SCOOP: Browntown19 follows deal-offering karma to victory in Event #6, $2,100 PLO

April 05, 2009


Start with pot-limit Omaha, a game that is traditionally the most action-heavy of all poker games. Then give players the opportunity to re-buy one time and take an add-on at the end of the rebuy period. Finally, take three seats away from each table and play the tournament six-handed. What you have just created — what PokerStars created with Event #6, Pot-Limit Omaha (one re-buy, one add-on, six-max) — is the action junkie’s version of pure heaven.

SCOOP Event #6-High sported a $2,100 price tag and a $400,000 guaranteed prize pool. The 143 players who paid the buy-in easily surpassed the guarantee by taking 90 re-buys and 87 add-ons, thereby creating a total prize pool of $640,000. That meant that the action junkie who could outlast all the rest was in line for a one-day salary of $166,400.

Several members of Team PokerStars Pro threw their hats into the ring to try their hand at being that last survivor. Vanessa “Lady Maverick” got the closest, but she knuckled under in 39th place, well short of the 18th-place finish that was required to make the money. Her only solace was the bragging rights she got for outlasting fellow Team Pros Dario Minieri (57th), John Duthie (71st), Humberto Brenes (88th), Ivan Demidov (94th) and Peter Eastgate (98th).

And so it was that the field slowly played itself down and developed into this six-handed final table:

Seat 1: cnew27 (131,078 in chips)
Seat 2: steamraise (180,068 in chips)
Seat 3: ely_cash41 (110,673 in chips)
Seat 4: holla@yoboy (180,619 in chips)
Seat 5: Browntown19 (171,811 in chips)
Seat 6: HarrisMP (112,751 in chips)

SCOOP 6 High Final Table.JPG

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Although holla@yoboy brought the chip lead to the final table, he was closely trailed by steamraise. There was no clear favorite or clear underdog out of the six. Each player had fairly deep stacks of between 55 and 90 big blinds. It meant that anything could happen over the course of the next two hours. Perhaps noticing that, Browntown19 floated the idea of a chop.

“Anybody interested in a deal?” he asked.

cnew27 immediately replied “no ty”, then added that he realized he had just placed a target on his head by chop-blocking. Just three minutes later, that chop-blocking karma was compounded and paid in full in a four-way limped pot. With the board showing A♦ J♠ 8♣, HarrisMP opened for 8,000 and was called by cnew27 and steamraise before Browntown19 raised to 48,000. HarrisMP quickly folded, but cnew27 tanked for a full thirty seconds into his time bank. Veteran tournament reporters know that tankers always fold — except when they don’t. cnew27 raised all in, folding steamraise and earning himself a snap-call from Browntown19. You can see how it ended for cnew27:

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Don’t feel too bad for cnew27 though. Not only did he win $28,800 for finishing sixth in this tournament, but at the same time he final-tabled the low version of the same event, ultimately finishing in second place and taking another $28,000 in a deal! You can read how he did it at the Event #6-Low recap.

Browntown19, with 323,000, was the sudden and clear chip leader. Yet for the next 35 minutes, the players traded small pots and generally maintained their chip positions in relation to each other. At one point, it looked like a big pot was brewing between steamraise and holla@yoboy on a board of 6♦ 5♦ 9♣. steamraise led out for $11,000, then tanked for almost a minute and a half after holla@yoboy raised to 49,250. steamraise ultimately opted to fold, preserving his stack at 118,000 and restoring our faith in the maxim that tankers always fold.

Browntown19 tried for a deal again when the players came back from break. HarrisMP joked “Anybody gonna say no after what happened to the last guy?” Few could argue that logic, but one of them was sitting at the table. steamraise was intent on playing it out without dealing. Play on they did!

HarrisMP was the beneficiary of the next big pot, crippling ely_cash41 in the process. The pot developed sensibly, with a small preflop raise from HarrisMP and a continuation bet on a flop of A♥ 2♠ 4♣. ely_cash41 called each time. When the turn fell Q♠ and HarrisMP bet 26,000, ely_cash41 sprung a huge raise to 111,500, enough to put HarrisMP all in. The only problem for ely_cash41 was that HarrisMP had flopped the nuts. He quickly called with A♣ 3♠ 5♦ Q♥, then dodged the cards he needed to against ely_cash41’s 8♠ A♠ 8♣ K♦ when the river fell a harmless 9♣.

That loss was a huge blow for ely_cash41, decreasing his chip count to 16,000. He doubled up to 36,000 and hung on long enough to see steamraise lose two medium-sized pots to HarrisMP and Browntown19.

