SCOOP: jmonnett outlasts highest lowball field in Event 24

May 12, 2010


There is apparently some skill element to this game.

I’ll be perfectly honest. There isn’t anything much more boring to watch than people playing 2-7 Triple Draw. However, when in the presence of certain greatness and skill, it makes it worth it.

If we needed more evidence that poker is a skill game, try this. Tonight, PokerStars player capoch placed third in both the medium and high buy-in events of Event #24, 2-7 Triple Draw.

Need more evidence? The runner-up in tonight’s high buy-in event, Terrence “Unassigned” Chan? Last year, he won two SCOOP events in the same night. Tonight, he was back and getting really close to his third SCOOP title.

We’re probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves, though

Event #24-High ($1,050 2-7 Triple Draw) drew a modest 140 players, among who was Team Pro Online player George “Jorj95” Lind, who just missed the final table and finished up in 8th place. It was six other lowballing runners, however, who stuck around for the big bucks.

Here’s how the stacks compared going into final table play.

Seat 1: Unassigned (59583 in chips)
Seat 2: capoch (205757 in chips)
Seat 3: kumagala (96844 in chips)
Seat 4: jdags21 (175898 in chips)
Seat 5: SamENole (38515 in chips)
Seat 6: jmonnett (123403 in chips)



If anything was immediately clear, it was how deep the final table players were. They had bet after bet to put in and there was no doubt, in the absence of a deal, the final table was going to go on forever.

While it seemed like it might never happen, someone had to bust eventually. It turned out to bee longtime PokerStars player SamENole. Down to 13,030 in chips at the 2,000/4,000 level, SamENole was all-in by the first draw in a three-way pot. He ended up having to draw against Chan’s 6♦4♣3♦7♣2♦. SamENole couldn’t draw out and finished in sixth place for $6,300


Nerves get frayed after 12 or 13 hours of playing lowball. When the stacks are so deep that there is little end in sight, some nasty things may get said.

With five players remaining, talk of a deal started getting tossed around, but it couldn’t catch hold. And, that made kumagala cranky. Over the course of the next half an hour so, kumagala called his opponents “greedy” and used a few words that probably wouldn’t be considered part of polite conversation.

As luck/skill would have it, kumagala was the next player out, his fifth place finish earning him $9,100.


With kumagala out of the mix, the atmosphere cleared and went back to your average everyday 2-7 championship play.

Next to go was jdags51 who, at one time, had enjoyed the chip lead. With four players remaining, his stack fell on hard times. In his final hand, he got pipped by capoch with 9-8-t getting bested by a 9-8-6.

For the fourth place finish, jdags51 earned $11,900.

Just a little while after finishing 3rd in the medium buy-in version of the same event, capoch did the exact same thing in the high buy-in tourney. In his final hand, he was up against Chan who was pat with 4♦3♦[ 5c]8♠2♠ after the first draw. Capoch ended with a pair and went out in third for $18,200.


Going into heads-up play, jmonnett had Chan 2-1 in chips and it looked like the context wouldn’t last long. More than once, jomonnett opened up a 10-1 lead, only to see Chan battle back.

The heads up fight went more than an hour before Chan succumbed. The final hand saw jmonnett’s make a 10♠9♣8♥2♦6♦ when Chan’s draw ended him with a an unfortunate six-high straight. Chan pocked $24,500. Jomonnett’s earned $36,400 for the 14.5 hours of work.

Here are the final table results. Congrats to jomonett for the win.

SCOOP Event 24-High 2-7 Triple Draw

1. jmonnett ($36,400)
2. Unassigned ($24,500)
3. capoch ($18,200)
4. jdags21 ($11,900)
5. kumagala ($9,100)
6. SamENole ($6,300)


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