SCOOP: *guerillaz* ambushes field, grabs Event #26-Low NLHE

May 12, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifEvent #26-L — an $11 buy-in no-limit hold’em event — was all about small stakes and big stacks. The tourney attracted the largest field (by far) of all the events that began on Tuesday with 16,498 total entrants. With 10,000-chip starting stacks, that meant the goal for all 16,498 was to accumulate all 164 million-plus chips.

That large field also made for a total prize pool of $164,980, bettering the $100K guarantee. The top 2,475 finishers would see a profit in this one, with first prize scheduled to earn $17,809.72 — not a bad return on an $11 investment!

From 16,498 to 9

Just a few Team PokerStars pros got themselves involved in this fracas, with three cashing — Nichoel “NicP” Peppe (2,178th, $16.49), Victor Ramdin (1,028th, $32.99), and George Danzer (167th, $79.19).

It took about five hours for the money bubble to burst, then another five hours for the field to be trimmed to 120. At that point ItWaSsUiTeD3 was in first with more than 670,000, followed by fyssas1881, e5.And1k, tewksbury3, and JoAnne.

At the 11-and-a-half hour mark, they were down to 40, with the three chip leaders — Swatersh with more than 12.27 million, ItWaSsUiTeD3 with 11.39 million, and beachhafish with 9.85 million — all seated at the same table. At the 13-hour break, just 20 remained, led by Pirri07 with 24.57 million, FAXEEEEEEEEE with 19.40 million, and tewksburys with 14.79 million.

An hour later — 14 hours into play — they were down to 10 and playing hand-for-hand on two tables. On one five-handed table, fyssas1881 had the commanding chip lead with more than 31.8 million, while no one else had even 10 million. At the other, tewskbury was the big leader with 41.50 million, followed by Pirri017 with 27.5 million.

About five minutes later, CrazyB15 knocked out the player whose name sounds like he or she is falling off a cliff, FAXEEEEEEEEE, in 10th, and we had ourselves a final table:


Seat 1: KaY_sLaY — 12,985,082
Seat 2: Rhory25 — 8,227,813
Seat 3: ItWaSsUiTeD3 — 5,549,954
Seat 4: *guerillaz* — 8,509,214
Seat 5: CrazyB15 — 12,095,704
Seat 6: fyssas1881 — 19,268,433
Seat 7: thewh00sel — 24,655,690
Seat 8: Pirri07 — 31,060,470
Seat 9: tewksbury3 — 42,627,640

Pocket pair? You’re set.

The average stack was 18.33 million when the final table began. They had played one orbit, just entering Level 49 (400,000/800,000/100,000), when Rhory25 opened by shoving all in for 8,602,813 from early position, then CrazyB15 reraised over the top, pushing all others out. Rhory25 showed A♦K♦ and CrazyB15 9♣9♦. The flop must’ve looked pretty nice to Rhory25 — 7♠K♠A♣. But the cruel 9♥ popped out on the turn, giving CrazyB15 a set. The river was the 2♥, and Rhory25 was the first final table casualty.

The next elimination came just two hands later and also saw a player hit a set to eliminate another. In this one thewh00sel raised to 1,725,250 from middle position and it folded to table chip leader ItWaSsUiTeD3 who reraised all in for 3,724,954 total from the big blind. thewh00sel called, showing 4♥4♦ to ItWaSsUiTeD3’s A♣8♣. The flop came 4♣Q♦2♣, giving thewh00sel a set but ItWaSsUiTeD3 a flush draw. The turn was the 9♥, prompting a “cmon” from ItWaSsUiTeD3. But the river was neither an ace nor a king, and ItWaSsUiTeD3 was gone in eighth.

The table’s third elimination again saw a player make a set with a pocket pair. In fact, two players did.

In this one thewh00sel had raised from UTG to 1.785 million, tewksbury3 called all in for 1,384,212, and fyssas1881 called, too, from the BB. The flop came 7♣8♠K♣. fyssas1881 checked, thewh00sel bet 800,000, fyssas1881 check-raised to 4 million, and thewh00sel got out. fyssas1881 showed 7♠7♦ for the set of sevens, while tewksbury3 had 2♠2♣. The 2♥ came on the turn, giving a teeny, tiny bit of hope to tewksbury3, but the A♦ on the river ended it and they were down to six.

