SCOOP: A number one for Buckeye 119 in Event #24-M 2-7 Triple Draw

May 12, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifThere were 620 entrants in the $109 buy-in Event #24-M 2-7 Triple Draw, making for a $62,000 prize pool (eclipsing the $50K guarantee). The top 78 spots paid, with first due to receive $11,780.

Included among the field were all three winners of the FL 2-7 Triple Draw 2009 SCOOP event — InstantLei (in the Low event), drawmyface (in the Medium), and Amke (in the High). drawmyface would exit early in 613th, and InstantLei would fall short of the cash, too, ending in 255th. Amke would make it to the money, though, finishing 50th ($223.20).

There were also two former WCOOP FL 2-7 Triple Draw winners in the field, playitsafe (who won in 2008) and Team PokerStars pro Anders “Donald” Berg (the 2007 winner). Neither of those two would cash in this one, with playitsafe going out in 375th and Berg in 276th.

Tracking Team PokerStars

It took just over seven hours for the money bubble burst, with Bryan Micon proving to be the unfortunate 79th-place finisher, losing the last of his chips to Team PokerStars pro Pat Pezzin in a hand in which Pezzin ended up drawing to a wheel or “Number One” — 7-5-4-3-2. Shortly afterwards, Pezzin’s teammate George Danzer finished with a low cash ($179.80) in 76th, also succumbing to a player holding a wheel in jcdcouch who had gotten there by the second draw.

About 20 minutes later, a short-stacked Team PokerStars pro Sebastien “Seb86″ Sabic” was bounced in 67th. All-in before the first draw against two opponents, Sabic could only make a rough nine (9-8-6-5-2), not good enough against defatzack’s 7-6-4-3-2 — a “Number Two.”

The tourney crossed the eight-hour mark as the field shrunk down to 40. After losing two-thirds of his stack to Pokerhaam in a hand in which the latter drew to a 7-6-4-3-2, Sebastian Ruthenberg of Team PokerStars Germany was down to 11,260. Two hands later he was all in by the first draw in a hand against Needleking and ended up drawing to a 8-7-6-4-2 — not quite enough against Needleking’s 8-7-5-3-2. Ruthenberg was out in 39th place, leaving Pat Pezzin as the lone remaining Team PokerStars pro.


Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin

At the nine-and-a-half hour mark, just 18 players remained seated around three six-handed tables. Charlie Ivey had pushed out in front with nearly 360,000 chips, followed closely by Donkstrike with JVAFifty, GhostButtons, and Buckeye 119, and capoch all next in line, all above 200,000. At that point, Pezzin had fallen to 17th with less than 48,000 chips, and with the stakes at 5,000/10,000, he only had a couple of hands’ worth of room left to maneuver.


Pezzin hung on for a while, surviving one all-in encounter, but was back down to 13,410 in a hand that Buckeye 119 raised (to 12,000) from middle position and Pezzin called from the big blind. On the first draw Pezzin took three and Buckeye 119 just one, and Pezzin check-called with his remaining chips. Pezzin took two the second round, and Buckeye119 just one. Then on the third draw, Pat stood pat, as did his foe.

Pezzin showed T-7-4-3-2, but Buckeye 119 had him with 9-8-5-3-2, and the last member of Team PokerStars was out in 14th place ($576,60).

Following Pezzin to the rail were Mickmack21 (13th, $576.60), lteopepe88 (12th, $837), GhostButtons (11th, $837), Donkstrike (10th, $837), BerlofaSP (ninth, $1,295.80), and MatteyA28 (eighth, $1,295.80). Finally, nearly 12 hours after they’d begun, Charlie Ivey used a 9-7-6-5-2 to beat ogotop76’s 9-7-6-5-4, knocking ogotop76 out in seventh ($1,295.80), and the final six-handed table was set:


Seat 1: Buckeye 119 — 885,392
Seat 2: JVAFifty — 127,819
Seat 3: Needleking — 865,802
Seat 4: Charlie Ivey — 211,447
Seat 5: HCAP — 404,443
Seat 6: capoch — 605,097

An interesting side note — capoch, third in chips here, was also leading the “High” version of No. 24 with seven players to go there as this final table began. Buckeye 119 and capoch had been chatting about that fact earlier on, and Buckeye 119 wished capoch good luck “ONLY” in the other event. “hehe ‘only'” capoch had replied.

