SCOOP: No clowning around for bonzo9876 after shipping Event #28-M: $109+R NL

May 13, 2010

scoop2009_thn.gifThe quickest way to earning street cred in the online poker world is to win a $100 re-buy tournament on PokerStars.

In prison terms, taking down the $100+R is like winning a fight against the baddest mofo on your first day in the joint. You get instant juice and the rest of inmate population fears you.

In Hollywood terms, winning the $100+R is just like getting an Oscar nomination. The moment it happens, you get instant respect among your peers, along with a ton of jealous haters.

Shipping the $100+R is a feat that not too many players can claim they’ve done. For some players, simply making the final table of the $100+R is an achievement in itself. However, for up and comers, a victory in a $100+R is the perfect way to announce to the poker community that they’re a force to be reckoned with. For established pros, it’s a friendly reminder, especially to the youngest generation of pros, that the grizzled vets can still bring it.

It goes without saying that the regular rounders and pundits alike will pay extra attention to the winner of the SCOOP $100+R.

A total of 2,066 runners joined the fracas in Event #28-M $109+R. This tournament included unlimited re-buys for the first 60 minutes (for 3,000 chips or the original starting stack). Players who made it to the end of the re-buy period had the had the option of an add-on (for an additional 5,000 in chips). Event #28-M included a total 2,788 re-buys and 1,637 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to over $649,1000. The top 270 places paid out prize money, with $103,856.80 going to first place.

The usual suspects were in this event, including the denizens who habitually play the $109+R, a staple in the hearty MTT diet of online grinders.

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros cashed including Veronica Dabul (271st), Johannes Steindl (121st), Jason Mercier (91st), Jan Heitmann (73rd), and George Danzer (10th).

Notable players cashing in the SCOOP $100+R included… Shaun Deeb (84th), Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy (81st), Kathy Liebert (66th), tdomeski (52nd), Billy “Patrolman35” Kopp (50th), jeff “jpa_25” Anderson (44th), Steve “MrSmokey1” Billirakis (38th), Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby (32nd), Mark “SHIPP ITT” Herm (18th), Marco “ostereo” Orlandi (17th), and Anthony “holdplz” Spinella.

Bubblicious: Danzer vs. Stout

As the tournament approached the 14th hour of play, Team pro George Danzer found himself jockeying with Matt “All_in_at420” Stout for a coveted spot at the final table. Danzer was attempting to make yet another final table appearance at this year’s SCOOP, as he battled near the top of the leader board.

The two were playing on separate tables with 10 players to go. Stout had a timely double up on his table with A♠K♠ against tcblade’s A♣10♠ to avoid an elimination, but he couldn’t win a race with pocket fives when he ran into tcblade’s A-10. Stout was crippled to around 252K and literally stumbled into the final table with a wounded short stack, because Danzer had busted on the other table in 10th place.

George Danzer playing in the EPT Berlin

Danzer’s fate happened at the hands of bonzo9876, who opened for 88,221. Danzer shoved for 695,071 and bonzo9876 called with K♣K♥. Danzer needed help with Q♦10♣. The flop was 10♦8♠7♠, and Danzer picked up outs when the J♥ fell on the turn. However, he missed a gutshot when the 4♥ fell on the river. Bonzo9876 won the pot and Danzer bubbled off the final table in 10th place.

The Final Table


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: All_in_at420 (252,787)
Seat 2: bonzo9876 (5,662,870)
Seat 3: The Rounderr (925,392)
Seat 4: riverrabid (837,878)
Seat 5: StuMan123 (6,244,349)
Seat 6: duff5013 (2,811,400)
Seat 7: FisFarfar (1,091,017)
Seat 8: SeeYouAnte18 (1,290,989)
Seat 9: tcblade (3,630,318)

When the final table began, StuMan123 held the overall lead with over 6.2 million, almost 6 million more than short-stacked Matt Stout. Tcblade was seeking his second SCOOP title this year after taking down Event #7-H.

