a flip with 7♦7♥ against gusmaa’s K♠Q♣. The final table featured WCOOP champion Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman, SCOOP title holder C. Darwin2, and Super Tuesday winner LStrelec.

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2016 SCOOP-1H Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman (568,216 in chips)
Seat 2: chicalltreta (630,734 in chips)
Seat 3: gordon0410 (919,586 in chips)
Seat 4: ZeGrimReaper (938,616 in chips)
Seat 5: rounder3989 (2,300,101 in chips)
Seat 6: C. Darwin2 (2,096,636 in chips)
Seat 7: ThoNapalm (450,193 in chips)
Seat 8: Respect_Lt (3,918,032 in chips)
Seat 9: LStrelec (1,277,886 in chips)

Blinds: 16K/32K with 3.2K Ante

ThoNapalm blows up, eliminated in 9th

ThoNapalm was in the danger zone to start the final table but found an early double up to get back in the game. He moved over 1 million in chips when he went into a pre-flop battle against rounder3989.

rounder3989 opened the action with a small raise and C. Darwin2 called on the button before ThoNapalm moved all-in from the small blind. rounder3989 called the bet and C. Darwin2 thought better of it then let his hand go.

ThoNapalm needed to find some help with A♣J♠ against 8♠8♥ but missed the Q♥5♣5♠ flop. He picked up a gutshot draw on the K♣ turn then blanked the 2♥ river to drop out in 9th place for $14,410.

Wakeman triples up in huge pot

Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman improved his chances of adding a SCOOP title to his 2015 WCOOP trophy when he won the biggest pot of the tournament so far, and one that could have been bigger. It began when C. Darwin2 opened the action with a small raise and Respect_Lt called next to act.

Wakeman moved all-in for 432,661 and C. Darwin2 popped it up again with another small raise to put the action back on Respect_Lt. Instead of a flat-call, this time he opted to move all-in on his own for more than 3 million to put himself at risk.

C. Darwin2 eventually let his hand go, abandoning more than 800K of his stack before the flop, and the other two were racing. Wakeman was ahead with 10♥10♣ against A♠K♥ and never had a sweat as the board ran J♣7♠5♣6♣9♦ to give him the triple up.

LStrelec can’t come back, eliminated in 8th

LStrelec was solidly in the middle of the pack for much of the latter parts of the tournament but watched as others improved while his stack dropped to only ten big blinds. He put those chips in the middle from the small blind after C. Darwin2 opened from the cut-off.

C. Darwin2 called with K♠Q♥ to give LStrelec a chance with his small pair 6♠6♣. The J♦J♥10♠ flop was huge for C. Darwin2 but he missed the 8♣ turn. LStrelec had 20 outs to dodge on the river but he was sent out when C. Darwin2 paired the Q♣.

ZeGrimReaper cut down, eliminated in 7th

One orbit after C. Darwin2 took out LStrelec, he was at it again but with a premium hand doing the hard work this time. ZeGrimReaper found a big ace and moved all-in from early position for 820,616 and C. Darwin2 was sitting in the cut-off with K♣K♥.

He called the bet but couldn’t get the last three players to take a stab and found himself up against ZeGrimReaper’s A♥Q♠. Instead of finding his overcard, ZeGrimReaper’s tournament came to an end as the board completed all-low 8♥5♦4♠7♠J♣.

Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman value bets himself out in 6th

Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman picked up a huge hand, one that could propel him to a second COOP title, but instead sent him packing. He opened the action from the button with A♣A♥ and gordon0410 defended in the big blind.

gordon0410 check/called a bet after the 8♣7♦5♠ flop then checked again after the 2♥ turn. Wakeman moved all-in with the huge overpair and got a quick call from gordon0410 with the flopped straight holding 9♥6♠ to leave Wakeman drawing dead to 6th place.

wakeman day 1b.jpg

Matthew “mjw006″Wakeman
No respect for Respect_Lt, eliminated in 5th

Wakeman was knocked out shortly after a top-of-the-hour break and Respect_Lt took his shot a few hands later. He moved all-in from the big blind after gordon0410 opened the action with a min-raise.

The shove was quickly called by gordon0410 with 10♠10♣ to dominate Respect_Lt’s 4♣4♥. The virtual dealer didn’t give Respect_Lt a sweat as it ran out K♠Q♣7♣5♦7♠ to knock him out in 5th place for a very nice $64,485.

gordon0410 makes a move, fails and falls in 4th

gordon0410 was the shortest stack of the four remaining players but still had plenty of chips in relation to the blinds, he might have tried to move up the counts when he went against C. Darwin2. He started with a button min-raise then shoved after a big blind three-bet from C.Darwin2.

His moved in for a bit under 2 million holding 9♦8♦ and C. Darwin2 called with A♥K♠. gordon0410 had two live cards but that changed on the K♦J♣6♣ to leave him drawing thin, and then drawing dead after the 3♣ turn to go out in 4th place for $91,176.

rounder3989 loses long battle, out in 3rd

The last three players settled in for a long grind with plenty of chips in play. They went back and forth for almost 90 minutes before they moved on to the heads-up portion of the tournament.

rounder3989 has several close COOP calls in his career, including both a second and third place TCOOP result, and missed once again. He was in perfect position to double back into the contest when his 9♠9♣ dominated C. Darwin2’s A♥6♠. The K♣4♠3♣ flop seemed harmless and rounder3989 only had seven outs to fear after the 7♦ turn.

One of them appeared in the form of the 5♣ river to give C. Darwin2 the straight and send rounder3989 out in 3rd place for $124K, not a bad consolation prize.

Double SCOOP for C. Darwin2 in Event #1-H

Seat 2: chicalltreta (2,917,927 in chips)
Seat 6: C. Darwin2 (10,182,073 in chips)

Blinds: 80K/160K with 16K Ante

C. Darwin2 began heads up play with a big lead and the tournament almost ended two hands into the heads-up match. The two saw the a Q♦Q♠10♠ flop when all the chips went in the middle, chicalltreta with an open-ended straight draw J♦10♦ against C. Darwin2’s flush draw 7♠2♠.

chicalltreta added a flush draw of his own after the 4♦ turn but it was his jack kicker giving him the double after the blank 3♣ river. The save was short-lived and chicalltreta was never able to gain the advantage over his Swedish opponent.

They pushed chips around for several minutes before chicalltreta took a shot after limping his button. He moved all-in after C. Darwin2 raised it up and the shove was quickly called. chicalltreta was in trouble with A♠3♦ against the heads-up monster Q♣Q♦ and his situation worsened after the 10♣9♣5♣ flop.

C. Darwin’s flush draw took away one of chicalltreta’s aces and the 6♣ turn left the Brazilian drawing dead to second place. C. Darwin2 captured his second career SCOOP title, his first coming in 2012, and the $226,106 payout is by far the biggest cash of his tournament career.

SCOOP-01-H ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 1,025 (285 Re-Entries)
Total prize pool: $1,310,000
Places paid: 153

1. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) $226,106.00
2. chicalltreta (Brazil) $163,750.00
3. rounder3989 (Germany) $124,450.00
4. gordon0410 (United Kingdom) $91,176.00
5. Respect_Lt (Lithuania) $64,845.00
6. Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman (Australia) $51,745.00
7. ZeGrimReaper (Australia) $38,645.00
8. LStrelec (Russia) $25,545.00
9. ThoNapalm (Croatia) $14,410.00

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