SCOOP: George Lind leads pack

May 13, 2010


It’s not hard to figure out who is doing well in the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker. If you click on this blog once or twice a day, you’ll see the names popping up time and again. One name that has been coming up more than everybody else in the fist nine days of this series is none other that Supernova Elite and Team Pro Online member George “Jorj95” Lind.

Lind has been putting together some serious numbers in the past few days. With five days of events remaining in this year’s SCOOP, Lind has take a 75-point lead on his nearest competitor, Finland’s villepn.

Over the past few years, Lind has become a common face on the PokerStars Blog. He’s the type of guy who always makes Supernova Elite, shows up at tons of live events, and, apparently, is just killing SCOOP.

Here’s how he stacks up on the SCOOP leaderboard as of right now:

1. Jorj95 (United States) 415
2. villepn (Finland) 340
3. George Danzer (Germany) 315
4. bigblinger (United States) 275
5. mement_mori (Denmark) 260
6. floes (United States) 255
7 – 8. gordo16 (United States) 250
7 – 8. teacuppoker (United States) 250
9. gboro780 (United States) 230
10. rkruok (Australia) 225


George Lind

Lind and the rest of the field aren’t just playing for pride. PokerStars is putting up some serious prizes. Check them out.

1st – Player of the Series trophy, 2010 WCOOP Main Event ticket, 2011 PCA prize package, 2011 EPT Monte Carlo prize package, and a Special Edition PokerStars chip set.

2nd – 2010 WCOOP Main Event ticket, 2011 PCA prize package and a Special Edition PokerStars chip set.

3rd – 2010 WCOOP Main Event ticket and a Special Edition PokerStars chip set.

While Lind has the lead now, it’s still anybody’s game. Put together a few good wins and Player of the Series could be you.

For more information on the SCOOP leaderboard, see the SCOOP Player of the Series page.


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