SCOOP: bastet2004 pot-limit master in Event #21-H: $1,575 PLH/PLO

May 11, 2010

scoop2009_thn.gifHalf and half.

This half pot-limit hold’em and half pot-limit Omaha event tested the best all-around “pot-limit” skills, weeding out the all-in pushmonkeys that infest the no-limit hold’em landscape like feral beasts. Some pros see pot-limit hold’em more a nobles’ game, which is why PLH has always been popular in Europe.

This event also kept hardcore Omaholics and action junkies at arm’s length. With alternating round of PLH and PLO, there wasn’t enough constant action to keep their heightened attentions.

Instead, a small, yet elite collection of 289 runners clashed in Event #21-H $1,575 PL Hold’em/PL Omaha. The top 45 places paid out with a overall prize pool worth $433,500. First place’s payday will be $83,882.25.

The field featured a group of players who had already won an event in the 2010 SCOOP and seeking a second title — Peter “belabacsi” Traply, ShaunDeeb, Kyle “”Dumping”KGB” Brossia, Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov, Tommy “tcblade” Chen, Joe “floes” Serock, Mike “gordo16” Gorodinsky, Brent “Astrolux85” Roberts, and Team Pro George Danzer.

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros went deep in this “High” event including Humberto Brenes (42nd), Ta-Chih “socutiesf” Geeng (28th), Sandra Naujoks (27th), Lex “RaSZi” Velhaus (22nd), and George “Jorj95” Lind III (15th).

Other notable finishes included Sir Watts (32nd), gboro780 (30th), gordo16 (20th), WhooooKidd (16th), and dcoop4506 (13th).

To Chark or Not To Chark

After a brutal eight hour skirmish, the field thinned down to 46 players. Action went hand-for-hand for the money bubble, which was drawn out over thirty minutes. During that down time, players and the rail engaged in casual banter, especially at Humberto Brenes’ table where fans frequently dropped messages into the chat box, mostly referring to his “sharks” or “charks” as some chose to call them.

A lengthy discussion ensued and the pro-shark peanut gallery suggested that Humberto change his avatar.

“To de chark,” proposed dcopp4506.

“(PokerStars) won’t let me,” explained Humberto.

And that’s why we see a portrait of Humberto as his avatar and not one of his sharks, in case you were wondering.


Humberto found himself one of the short stacks on the bubble, along with fellow Team Pro Sandra Naujoks. Both of them avoided catastrophe when the money bubble burst on a different table.

Shirtz17 and boobySMILE were jawing back and forth during the hand-for-hand lull, which seemed to be more like pre-fight chatter that you’d see two boxers engage in during the weigh in. During a round of PLO, Shirtz17 opened and boobySMILE defended his big blind. The flop was 10♦8♣3♣. BoobySMILES bet 1,825. Shirtz17 popped him for 5,555, and boobySMILES called. The turn was the K♥, and boobySMILES check-called a 13,810 bet from Shirtz17. When the Q♦ fell on the river, BoobySMILES shoved for his last 15,851, and Shirtz17 called. BoobySMILES was the winning, showing A♣Q♥J♦9♦ for a Broadway straight. Shirtz17’s held J♥10♣9♥7♣ for a losing King-high straight. Shirtz17 busted out in 46th place and took home today’s Bubble Boy honors.

Swede Bites Shark

During a round of PLH, short-stacked Humberto Brenes made a stand with 9♥9♠, however, the Costa Rican pro ran into Trappa 105’s A♥A♣. Usually when a Swede encounters a shark… the shark wins. Not in this case. Trappa 105 bagged himself a trophy shark and Humberto finished in 42nd place with a min-cash.

Not So Cute

Team Online Pro socutiesf busted out during a round of PLH. He shoved with a short-stack and pocket treys, but ran into bastet2004’s Q♦Q♠. Socutiesf was eliminated in 30th place.

Racing with Naujoks

During a round of PLH, short-stacked Team Pro Sara Naujoks shoved from the small-blind and dcoop4506 insta-called from his big blind. Classic race. Naujoks trailed with her A♠K♠ against J♣J♦. Naujoks could not catch an overcard and she busted out in 27th place.

Hip, Hip, Jorj!

With 17 players to go, Jorj95 found himself the hunted as the short stack. However, he made a timely double up against the WhooooKidd. Jorj95’s A♣A♠ held up against pocket nines. Even with the double up, his 54K stack was still near the bottom of the pack, and way behind chip leader’s Saag’s 235K.

No Mas Jorj95

During a round of PLH, big-stacked bully bastet2004 opened to 6,000. Jorj95 potted to 20,500. Bastet2004 bumped it up to 64,000 Jorj95 shoves for 963 more all-in, and bastet2004 called. Jorj95’s A♠10♣ trailed bastet2004’s Q♥Q♦ until an ace hit the flop. However, the Q♠ spiked on the river to sink Jorj95. Bastet2004 won the hand with a set of queens, and Jorj95 busted in 15th place.