That dropped steamraise to 45,000, about the same size stack as ely_cash41. The two clashed shortly thereafter, with steamraise barely covering ely_cash41. They were all in preflop, with ely_cash41’s K♠ A♦ K♦J♦ holding up against steamraise’s Q♣ 2♣ A♣ J♥. Although steamraise was able to quadruple up the very next hand by making set over set, his luck was about to expire. He ran into another set the very next hand, this time without a set of his own. That loss sent steamraise out of the tournament in fifth place with $41,600 in winnings.

There was no deal talk after the elimination of steamraise, but that may have been because ely_cash41 was severely short-stacked. He doubled up a few times, but each time had been ground down to the point that the double-up took him off of life support without ever really digging him out of the hole he was in. He was finally put out of his short-stacked misery by HarrisMP in a battle of the blinds. HarrisMP limped the small blind, then re-raised enough to put ely_cash41 all in after ely_cash41 raised. Committed to the pot, ely_cash41 wasted no time in calling. When the cards were on their backs, HarrisMP’s A♣ K♥ Q♥ 6♠ was in great shape against ely_cash41’s K♣ Q♦ 6♦ 5♣. Both players made two pair, but HarrisMP’s aces and kings were best on a A♦ 3♣ 5♥ 10♣ K♦ board.

After ely_cash41 left the table with $54,400 in fourth-place prize money, Browntown19 tried again. “Deal?” he asked.

“Nah I’m good,” replied HarrisMP, who was in second chip position at the time. His 341,000 trailed Browntown19’s 424,000 but was well ahead of holla@yoboy’s 120,000. That meant that the chop-blocking karma should have been firmly focused on HarrisMP. He battled with Browntown19 for a while, trading pots back and forth while the much shorter-stacked holla@yoboy idled on the sideline. He was ground down to roughly 77,000 chips when he fell prey to the same limp-reraise tactic of HarrisMP that dispatched ely_cash41. See for yourself:

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holla@yoboy exited the tournament with $83,200 in winnings, clearing the way for HarrisMP and Browntown19 to engage in a heads-up showdown. Both were guaranteed six figures in winnings, but only one could take home first place and the SCOOP Champion’s Watch. This time Browntown19 didn’t even offer a deal. He started heads-up play with 390,000 chips to HarrisMP’s 497,000.

The early pots all seemed to go to HarrisMP. He quickly took a three-to-one chip lead, building his stack to 677,000 against Browntown19’s 210,000. After fifteen minutes of play, Browntown19 doggedly pursued a deal once again.

“I’m keen to play,” replied HarrisMP.

Without showdown, Browntown19 chipped back up, even going so far as to take a slight chip lead. HarrisMP responded by turning up the pressure and going on an incredible rush of 22 straight pots. seventeen-pot rush to climb to more than 791,000 in chips. The big blow for Browntown19 was losing a 396,000-chip pot when HarrisMP flopped an eight-high street and extracted a bet on each street from Browntown19.

Browntown19 finally made a stand with J♥ J♠ 9♥ A♦ against HarrisMP;s A♣ 7♥ 8♣ 4♦. All the chips went in on a flop of 5♥ 2♦ 4♥. HarrisMP was one card from victory after the turn 7♣ gave him two pair, but Browntown19 rivered a better two pair when the river fell 2♠ to take down a pot worth 186,000 chips. That win prolonged the match long enough for Browntown19 to double back to a healthier 279,000 by flopping a pair and a wrap draw against HarrisMP’s naked flush draw. The wrap filled; the flush didn’t. Add a set-over-set situation in Browntown19’s favor to boost his stack to 343,000.

Suddenly, all the cards seemed to be going Browntown19’s way. He was the one with the two-to-one chip lead after flopping a full house and extracting a bet on every street. After one last big pot, he was the champion. He and HarrisMP each put in 54,000 chips before the flop. The rest of HarrisMP’s 315,541 were in on a flop of 5♣ 4♠ 9♥. He showed down 6♦8♥9♦10♦ against Browntown19’s A♣ K♠ K♦ 8♦. Once again, HarrisMp turned two pair by catching the 6♥; once again Browntown19 rivered a better two pair with the 4♣. This time, it was for all the marbles. HarrisMP couldn’t duck the chop-blocker’s curse. He finished in second place with $112,000, making Browntown19 the champion of SCOOP Event #6-High.

SCOOP Event #6-High Results:

1st place: Browntown19 ($166,400)
2nd place: HarrisMP ($112,000)
3rd place: holla@yoboy ($83,200)
4th place: ely_cash41 ($54,400)
5th place: steamraise ($41,600)
6th place: cnew27 ($28,800)

There may be six SCOOP events in the books already, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get in on the action. You can find the schedule on the SCOOP page and can track the results of the top performers on the leaderboard page. has also been hard at work putting together their usual fantastic video coverage of the SCOOP series.


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