SCOOP 2016: WhattUBluff not bluffing in Event #21-M win ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha, 6-Max, 1R1A)

May 15, 2016

Pot Limit Omaha has always been an action game, big bets and tons of options. Event #21 threw in an extra hole card, rebuys, and short-handed tables to really ramp things up. It was a Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max tournament with five hole cards and big guarantee. The field was small but talented and turned into a battle of the Netherlands in the end, with WhattUBluff knocking out countryman BlackOps02 to win the title.

The $82 buy-in medium version of the event drew 455 players and they mashed the single “rebuy” 281 times with 256 add-ons when late registration closed on the tournament. They created a $75,640 prize pool to easily pass the $50,000 Guarantee and the last 60 players earned a piece of it.

Day 1 concluded at the end of Level 28 and only nine players remaining in the tournament. NOR-playah led the way at the restart but there was little difference among the top four. neto-gol held the shortest stack and the 2012 SCOOP Event #30-M champion was the first eliminated after the restart.

SCOOP-21M Chips.jpg

The final table was set when NOR-playah’s A♣Q♣J♥6♥6♦ held up against deuces85’s A♦Q♦10♣7♠3♥ on the K♥5♣4♠8♣8♦ board. They gathered as one six-handed table with Lovet89 holding a big chip lead.

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Seat 1: Lovet89 (3,208,736 in chips)
Seat 2: NOR-playah (1,219,627 in chips)
Seat 3: DroNNer (1,618,520 in chips)
Seat 4: Alexander “utvekklo2” Ceder (1,383,225 in chips)
Seat 5: WhattUBluff (1,747,455 in chips)
Seat 6: BlackOps02 (742,437 in chips)

Blinds: 20K/40K

Queens no good for NOR-playah, eliminated in 6th

No one was really short when they started the final table and the six of them played with a full table for an hour before something broke. WhattUBluff caught a big double up against Lovet89 before NOR-playah tried for one of his own.

BlackOps02 started things off with a limp on the button and Lovet89 limped his small blind. NOR-playah popped it with a pot-sized bet and only BlackOps02 came along to the 6♥4♦2♣ flop. NOR-playah check/raised all-in with a hand full of overcards plus a big pair A♦K♠Q♦Q♠J♥ and BlackOps02 called with his flopped set 9♥9♣6♣6♠5♣.

NOR-playah needed help but missed the 8♦ turn and BlackOps02 improved to a straight on the 3♥ river to send the first player off the final table.

utvekklo2 wheeled out, eliminated in 5th

Alexander “utvekklo2” Ceder was the only player at the final table with a previous COOP victory, earning a WCOOP title in 2012 during a PLO tournament, but he ran his big pair into a big flop five hands after NOR-playah was eliminated.

It was three-ways to the 4♥3♥2♥ flop when Ceder called all-in after BlackOps02 bet big. Ceder called with A♠A♦9♣5♦4♦ and it was in bad shape against BlackOps02’s flopped nut flush A♥Q♥J♣8♣2♦ to leave Ceder drawing super thin. The 7♠ turn was no good and Ceder was stuck with 5th place money for $4,008.

DroNNer jacked up, eliminated in 4th

The hour-long, drawn out final table action at the start was a thing of the past and chips were flying once players began hitting the rail. Five cards make for some big starting hands and DroNNer found himself with a short stack and big(ish) pair.

He opened for a pot-sized bet and WhattUBluff hit the pot button right back to him. It was enough to put him all-in and he called with Q♥J♥J♣7♦5♣. A nice pair but WhattUBluff was a little bigger with A♣A♦Q♠6♣2♣ and the aces held as the board ran 10♣10♥6♠4♦K♠ to send DroNNer out in 4th place.

Let’s make a deal

The remaining three players paused the clock to work out a deal to chop up the remaining prize pool. WhattUBluff and BlackOps02 held the majority of the chips and took the majority of the money.

BlackOps02: $11,585.21
WhattUBluff: $11,419.18
Lovet89: $9,617.59
Leftover for the champion: $1,000

Lovet89 can’t find a way, eliminated 3rd

Lovet89 hit the final table with a big lead but nothing went right from that point forward. He tossed a double up to WhattUBluff early and his stack went downhill from there. His final hand saw him heads-up with BlackOps02 to the K♥8♠6♠ and he raised all-in for his final 819,000.

Lovet89 was ahead by a little with Q♦10♦9♥8♥2♠ but BlackOps02 was holding a big wrap draw with 10♣9♣7♦6♣4♠. The 5♦ turn finished the straight to send the former leader out in 3rd place for $9,617.

Seat 5: WhattUBluff (4,057,797 in chips)
Seat 6: BlackOps02 (5,862,203 in chips)

Blinds: 50K/100K

SCOOP-21M Final Table.jpg

Heads-up for the SCOOP title

WhattUBLuff wins battle of the Netherlands to earn SCOOP title

WhattUBluff and BlackOps02 both hail from the same fine country and the two settled in for a long heads-up battle. BlackOps02 extended his lead early but he couldn’t put it away. The two went back and forth for more than 30 minutes with WhattUBluff crawling back into the match then taking a small lead into the final hand.

They were only separated by a few big blinds when they saw a 9♥6♠5♠ flop in a three-bet pot. An action flop if there ever was one and all the chips were in the middle after four big bets. BlackOps02 had to like his flopped straight with 10♥8♣7♥6♣2♠ but he had to dodge WhattUBluff’s flush draw with A♥Q♠J♠9♠5♥.

The 3♦ turn changed nothing but the tournament ended when WhattUBluff caught his flush on the 10♠ river. The big action event ended the way it played the entire time, draws on draws and plenty of gamble. BlackOps02 played a great game to take home the deal-made second place payout while WhattUBluff continued the proud Dutch poker tradition to win his first COOP title.

SCOOP-21-M ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max 1R1A) results
Entrants: 455 (281 Rebuys, 256 Add-Ons)
Total prize pool: $75,640
Places paid: 60

1. WhattUBluff (Netherlands) $12,419.18*
2. BlackOps02 (Netherlands) $11,585.21*
3. Lovet89 (Sweden) $9,617.59*
4. DroNNer (Russia) $5,597.36
5. Alexander “utvekklo2” Ceder (Sweden) $4,008.92
6. NOR-playah (Norway) $2,571.76
*Reflects a three-way deal that left $1,000 in play for the winner

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