SCOOP: MusonToch shorts the field in Event #3-Low ($5.50+R NLHE 6-Max)

May 10, 2011

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Playing short handed brings out the aggressive style in players as they see more hands and have less opponents to have to worry about in every hand. In this tournament the aggression turned into bad bluffs and bad beats

A $265,935 prize pool was generated when 17,240 players entered the event, adding 24,934 re-buys, and 11,013 add-ons by the time the first four levels of the day were completed with $32,350.62 going to first place. Of the 3,000 that made the money during Day 1 play only 5 were Team PokerStars Pros or Team Online members. The top finisher out of that group was Team Online member twin-caracas in 230th place ($117.01). He was followed by Lex Veldhuis in 235th ($117.01), Bryan Huang (551st – $69.14), Kristian “CharismA3” Martin (1387th – $34.57), and George Danzer (2286th – $23.93).

By the time the 44 15-minute levels were completed to bring Day 1 to a conclusion only 18 players remained. Here is a look at the top 6 at the completion of Day 1.

1st: Vingtcent (27,911,280 in chips)
2nd: MusonToch (23,046,331 in chips)
3rd: DnCarlos (18,677,645 in chips)
4th: rd4aces (18,505,188 in chips)
5th: juanpert (13,797,990 in chips)
6th: Boartskiepke (11,803,247 in chips)

Day 2:

Day 2 started off fast with the first six players getting eliminated in the first 20 minutes of play. The players needed 54 minutes to eliminate the next 7 players to get down to the shorter than planned final table thanks to a double knock out on the final table bubble.

Bubble Hand SCOOP 03 L 2011.tiff

With the double knock out MusonToch lead the final 5 into the final table with the lead. Here is a look at the chip counts by seat as the final table began:

Seat 1: Boartskiepke (30,686,746 in chips)
Seat 2: MusonToch (51,795,141 in chips)
Seat 3: holy h3ll (29,583,811 in chips)
Seat 4: Vingtcent (50,019,342 in chips)
Seat 5: cybermitzu (19,501,960 in chips)

Final Table SCOOP 03 L 2011.tiff

The first all in of the final table came in just nine hands when holy h3ll 3-bet shoved all in with 10♥10♦ to put cybermitzu all in. Cybermitzu made the call for his tournament life with A♣K♥. The race was all but over when the A♥7♥4♠ flop came leaving holy h3ll looking for one of the remaining tens. The 9♣ came on the turn followed by the K♦ giving cybermitzu the a much needed double up leaving holy h3ll with only 13,606,851 in chips.

It would take 18 more hands before holy h3ll would get called on an all in shove looking to catch one of his cards like cybermitzu did a few hands before.

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MusonToch soars above 100 Million:

After eliminating holy h3ll in 5th place MusonToch continued to build his chip lead while inching closer and closer to 100 million in chips. He became the first to 100 million when his K♦K♥ flopped a full house on a K♠9♥9♣ flop. He managed to extract 24 million from Vingtcent on his way to holding more chips than his other three opponents combined.

MusonToch did not slow down there eliminating Boartskiepke in 4th place in a battle of kickers.

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Vingtcent battles back:

Vingtcent was the short stack when play got down to three-handed with each player having at least double his stack. It only took Vingtcent seven hands to get the double he needed when his 2♣2♦ survived against the A♦J♣ of MusonToch.

Vingtcent did not stop there eliminating cybermitzu 22 hands later in third place when his pocket pair held up against cybermitzu’s smaller pocket pair.

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A bluff of a finish:

After starting Day 2 in first and second MusonToch and Vingtcent found themselves battling it out for the $32,350.62 with these starting stacks:

Seat 2: MusonToch (113,678,414 in chips)
Seat 4: Vingtcent (67,908,586 in chips)

Vingtcent managed to get as close as 4,969,828 before he tried a triple-barrel bluff when he missed his flush and double gutter straight draws to bring this tournament to a conclusion 32 hands into the heads-up match.

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2011 SCOOP Event 3-Low $5.50+R No-Limit Hold’em 6-max results:

1st: MusonToch ($32,350.62)
2nd: Vingtcent ($23,934.15)
3rd: cybermitzu ($15,956.10)
4th: Boartskiepke ($7,978.05)
5th: holy h3ll ($5,318.70)
6th: juanpert ($2,659.35)

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