Despite knocking out ogotop76, Charlie Ivey was below average chipwise with six to go, and after losing a couple of hands found himself quickly down to just 57,447. With the stakes 14,000/28,000, Charlie Ivey three-bet following a raise from NeedleKing, nearly putting himself all in, and NeedleKing called. Charlie Ivey took two cards, Needleking took three, and the rest of Charlie’s chips went in the middle. Both took one on the second draw, then Charlie took one again on the third while Needleking stood pat. Needleking showed 9-7-6-3-2, while Charlie had paired up on the end, finishing with 7-6-5-2-2 and ending the tourney in sixth.

Shortly after that one, the table’s other short stack, JVAFifty, was all in before the first draw against both Needleking and capoch. Needleking would stand pat through all three draws, while capoch first drew two, then stood pat and folded to Needleking’s bet after the second draw. Meanwhile poor JVAFifty drew three cards on all three opportunities, with a J-7-5-4-2 to show for his trouble. That wasn’t enough to beat Needleking’s smooth eight (8-5-4-3-2), and JVAFifty was out in fifth.

Connectivity Comedy

That brought the final four to the longer 12-hour break, with Needleking out in front with 1,030,068, followed by Buckeye 119 (857,392), HCAP (656,443), then capoch (556,097).

Soon HCAP suffered through a long disconnect, during which his time bank wound all of the way down. Needleking took the opportunity to live up to his username a little bit. “think he felt it was bedtime,” he started. Then, when HCAP’s timebank approached 60 seconds remaining: “you have one minute before your hand will be declared dead.”

That line elicited a “rofl” from Team PokerStars pro Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis from the rail. “Im the online thomas kremser” said Needleking, alluding to the Tournament Director of the European Poker Tour. (Read about Kremser here.)

Finally HCAP was back, and unfortunately for Needleking the fun swiftly ended, as he next suffered through a tough sequence, falling to 31,068 and last in chips. With the stakes 20,000/40,000, Buckeye 119 opened with a raise and Needleking called with his remaining chips. On the first draw, Needleking took one and Buckeye 119 two. Both players then drew one card each on the next two rounds. Buckeye 119 only ended up with K-9-7-3-2, but it was good versus Needleking’s pair of fives (7-6-5-5-2), and Needleking was out in fourth.

Soon capoch — at the time still leading with just four left over in Event #24-High — was the short stack with just 66,097. Then came a hand in which Buckeye 119 raised to 50,000 from the button, and both HCAP and capoch called. HCAP took one card, capoch three, and Buckeye 119 just one. HCAP then bet, capoch called with his last 16,097, and Buckeye 119 raised, prompting a fold from HCAP. Buckeye 119 would stand pat from there, while capoch took three again, then one, ending with a sad pair of sixes (7-6-6-5-4), no good against Buckeye 119’s 8-6-5-3-2. capoch was out in third.

Drawing to Number One

Heads-up play began with Buckeye 119 way out in front with 2,392,557 to HCAP’s 707,443. HCAP hung tough for more than 40 hands, but gradually Buckeye 119 was able to whittle down HCAP’s stack to 179,772.

Then, with the stakes still 25,000/50,000, Buckeye 119 raised from the small blind/button and HCAP called. Both took two cards, HCAP bet, and Buckeye 119 called. On the second draw, HCAP took one card while Buckeye 119 took two. Once again, HCAP bet and Buckeye 119 called.

Both players discarded one on the final draw, and this time when HCAP bet Buckeye 119 raised. “gg” typed HCAP before calling with his last 4,772 chips, turning over T-9-6-3-2 — no match for Buckeye 119’s 7-5-4-3-2. With a “Number One,” Buckeye 119 was number one.

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SCOOP Event #24-Medium Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw:
1st place: Buckeye 119 ($11,780)
2nd place: HCAP ($8,680)
3rd place: capoch ($6,355)
4th place: Needleking ($4,340)
5th place: JVAFifty ($3,100)
6th place: Charlie Ivey ($1,928.20)

Congratulations to Buckeye 119 for winning Event #24-M, and also to capoch for deep, deep runs in two 2-7 triple draw events this year!

Check the SCOOP site for all of the results as well as the remaining schedule of events.


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