SCOOP: loooser17 big winner in Event #29-Medium (8-game mix)

May 14, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifSome Beatles fans know that “Eight Arms to Hold You” was the working title for the group’s second feature film. Four of them, eight arms… get it? Of course, the title may just as likely conjure an image of an especially friendly (or not) octopus. In any event, it was decided “Help!” made for a better title — for a song and for a movie.

The increasingly popular “8-Game mix” cash game and tourney format is also one of those still searching for a title. “Eight Games to Hold You” seems more than a little clunky here, too. Once upon a time I proposed the acronym S.P.L.E.N.D.O.R. as a handy way to refer to the 8-game mix…

Pot-limit Omaha
Limit Hold’em
Stud Eight-or-better (Hi/Lo)
No-limit Hold’em
Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw
Omaha Eight-or-better (Hi/Lo)

The word does mean “something grand and significant.” And shouldn’t the 8-Game mix — a game that presents an especially difficult challenge to even the best poker players, requiring a vast array of skills — have a less-generic, more imposing-sounding name?

Or maybe we should just call it what I feel whenever I play it. (Or what my idea probably needs.)


A total of 618 decided to accept the challenge of the “Medium” version of the 8-Game mix, each paying the $300+$20 entry, thereby making for a $185,400 prize pool. That topped the $150,000 guarantee for this one. The top 78 would get paid, with $35,226 going to the winner.

After five hours of play, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown had enjoyed the chip lead for some time and was starting to pull away a bit, sitting with 97,542 while the nearest competitor was GravityPilot with 72,675. At that point there were 109 players remaining, with Brown’s fellow PokerStars teammates George “Jorj95” Lind III there in 12th, and Pat Pezzin in 24th.

Soon the money bubble burst, with Ramdin (89th), Event #11-M winner Dantes_11 (83rd), Daniel “djk123” Kelly (80th) among those just missing the cash.


Shortly after the seven-hour mark, it was one PS member ousting another as Chad Brown eliminated Nichoel Peppe in a hand of seven-card stud, using a full house to beat Peppe’s aces up. A little while later Brown was still high up on the leaderboard, but even though he was in sixth place he was looking up at three other Team PokerStars pros ahead of him — Lind in first, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken in third, and Pat Pezzin in fifth.

From there Brown would suffer some misfortune, ultimately falling in 27th after losing a big hand of pot-limit Omaha against atlantic17. Then “Jorj95” Lind knocked out his teammate Pezzin in 18th in a hand of Omaha high/low.

Boeken and Lind were sitting side by side at one of the remaining tables, during which time Boeken continued to accumulate chips while Lind started to slide. Finally, Boeken finished his PS teammate off in 11th place in a hand of 2-7 triple draw hand when his 8-6-4-3-2 bested Lind’s 10-7-5-4-3.

Three more eliminations rapidly followed that of Lind. First, Dutchvinny went out in 10th on one five-handed table. Then, just one minute later, takidown and HOSSSE_U were knocked out on the other table by Boeken on the same 2-7 Triple Draw hand. Ceballos231 hit the rail just a few hands later, and the six-handed final table was set:


Seat 1: Nutedawg — 183,102
Seat 2: ynika — 493,144
Seat 3: Team PokerStars Pro Noah “Exclusive” Boeken — 873,425
Seat 4: Sensor — 341,880
Seat 5: loooser17 — 785,298
Seat 6: atlantic17 — 413,151

It would take about 25 minutes for the first elimination to come. The game was Razz, and the stakes were 16,000/32,000. After Boeken brought it in for 4,800 with a queen, atlantic17 raised with an ace showing and Nutedawg — down to just 39,902 when the hand began — three-bet right behind him with a deuce up. It folded back around to atlantic17 who made the call. On fourth street, Nutedawg drew an ugly-looking king while atlantic17 picked up a seven. atlantic17 bet and Nutedawg committed his last 4,702 chips.

Their hole cards revealed, Nutedawg held a hand with little potential — T-7-2-K — while atlantic17 had a much nicer 9-4-A-7 hand going. Nutedawg actually picked up three decent cards — A-8-4 — to make an 8-7 low, but atlantic17 caught a trey and a deuce to make 7-4-3-2-A and knock Nutedawg out in sixth.

