SCOOP 2020: thegodfisher turns “incredibly poor” start on Day 2 into nearly $100k for his savings in Event 10-M

May 05, 2020inPoker

Off the tables, “thegodfisher” is a broker living and working in Manchester, UK. With his “full on occupation”, he doesn’t have masses of time to play poker.

Yet thegodfisher just joined the ranks of elite players who can call themselves a SCOOP champion. He’s the winner of the $109 PKO SCOOP 10-M, earning himself $64,330 for first place and $35,182 in bounties for a total of nearly $100k ($99,512).

After an “incredibly poor” start on Day 2 (his words, not mine!), thegodfisher managed to rally and regain his grip. He “took the chip lead with about 30 left and didn’t look back.”

thegodfisher came to the final table looking to use his big stack to gain an advantage and possibly more KOs. “I was looking to open any two cards and play for the huge bounties, with little damage to my overall tournament chances,” he says.

That’s not to say it was all plain sailing. With four players left, he found himself holding top pair on the “wrong end of a 3 way all in” that cost him a huge chunk of his stack.

“Both Yamashita and I were going after NeGREENu’s $5k bounty. I flopped top pair, shoved over NeGREENu’s flop shove with A high, but Yamashita17 called with a flopped set behind me, which gave him a commanding chip lead,” says thegodfisher.

It wasn’t too long before thegodfisher pulled it back around, finding a much needed double up with 8♦ 8♥ and picking up a significant bounty. You can check the full hand out here on Boom!

“I always had the best hand against his A♥ high. I like to think I’d have called without the set, but it certainly helped.”

thegodfisher recalls the moment he took down the event in something of a delirious haze. “It was pretty surreal. My friends were up late (5AM UK) railing me on Stars, so it was nice to have a virtual rail. I remember being a little numb to what had just happened, probably a mixture of tiredness & shock.”

thegodfisher has been playing poker on and off for around seven years, including a spell of live cash games in his early 20s. This was his biggest win by a long way and a huge step up.

He will probably take shots at a live series in the near future, but says most of his winnings will be “going into my savings”. Very wise. We salute you thegodfisher, Congratulations on your SCOOP 2020 title.





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