SCOOP 2016: Vamos! Another win for Brazil as WellBr20 scoops Event #01-L

May 09, 2016

We’re just two days into the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), and it’s already been an excellent Primavera for Brazil. Early this morning Bean1992 took down Event #5-L, and now the country has its second SCOOP champion of the series after WellBr20 claimed victory in Event #1-L.

Now, if you’re wondering how the fifth event of the series could finish before the first, it’s because this $11 NL Hold’em tournament with a $100K-guaranteed prize pool was a two-day affair. Of the 17.862 players who entered (and 6,120 who re-entered) at 1pm WET (8am CET) on Sunday 8th May, just 55 remained when play ended for the day after 36 15-minute levels.

With 3,150 places paid, that meant we were already deep into the money when those 55 returned to play to a winner today. And speaking of money, the massive field meant the guarantee was not just beaten but obliterated, creating a prize pool of $239,820 and a first place prize of $23,997 that would eventually go to WellBr20.

With previous scores including a win in the $11 NLHE [Phase 2] $80K Gtd tournament, and a runner-up finish in the $11 Sunday Storm, WellBr20 is no stranger to navigating these huge field events. The Brazilian certainly proved that today.

Here’s how it all went down:


The final nine

Our two chip leaders were from Brazil, while the rest of the final nine were made up of three players from Germany, as well as one from China, Australia, Lithuania, and Greece. Here’s how they stacked up:

SELOUAN1991, Brazil, 58,754,763
WellBr20, Brazil, 30,483,878
timepoker10, China, 29,690,460
bolkov76, Germany, 27,751,601
mazz2888, Australia, 24,178,568
t8ofDiamonds, Germany, 23,205,901
interlt, Lithuania, 22,750,251
mydoom666, Germany, 14,730739
gfk_acid, Greece, 8,373,839

SELOUAN1991 came in as a big chip leader, with almost double that of his fellow countryman. To begin with the Supernova player, who has almost $650,000 in winnings on PokerStars, was raising every hand and putting those chips to good use, but the reality was that this was a deep-stacked final table. Eventually players began to fight back, and the first to do so was Germany’s bolkov76, who increased his stack to tie the chip lead by winning several pots pre-flop without showdown.

It took a long time and several levels before we had our ninth place finisher. As gfk_acid got shorter and shorter, SELOUAN1991 and bolkov76 raised more and more. Eventually, when the player from Greece got down to 4.8 million when the big blind was 900K, it was basically ICM suicide for anyone else to get involved without a monster hand.

The tension would break when gfk_acid moved all-in for 4.46 million with the A♦3♣ and was called by SELOUAN1991 in the cut-off with the A♣K♥. A King on the flop was all it would take, and gfk_acid’s bankroll was boosted with $1,438.92. That took SELOUAN1991’s stack to 45.6 million which was still good for the lead, but timepoker10 then doubled through the Brazilian with Kings v Jacks all-in pre-flop. After that, timepoker10 shot up to 44 million, and SELOUAN1991 dropped to 20 million.

bolkov76 was the next to fall. The German player jammed all-in for 14.9 million in the cut-off with the K♣J♥, and was called by interlt in the big blind with the A♣9♣. The 6♠10♦Q♠ flop brought plenty of outs, but bolkov76 couldn’t hit on the 3♣ turn or 2♥ river, and so collected $2,158.38 for eighth place.

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Just a matter of timepoker10

At this point timepoker10 took control. In one hand with the blinds at 600K/1.2 million, t8ofDiamonds opened to 2.532 million and timepoker10 three-bet to 5.8 million from the big blind. t8ofDiamonds called and the two saw a flop.

It came the K♥8♣K♠ and both checked, resulting in the 3♥ on the turn. Now timepoker10 led for 4,303,200, which was called before the A♦ landed on the river. timepoker10 bet 8.4 million and got a call, but t8ofDiamonds mucked when timepoker10’s A♣K♦ for a full house was revealed. That cemented the player from China’s chip lead.

Unfortunately, things weren’t going so well for interlt, who would finish in seventh for $3,369.47. The blinds were now 650K/1.3million, and the Lithuanian moved all-in from the cut-off for 12,591,610 with the 6♦6♣, but mazz2888 woke up with the A♣A♠ in the big blind. The flop came the 3♣10♦4♣, the turn the K♣, and the river the 10♣, giving mazz2888 the nut flush over interlt’s King-high flush.