Stash Runs Dry for All_in_at420

It was a matter of time before Matt “All_in_at420” Stout made a move, and it happened on the second hand of the final table. Action folded to him on the button, and he shoved for 221,537. The Rounderr called from the big blind with A♣6♦, which was ahead of Stout’s K♥5♥. The board ran out 10♣7♠J♠7♥8♥ and The Rounderr smoked him out with just ace-high. Stout became the first player to burn out at the final table. He won $6,491 for a heady ninth place finish.

Aces for Bonzo; Stuman Coughs Up Lead

Bonzo9876 snagged the lead from StuMan123 when he dragged a 1.7 million pot with A♥A♠ against tcblade’s Q♥J♠. Stuman123 lost another pot when his A♠Q♦ doubled up FisFarfar’s K♣K♠. FisFarfar jumped up to 2 million, while StuMan123 slipped to 5 million.

The Rounderr Sliced Up

Tcblade opened for 130,000 and The Rounderr three-bet shoved for 867,269. Tcblade called with 3♣3♠ against The Rounderr’s K♠J♥. The Rounderr flopped a gutshot on a favorable 10♠5♣ board, but the turn and river did not help him. Tcblade’s treys held up, and The Rounderr was eliminated in 8th place, collecting $11,359.25.

SeeYouAnte18 Fades Rabies on the River; Riverrabid Busto

SeeYouAnte18 opened to 125,000, riverrabid shoved for 489,128, and SeeYouAnte18 called. Classic race. SeeYouAnte18 was slightly ahead with 7♠7♦ vs. A♠Q♠. The board ran out 9♣6♦2♦5♥4♣. SeeYouAnte18’s sevens held up, and riverrabid was busto in 7th with a $16,227.50 paycheck.

With six players to go, bonzo9876 held the chiplead with almost 6.9 million. StuMan123 was second with 5 million.

Pancakes Anyone?

After riverrabid’s elimination, action slowed down significantly. During one of the many lulls, StuMan expressed his desire for food.

“Anyone down for IHOP after this?” wondered StuMan123.

No one answered, although I was tempted to chime in my two cents on various breakfast specials from IHOP.

Tcblade Beheads Two Victims on Consecutive Hands; FisFarfar and SeeYouAnte18 Eliminated

It was time for tcblade to make some noise, which he did on back-to-back hands as he sent two players to the rail.

The first victim was FisFarfar. Tcblade opened for 222,222. FisFarfar defended his big blind with a three-bet shove for 1,484,912. Tcblade had him covered and called.

tcblade: 6♣6♠
FisFarfar: Q♦J♠

The flop was 7♣6♥4♣ and tcblade improved his hand with a set of sixes. The turn was the 5♥ and the river the 9♦. FisFarfar could not catch up and he went out in 6th place, collecting $22,718.50.

On the very next hand… when action folded around to SeeYouAnte18, who tried to limp from the small blind, but tcblade shoved. SeeYouAnte18 called for his last 1,55,2947.

tcblade: A♥K♥
SeeYouAnte18: A♠8♥

Tcblade’s Big Slick held up when the board ran out 7♣4♥3♥J♣4♣. SeeYouAnte18 from London was knocked out in 5th place, winning $29,209.50.

Stu Stuffs Duff

Duff5013 open-shoved for 935,730 and StuMan123 called from the big blind.

duff5013: A♦10♥
StuMan123: K♠5♥

The flop was 5♦3♠2♦ and a fortunate five gave StuMan123 the lead, to which duff5013 responded with saying the Lord’s name in vain followed by, “What a call.”

The turn was the 9♣, and the river was the Q♠. StuMan123 won the pot, and duff5013 was eliminated in 4th place. He won $41,639.76.

That hand pushed StuMan123 back up to over 8 million. He still trailed bonzo9876’s 8.8 million, while tcblade was bringing up the rear with 5.8 million.