You can see the elimination hand here…

RSS Readers must click through to view replayer

Adios Kiaser

Kiaser, one of the shortest stacks remaining, bubbled off the final table in 10th place during a round of PLO. Kiaser opened, PICKLED EGG potted, kiaser shoved for his last entire 33,426 stack. PICKLED EGG called with A♣K♦J♣3♣. Kiaser was ahead preflop with Q♠Q♣J♥5♠ , but PICKLED EGG took the lead with top pair on the flop of K♣7♥4♣. He also picked up a flush draw. The turn was the 8♥, and the river was the K♠. PICKLED EGG won with trip kings, and kiaser headed to the rail in 10th place, bubbling off the final table.

The Final Table:


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: “Dumping”KGB (247,202)
Seat 2: RandALLin (152,630)
Seat 3: GrowingPains (202,841)
Seat 4: PICKLED EGG (295,172)
Seat 5: O.Klunssila (42,161)
Seat 6: achen (71,786)
Seat 7: Trappa 105 (84,750)
Seat 8: bastet2004 (209,121)
Seat 9: Saage (139,337)

PICKLED EGG was tickled pink with the chip lead, but Event #16-H champion, “Dumping”KGB, was lurking behind in second place. Only eight other players were standing in his way of a second SCOOP title.

Slow start to this final table, but RandALLin gave out Las Vegas restaurant recommendations.

“Sage is one of my new favorite restaurants at Aria in Vegas,” said the young pro, who now calls Las Vegas his home.

Old Man River for O.Klunssila

O.Klunssila got it all in with K♠K♦, only to run into bastet2004’s A♣A♥ He was about to hit the road until the K♣ spiked on the river, saving him from execution. He doubled up and lived to fight another day.

Aces Flushed for Achen

Short-stacked achen found his fate during a round of PLO. PICKLED EGG opened to 8,700, and achen potted to 32,100. PICKLED EGG called. The flop was A♣10♣2♥ and PICKLED EGG fired out 48,000. Achen called all-in for his last 24,186. He was ahead with a set of aces, and picked up a gutshot.

achen: A♥A♠5♠3♦

PICKLED EGG had a club draw on the flop. When the 4♥ fell, he picked up a bundle out outs with a second flush draw and a gutshot. Meanwhile, achen had improved his hand with the Wheel, but he had plenty of bullets to dodge on the river. Alas, the Q♥ on the river sunk achen and filled in one of PICKLED EGG’s two flush draws. PICKLED EGG pushed his stack to over 350K. For his 9th place finish, achen won $7,586.25.

Trapper 105 Snared

During a round of PLH, Trappa 105 opened to 15,000. Bastet2004 re-raised to 45,000. Trappa 105 shoved for 54,612 and bastet2004 called. Trappa 105 was ahead with 7♥A♣ against bastet2004’s A♥5♦, until a flop of J♠J♥5♣ gave bastet2004 the lead. The turn and river did not help Trappa 105. The Swede was eliminated in 8th place, collecting $10,404.

Eggs Beats Oreos

During a round of PLH, “Dumping”KGB opened for 15,455. PICKLED EGG potted to 41,620, and “Dumping”KGB called. The flop was Q♦10♥6♠. PICKLED EGG fired out 56,810. “Dumping”KGB shoved all-in for 186,572. PICKLED EGG had him covered and called.

“Dumping”KGB: K♠K♣

“Dumping”KGB ran into aces and his kings could not pull off the upset. PICKLED EGG won the pot and increased his leading stack to over 670K. “Dumping”KGB was eliminated in 7th place and won $14,739.

Surviving a Nuclear Winter…

Yes, it’s true… during PLO, O.Klunssila was crippled and left for dead, like crushing a roach with your foot, only to see the roach roll over and scurry off.

PICKLED EGG opened to 13,100, O.Klunssila potted to 48,300, and bastet2004 shoved for 77,148. PICKLED EGG bailed and O.Klunssila had him covered and called.

bastet2004: A♥A♠J♠6♦
O.Klunssila: K♠Q♠J♣9♦

bastet2004 was ahead and solidified his lead with a set of aces on the flop. O.Klunssila flopped plenty of outs but whiffed on the turn and river. Bastet2004 doubled up to over 176K and O.Klunssila was crippled to 6.5K.

However, in the ensuing hands O.Klunssila went on a run. He turned a straight to get up to 13K. Tripled up shortly after to over 50K. And when the game switch to PLH, he doubled up with A♣J♣, laying a wicked bad beat on PICKLED EGG’s Big Slick. O.Klunssila caught running jacks to win the pot with trips. He went from nearly dying to life support to walking out of the hospital in five hands.

