SCOOP introduces Players’ Choice event

March 01, 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule. There, in the spot of Event 15, there was a little hole. Just what kind of tournament was that going to be? Turbo? Zoom? Ante-Up?

That’s when the brilliant minds behind SCOOP said, “What if we put it to a vote?”

No, not a vote among PokerStars employees. A vote from you, the SCOOP player.

Just like that, SCOOP had its first Players’ Choice event.

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Here’s how it will work:

If you’d like to vote on what kinds of tournaments will be part of Event 15, write to PokerStars at Make the subject of your email “EVENT 15 – FORMAT”. In the body of the email, provide the format you’d like to play in the event, ordered by stakes (Low, Medium, and High). Note: each selection must be a form of NL Hold’em. Also, keep in mind, you should keep your language simple and to the point. Bryan Slick, Senior Manager of Online Championships will be manually sorting these things, and his eyes aren’t getting any younger.

The nomination period will close on March 4th at 10:00 ET. Once the people behind the scenes sort the nominations, you will see the SCOOP lobby change. Each of the top nominations will have a Voting Tournament representing the top nomination from each stake level.

From there, you can register for one Voting Tournament per stake. That will be your ballot for the Event 15 formats.

On Monday March 7 at 12:00 ET, PokerStars will close the voting, the the Voting Tournaments with the most registrations will become the official formats of the SCOOP Players’ Choice event. While there will be a fee to register for the Voting Tournaments, that money will be refunded to your account after the close of voting.

Got it? Good. Happy voting!

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