Running with Scissors

The big stacks came under quick assault from tcblade, who won a 3.8 million pot with A♦J♣, against StuMan123.

Tcblade then set his sights on bonzo9876’s big stack. Tcblade opened to 300,000 and bonzo9876 called from the big blind. The flop was K♦3♦2♦. Tcblade fired out 300,000 and bonzo9876 called. The turn was the J♠. Tcblade bet 700,000, and bonzo9876 called. The river was the Q♣. Tcblade bet 1.5 million and bonzo9876 called. Tcblade showed A♥10♦. He caught running cards for a Broadway straight. Bonzo9876 mucked, and tcblade won the 5.6 million pot.

At that point, tcblade seized the chip lead with over 9.5 million, while Bonzo9876 slipped into second with 7 million.

StuMan123 Crippled… But Recovers

StuMan123 suffered a devastating loss to bonzo9876. StuMan123 opened to 236,600 and bonzo9876 called. The flop was 10♥6♦4♦. Bonzo9876 checked. StuMan124 bet 376,200. Bonzo9876 check-raised to 982,112. StuMan123 shoved for 6,321,502. Bonzo9876 had him covered and called.

bonzo9876: 4♣4♠
StuMan123: K♥6♥

Bonzo9876 flopped a set of fours and was way ahead. The 10♠ on the turn gave him a full house and StuMan123 was drawing dead. Bonzo9876 won roughly a 11.8 million pot, as StuMan123 was crippled.

But the man known as StuMan123 wasn’t about to give up just yet. Down to 657K, StuMan123 doubled up with Q♠7♠ vs. tcblade’s pocket treys. He doubled up again with a fortunate flop against bonzo9876. Both players got it all in preflop. Bonzo9876 was ahead with K♠10♥ against StuMan’s Q♠10♠. StuMan123 flopped a pair of queens, but bonzo9876 picked up a Broadway gutshot. StuMan123 faded the straight draw and doubled through bonzo9876. He now had over 2.3 million.

StuMan123 wasn’t done, and he doubled up for a third time when he got it all-in preflop against tcblade. StuMan123 was racing with J♦10♥ against tcblade’s 5♦5♠. A jack on the flop was all he needed to double up and increase his once fledgling stack to over 5.3 million. Meanwhile, tcblade slipped to under 8 million.

StuMan123 Bluffs Into a Straight

Despite StuMan123’s magnificent comeback, he came up short. StuMan123 opened for 276,220 and bonzo9876 called. The flop was K♣9♥8♣. Bonzo9876 checked, StuMan123 bet 362,400, and bonzo9876 called. The turn was the 7♣. Bonzo9876 bets 722,122, and StuMan123 called. The river was the 6♠. Bonzo9876 checked. StuMan123 shoved for his last 3,514,277 and bonzo9876 called.

StuMan123: A♣2♥
bonzo9876: J♠10♥

Bonzo9876 had turned the straight and StuMan123 picked the wrong time to try to pull off a river bluff. Bonzo9876 won the pot, while Stewart “StuMan123” Yancik finished in third place. He won $58,419.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: bonzo9876 (12,918,613)
Seat 9: tcblade (9,828,387)

Tcblade was just one man away from winning his second SCOOP event, and bonzo9876 was going to do everything possible to prevent that from happening.

On the 12th hand of heads-up play, tcblade snagged the lead after he won a 3.5 million pot, and took a 11.7 million to 11 million lead.

Bonzo9876 got the lead right back after winning consecutive pots worth 4.2 million in total. Tcblade folded on the river on the first hand, and Bonzo9876 won the second hand with a pair of eights when tcblade whiffed on a straight draw. Bonzo9876 regained the lead and pushed his stack to over 14 million.

Tcblade Pulls Away

It took three separate hands to give tcblade over a 3-1 chip advantage.