Let’s GAMBOOOOOOL (sez thewh00sel)

At that point chip leader thewh00sel — up over 50 million now — had a novel suggestion for his tablemates:

thewh00sel: any chance
thewh00sel: we can agree to make the remaining payout winner-take-all?
thewh00sel: william
thewh00sel: ?

Final table host and Team PokerStars pro William Thorson responded with a “lol 🙂 I guess :)” thewho00sel continued.

thewh00sel: you guys agree?
thewh00sel: cmon everyone type agree
thewh00sel: whoever wins gets scoop immortality as first winner-take-all deal?

The ensuing silence suggested that thewh00sel’s proposal had gone over something like Frank the Tank’s streaking idea in Old School. Finally KaY_sLaY responded by suggesting a six-way even chop, to which thewh00sel said “lol that’s more ridic than my offer” and play continued.

Soon after *guerillaz* raised to 3 million from middle position, then CrazyB15 reraised all in for 15,393,517. It folded back to *guerillaz* who made the call. CrazyB15 had A♥Q♦ and needed help against *guerillaz*’s A♣K♥. But the board came A♠5♦6♣3♠3♦ and CrazyB15 was out in sixth.

KaY_sLaY next shoved for 9,425,868 from the button with A♦6♠, and fyssas1881 called from the big blind with 4♥4♠. Flop 10♥5♦Q♥, turn 7♣, and river 4♣ (another set!), and KaY_sLaY was a goner in fifth.

As the tourney crossed the 15-hour mark, fyssas1881 had built a sizable advantage over the remaining players with more than 91 million chips — about 55% of the total chips in play. Nearest was *guerillaz* with almost 34 million, then thewh00sel (27.7 million) and Pirri07 (12.1 million).

Pirro07 soon became severely short-stacked — down to 641,892 (less than the 700,000 small blind) — and was all in against both fyssas1881 and thewh00sel. fyssas1881 then bet following the J♣3♦2♦ flop, chasing thewh00sel. fyssas1881 had just K♠7♦, but was ahead of Pirri07’s 9♣8♣. The turn was the A♦ and river the 10♣, and Pirri07 was out in fourth.

More one-million chips, please

With three left, they had finally arrived at Level 54, where the blinds were 1 million/2 million (with a 250,000 ante). As play wound down, both thewh00sel and *guerillaz* survived multiple all-in flips versus the bigger-stacked fyssas1881, whose run good appeared as though it were running out here as the final prizes were being awarded.

fyssas1881 had fallen back down to 47.4 million — second behind *guerillaz*’s 75.9 million — when thewh00sel minimum-raised to 4 million from the button. *guerillaz* got out, and fyssas1881 responded with an all-in shove. thewh00sel thought for several seconds — fyssas1881 had him covered by about 6 million — but finally called, showing A♣9♦ to fyssas1881’s 8♣8♦.

The flop then came 6♠8♥A♠ — yet another set! — and the 6♥ on the turn ended tehwh00sel’s run in third place.

Heads-up play began with fyssas1881 enjoying a small advantage with 90,232,264 versus the stack of 74,747,736 of *guerillaz*. But after that nice hand versus thewh00sel, fyssas1881’s bad luck soon returned. Heads-up would last just four hands, all of which were won by *guerillaz*.


The last hand was particularly unfortunate for fyssas1881. *guerrilaz* had moved out in front with nearly 110 million to fyssas1881’s 55.1 million, and the pair got all of fyssas1881’s chips in the middle — a 110 million-plus pot — with *guerillaz* holding pocket tens and fyssas1881 a pair of queens.

They made it through the flop — 4♦4♣2♦ — and turn 9♠ — but the river came the 10♦, giving *guerrilaz* the two-outer and all 164,980,000 chips.

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SCOOP Event #26-Low No-Limit Hold’em:
1st place: *guerillaz* ($17,809.72)
2nd place: fyssas1881 ($14,023.30)
3rd place: thewh00sel ($10,723.70)
4th place: Pirri07 ($7,424.10)
5th place: KaY_sLaY ($5,774.30)
6th place: CrazyB15 ($4,124.50)
7th place: tewksbury3 ($2,474.70)
8th place: ItWaSsUiTeD3 ($1,484.82)
9th place: Rhory25 ($989.88)

Congrats to *guerrilaz* for making it through 15 hours and 45 minutes of poker, not to mention 16,497 competitors, to take that first prize money plus the SCOOP watch!

Hey it’s already Wednesday afternoon. Less than an hour before the next SCOOP event! Check that there SCOOP site for details.


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