The chip leader coming into the final table, SELOUAN1991, was also heading down. After timepoker10 three-bet the Brazilian’s initial open, SELOUAN1991 called all-in for 18,299,245.

timepoker10: A♣A♦

Flop: 5♣5♥5♦
Turn: 2♥
River: 10♣

The coldest of all the coolers left WellBr20 as the sole Brazilian remaining. SELOUAN1991 was gone in sixth for $4,796.40. Just like that, we were down to six.


Poker Gods punish mydoom666, but reward WellBr20

The devilishly-named mydoom666 would leave us next, moving all-in for 15,103,217 and being called by both timepoker10 and mazz2888. The flop came the 5♦5♣6♥ and both checked, just as they did for the 2♠ turn. The A♠ river brought some action though; mazz2888 clicked over a one big blind bet of 1.4 million, but timepoker10 raised it to 4.2 million and got a call. timepoker10 showed the A♦K♣ and both players mucked, meaning mydoom666 was outta here in fifth for $7,194.60.

At this point timepoker10 had half the chips in play, but opted to take a back seat and let t8ofDiamonds boss the table for a bit. He repeatedly shoved on the player to his left, the short-stacked WellBr20, which must have been played ICM mind games with the others. But WellBr20 held his composure and remained patient, and eventually found a good spot to double, calling the shove with the 6♥6♦ against the 7♥8♣ and remaining in front the whole way, even making a set on the turn.

WellBr20 would then double again through t8ofDiamonds. The German opened to 3.376 million and the Brazilian shoved for 27,248,048 with the A♦Q♦. t8ofDiamonds called with the 8♠8♥, but the board ran out 9♠4♥A♥Q♣3♥.

“no bad for a 1.60 sat”

Those were the words of mazz2888 at the beginning of this final table, and in the end that $1.60 satellite tournament led to the Australian banking $9,528.80 for fourth place. Timepoker10 opened to 4.5 million and mazz2888 three-bet to 1.602 million, only for timepoker10 to then jam all-in with him way covered. Mazz2888 made the call.

Mazz2888: K♣K♥
timepoker10: A♠K♦

Flop: 4♠2♠A♦
Turn: 6♦
River: 3♠

It was another cooler, and that meant we were now three-handed; timepoker10 held 150 million to t8ofDiamonds’ 42 million and Wellbr20’S 44 million. It’s worth mentioning here that at no point throughout this final table was there ever any mention of a deal.

t8ofDiamonds might now wish he’d mentioned it as he was next to go – and yes, it was another cooler. He called all-in on an 8♥10♥6♦J♦ board with the J♣10♠ against timepoker10’s K♥7♥, and the 3♥ river gave the player from China a flush.

We were then heads-up, and what a battle it was.

And then there were two

At the beginning of heads-up play, timepoker10 held 199.9 million to WellBr20’s 39.9 million, so the Brazilian had a big mountain to climb.


But climb he would, first doubling with the A♣6♠ v 2♣2♦, then winning a succession of pots to eventually take the chip lead. The two players hovered around the 1.4 million to 1 million chop counts for a while, but then came Brazil’s breakthrough.

First WellBr20 opened to 4.8 million. timepoker10 just called.

The flop was the J♥A♥10♣, and WellBr20 continued for another 4.8 million when checked to. timepoker10 called again.

The turn was the 9♣ and it went check-24 million-call.

Finally the river was the 5♣, and when timepoker10 checked a final time WellBr20 set him all-in. Timepoker10 certainly shed some light on the username as it felt like the time bank ran all the way out, but finally a call was made and the cards were on their backs:

timepoker10: K♣K♦
WellBr20: A♦A♠

The Brazilian had it the whole way, but timepoker10’s slow play of the Kings actually almost saved him. In the end though, he couldn’t resist the call and WellBr20 took down this event. Meet your second Brazilian SCOOP champion of 2016! It’s only been two days, so expect many more to come.

SCOOP-01-L ($11 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 23,982 (17,862 entries, 6,120 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $239,820
Places paid: 3,150

1. WellBr20 (Brazil) $23,997.25
2. timepoker10 (China) $17,821.02
3. t8ofDiamonds (Germany) $11,991.00
4. mazz2888 (Australia) $9,592.80
5. mydoom666 (Germany) $7,194.60
6. SELOUAN1991 (Brazil) $4,796.40
7. interlt (Lithuania) $3,369.47
8. bolkov76 (Germany) $2,158.38
9. gfk_acid (Greece) $1,438.92

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