On the first hand… bonzo9876 raised to 289,332 and tcblade called. The flop was 10♦9♣6♦. Tcblade bet 300,000 and bonzo9876 called. The turn was the 7♣. Tcblade bet 1 million and bonzo9876 called. The river was the 9♠. Tcblade bet 1.5 million, and bonzo9876 called. Both players had a straight, but tcblade’s J♦8♦ produced a jack-high straight, which overpowered bonzo9876’s ten-high straight with 8♣6♥. Bonzo9876 slipped to under 9 million, while tcblade captured the lead with 13.8 million.

On the second hand… tcblade won a 2.4 million pot with A♣6♦ (for a pair of aces) to push his stack close to 15 million, while bonzo9876 slipped to 7.5 million.

On the third hand… tcblade raised preflop and bonzo9876 called. Both players checked the flop of K♥Q♥8♠. The turn was the J♣. Bonzo9876 bet 551,221, tcblade raised to 1,555,555, and bonzo9876 called. The river was the 9♦. Bonzo9876 checked. Tcblade bet 2.5 million and bonzo9876 folded. Tcblade won a pot worth almost 4 million. He pushed his stack to over 17.1 million, while bonzo9876 slipped to 5.5 million.

Surge for Bonzo9876

Momentum swung back the other way, as tcblade fumbled the chip lead.

On the first hand the sparked bonzo9876’s epic march, the board read A♦A♣4♣. Bonzo9876 bet 890,221, tcblade raised to 1,780,442, and bonzo9876 shoved for 5,854,712. Tcblade said, “Wow.” Then he folded.

Bonzo9876 officially regained the lead after he had rivered a pair of nines with 9♠6♠, which was good enough to win because tcblade had been betting with air on all streess holding 5♥4♥. Bonzo9876 won a 4.4 million pot to retake the lead.

By the 50th hand of heads-up, the two would not give up and kept up the intense fighting. Whenever one would try to pull away, the other would run off a string of pots to pull even, and the process would repeat itself. Bonzo9876 held a 13.2 to 9.5 million lead, but that number was essentially arbitrary considering how often the lead would shift back and forth.

On the 78th hand of heads-up, bonzo9876 extended his lead to a 2-1 margin after winning a pot with J♠8♠. He flopped a pair of eights, bet the flop and turn, and then checked the river (along with tcblade), only to discover his hand was good enough to win. At that point, he was up to 15.7 million to tcblade’s 7 million.

The Race for the Title…

After a grueling 90-hand heads-up match, bonzo9876 was finally able to deliver the knockout blow. It was one of those classic race situations. Baby pair versus Big Slick. Tcblade opened to 500,000. Bonzo9876 raised to over 1.3 million. Tcblade four-bet shoved all-in for 9,647,246. Bonzo9876 had him covered by at least 4 million or so in chips, and he called.

tcblade: 3♦3♥
bonzo9876: A♥K♥

Bonzo9876 took the lead on the flop of K♣6♦5♥. The turn was the 10♦, an the river was the 6♣. Tcblade could not suckout, and he was eliminated in second place. He won $77,892.

You can check out the final hand through our snazzy hand replayer…

RSS readers must click through to view hand replayer

Michael “bonzo9876” Katz thwarted Tommy “tcblade” Chen’s attempt at winning his second SCOOP title. Instead, bonzo9876 locked up his first title. He won $103,856.80 for his first place victory in Event #28-M $109+R.

SCOOP Event #28-M: $109+R NL – Final Table Results:
1. Michael “bonzo9876” Katz – $103,856.80
2. Tommy “tcblade” Chen – $77,892
3. Stewart “StuMan123” Yancik – $58,419
4. duff5013 – $41,639.76
5. SeeYouAnte18 – $29,209.50
6. FisFarfar – $22,718.50
7. riverrabid – $16,227.50
8. The Rounderr – $11,359.25
9. Matt “All_in_at420” Stout – $6,491

There’s still plenty of time to get in on all the remaining SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events. Also, check out the SCOOP leaderboard.


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