SCOOP: Khan!

April 10, 2009

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Let’s just make sure we understand each other here.

Hevad Khan wins things.

It’s hard to let a few months go by without the man known as RaiNKhAN winning some tournament or other. He’s not choosy. He’ll take a million dollar win at Caesars. He’ll take a Sunday major. And, as we found out this week, he’ll take a title in the inaugural Spring Championship of Online Poker. To further prove he’s happy to win just about anything, witness the fact he took down the lowest buy-in of Event #14 NLHE.


“Entering a field of 8,300 players seems to be out of reach when gunning for the goal of first place,” he said, “but when I was eliminated from both the $530 and $5,200 six-max events, I sought nothing else than to take this sucker down.”

As we’ve seen in a lot of the SCOOP events, the low buy-in events aren’t just a place for people on limited bankrolls. Khan noticed the same thing.

He said, “With four tables to go, I felt the quality of play was very high. I saw top notch players such as MrSmokey1, holdplz, and WPTHero.”

Like any tournament winner, Khan admits he had to have a little luck to get there. He had to gamble a few times and got lucky when he needed to. His all-ins fell the right way and he walked away with more than $58,000.

Nonetheless, Khan is no flash in the tournament pan. He’s proven his ability to take down just about any kind of event.

“Tournament poker takes great discipline and patience,” he said after his win. ‘So, if you plan to take down your first SCOOP major, then don’t think it’s going to be easy!”


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