O.Klunssila was alive due to an amazing revitalization, but still one of the short stacks with RandALLin.

The Ballad of Alan Thicke

Short-stacked GrowingPains made a valiant stand during PLH. Saage opened to 18,400, and GrowingPains shoved for his last 49,087. Saage had him covered and called with 6♦6♥. GrowingPains needed to win a flip with A♣J♦ in order to avoid elimination. Alas, Saage flopped a set of sixes and the proverbial fat lady was singing. GrowingPains won $19,074 for 6th place. With six to go, Saage moved into second in chips with 347K, trailing PICKLED EGG’s 669K.

RandALLin Ambushed

RandALLin was getting short and made a move during PLO. He opened UTG to 28,000. PICKLED EGG and bastet2004 both called. The flop was K♠8♠2♣. Bastet2004 checked from the blinds. RandALLin shoved for 39,327. PICKLED EGG called, but, bastet2004 re-raised all-in for 182,396. PICKLED EGG ducked out.

bastet2004: A♥K♦Q♥8♥

RandALLin flopped a nut flush draw, but trailed bastet2004’s top two pair. The turn was the 4♦, giving RandALLin a glimmer of hope with a few more outs, but the 7♣ on the river did not help him. Bastet2004 won the pot, and RandALLin finished in 5th place. He won $24,709.50.

The Run Comes to an End

O.Klunssila’s amazing display of survival had come to a sad ending when he busted out in 4th place during PLO. On his final hand… O.Klunssila opened to 28,000, Saage popped him back from the big blind, and he called all-in for his 53,379 stack.

Saage: A♣A♦J♣6♦
O.Klunssila: Q♣J♠8♣7♣

Saage was ahead with aces and flopped a nut flush draw. The board ran out 9♣3♦3♣8♥4♣. Saage won the hand with a better flush. O.Klunssila busted in 4th place, collecting $35,763.75.

With three to go, PICKLED EGG had less than 50% of the chips in play with 702K, with bastet2004 and Saage holding similar 370K or so stacks. After slipping a bit, PICKLED EGG picked up the pace and passed 800K in chips after winning a chunk of change from Saage.

Boiled, Fried, Scrambled, Poached, and Pickled

PICKLED EGG and bastet2004 rumbled in two hands and the result was not pretty for the Egg Man. In the first hand of PLO, bastet2004 opened to 24,000. PICKLED EGG raised to 77,000., and bastet2004 called, The flop was A♦7♥4♣ and fireworks ensued. PICKLED EGG bet 159,000, bastet2004 shoved for 35,7651, and PICKLED EGG called.

bastet2004: A♥K♣10♥7♦

Bastet2004 was ahead with two pair, which held up. He doubled up to 874K and seized the chip lead. He would finish off PICKLED EGG a couple of hands later.

It was still PLO… PICKLED EGG opened to 23,700, bastet2004 raised to 81,100, and PICKLED EGG called. Th flop was 8♣4♠2♥. bastet2004 bet 600K and PICKLED EGG called. The turn was the Q♣. Bastet2004 bet 292,200 and since PICKLED EGG was covered, he called all-in for the last of his pickled eggs.

bastet2004: 10♣10♠8♠8♥

PICKLED EGG had a pair and a gutshot, while bastest2004 led with a set of eights. The river was the 2♠, and bastet2004 won with a full house. PICKLED EGG busted out in 3rd place, earning $47,685.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 8: bastet2004 (1,305,293)
Seat 9: Saage (139,707)

With almost a 10-1 advantage, the heads-up match did not last very long — ten hands in total.

On the final hand during PLH… Saage opened, bastet2004 potted to 108K, Saage shoved for his last 127,707, and bastet2004 called.

bastet2004: A♣5♦
Saage: K♦Q♣

The board ran out 7♣4♠4♦8♠7♥ and bastet2004 won the hand with ace-high. Saage busted out in second place and won $62,857.50. For taking down Event #21-H $1,575 PLH/PLO, bastet2004 earned a $83.882.25 paycheck.

Here’s the final hand in the snazzy replayer…

RSS Readers must click through to view replayer

SCOOP Event #21-H: $1,575 PLH/PLO – Final Table Results:
1. bastet2004 – $83,882.25
2. Saage – $62,857.50
3. PICKLED EGG – $47,685
4. O.Klunssila – $35,763.75
5. RandALLin – $24,709.50
6. GrowingPains – $19,074
7. “Dumping”KGB – $14,739
8. Trapper 105 – $10.404
9. achen – $7,586.25

Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a schedule of remaining events.


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