They had crossed the ten-hour mark and into the no-limit hold’em round when the next knockout occurred. The blinds were 6,250/12,500 (ante 1,600). ynika had become the table’s short stack with 84,288 in chips, and open-shoved all in from UTG+1/the cutoff, getting one caller in loooser17 in the big blind. loooser17 showed A♥K♣ while ynicka held K♠2♠. The board came 9♥5♥A♣9♠J♦ and just four remained.

That hand pushed loooser17 out in front with more than 1.2 million, followed by atlantic17 with a little over 717,000, then Boeken and Sensor both with about 575,000.

Boeken would soon slide quickly, and found himself down to 25,055 — not even a small bet (30,000) in the 2-7 Triple Draw round! But “Exclusive” would double up once versus atlantic17 by drawing a 7-6-5-4-2 to survive. Then he’d do so again — also against atlantic17 — by drawing an 8-7-6-4-2 to beat atlantic17’s 9-7-5-4-2. Then came another hand in which Boeken got atlantic17 to fold after the third draw — and suddenly he was back up to 315,330 with the limit hold’em round began.

All of that had sunk atlantic17 down to 125,038 when Sensor opened with a raise (to 60,000) and both loooser17 (SB) and atlantic17 (BB) called. The flop came 9♠J♥7♥ and it checked to Sensor who bet. Only atlantic17 called. The turn was the 5♣. atlantic17 checked, loooser17 bet again, and atlantic17 called with his last 35,038, showing Q♦8♠ for a double-gutter. loooser17 had K♥Q♥ for a better straight draw plus a flush draw. The river 3♦ completed no one’s draws, so loooser17’s king-high was good enough to send atlantic17 to the rail in fourth.

His comeback having enabled him to move up one spot, Boeken remained short-stacked and soon was all-in before the flop in another LHE hand against both of his remaining opponents. The flop came 4♠9♦8♦, and loooser17 check-called Sensor’s bet. The turn was the J♣, and this time loooser17 check-raised Sensor, and Sensor called. The river was the J♠, loooser17 bet, and Sensor called. loooser17 showed J♦8♣ for the boat, and Sensor mucked.

Boeken mucked as well, his tourney run having ended in third place.


Team PokerStars Pro Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, third-place finisher, SCOOP #29-Medium

When heads-up began, loooser17 had a commanding lead with 2,676,204 versus Sensor’s 413,796. Before they’d moved out of the LHE round, Sensor managed a big double-up in a hand in which he flopped a straight and slow-played it, getting active on the turn. See how that one went here:

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The pair made it to the 11-hour break, at which time Sensor had battled back to 1,007,592 — about half of loooser17’s 2,082,408. But with the game changing to Omaha Hi/Lo and the stakes at 40,000/80,000, a few bad hands meant Sensor was quickly back down to 262,592 to loooser17’s 2.82 million-plus when the last hand of the night took place.

Sensor raised from the small blind/button, and loooser17 called. The flop came 7♥9♠10♣. loooser17 checked, Sensor bet, and loooser17 called. The turn was the K♥ and loooser17 again checked. Sensor bet once more, and this time loooser17 check-raised. Sensor called with his last 62,592, showing 10♠3♥8♣4♥ — a pair of tens and a straight draw. loooser17 showed K♣10♥K♦5♦ for top set of kings. The river was the 7♠, filling up loooser17 and ending the tourney.

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SCOOP Event #29-Medium 8-Game Mix:
1st place: loooser17 ($35,226)
2nd place: Sensor ($25,956)
3rd place: Team PokerStars Pro Noah “Exclusive” Boeken ($19,003.50)
4th place: atlantic17 ($12,978)
5th place: ynika ($9,270)
6th place: Nutedawg ($5,765.94)

Congratulations to loooser17 for taking down Event #29-M. Thanks also to everyone for reading the recap all of the way down. And I do appreciate you being round.

While I get my feet back on the ground, go check out the SCOOP site for details of all of the events thus far, as well as information on the final ones coming this weekend.


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