SCOOP: orange6 crushes Event 22-Low, $33 NLHE 4-max

May 11, 2010


4-max. It’s what the action junkies moved to when they got tired of playing 6-max, when everyone started playing 6-max and the thrill was gone. It’s a game that requires playing out of the blinds half of the time, and opening “under the gun” pre-flop from one off the button. Marginal hands are played harder and farther. Many, many more decisions are required on a per-hand basis. To many, the only greater test of poker skill is playing heads-up.

It seems that 4-max has become almost as popular as 6-max. 6,695 players entered the low version of SCOOP Event 22, $33 4-max No-Limit Hold’em. They played four-handed all through the night and into the earliest hours of the morning, feeding the addiction, until only four remained.

Event 22-Low Final Table.JPG

Seat 1: robot_werter (7,976,739 in chips)
Seat 2: khanrava (17,328,775 in chips)
Seat 3: ThoboyJPG (3,537,013 in chips)
Seat 4: orange6 (4,632,473 in chips)

khanrava immediately cut robot_werter in half with what he admitted afterwards was, “a lucky river”. robot_werter raised to 270,000 pre-flop from the small blind, with khanrava calling from the large. Robot_werter bet 360,000 on the flop, check-called 756,000 on the turn and check-called another 2.1 million on the river of a J♠ 10♥ A♥ 7♠ 2♥ board. At showdown khanrava tabled K♥ 7♥, the nut flush.

That pot gave khanrava almost 21 million chips, more than four times the amount of his next closest opponent, orange6 (4.8 million). orange6 padded that total slightly when the shortest stack, ThoboyJPG, shoved the small blind for 1.6 million with blinds at 70,000 and 140,000. orange6 made an easy call with pocket queens. ThoboyJPG had only a small suited ace, A♠ 3♠. That hand completely whiffed a king-high board, producing the first final table elimination.

Just six hands later, orange6 completely reversed the tables on robot_werter. robot_werter raised to 300,000 with, we would later discover, pocket queens. orange6 called with, we would also later discover, A♠ 3♥. The 9♥ 3♦ 3♠ flop was what what ultimately prove robot_werter’s undoing. orange6 check-called 445,000 on the flop, then check-raised the turn from 1,000,000 to 7.4 million all in. robot_werter had 3.3 million behind and had to believe pocket queens were good, but of course they weren’t. The board bricked, leaving the tournament heads-up faster than anticipated.

With the heads-up counts at 19.1 million for khanrava and 14.3 million for orange6, talk quickly turned to a deal. orange6, as the player in 2nd place, was the one to propose looking at the chip-chop numbers. khanrava agreed. With the $3,000 set-aside for the winner, the numbers were fairly close: $21,248.46 for khanrava and $19,943.73 for orange6. It was quite a difference from the scheduled $28,124.19 and $16,068. khanrava asked for a minute to think it over, then ultimately decided just to play it out.

Play continued until the next scheduled break, at which point orange6 tried to persuade khanrava to chop. khanrava said that he’d accept $25,000 – hardly a chop at all once the set-aside was considered. orange6 counter-proposed a $22,000 and $19,000 chop, with $3,000 to the winner. khanrava lowered his price to $23,000 but orange6 stuck fast. “Be a man. $22k.”

“I don’t really like chops. I’ll go for $23k if you want to though.”

orange6’s response left no doubt as to what he thought of that offer. “Not nice. Let’s play.”

khanrava offered to come down to $22,500. After a few more minutes of persistence, however, orange6 persuaded khanrava to chop for $22,000 and $19,000. Host Julian Thew proposed the official numbers a few moments later: $19,096.09 to orange6 and $22,096.10 to khanrava. Both players quickly agreed and then got back to the action for the set-aside.

“You’re now playing for $3,000, the title and a SCOOP watch!” said Thew. khanrava inquired whether there was also a jacket to be won, but that is a WCOOP bonus. Then he asked how nice the watch is.

“Not sure,” Thew replied. “I haven’t managed to get my paws on either.”

“Steal them from the PokerStars warehouse!” joked khanrava.

“You think they let me know the whereabouts of that?” said Thew.

“They may hide it on the Isle. How big can that place be? Other than PokerStars I haven’t heard of it. I thought the entire population consisted of support sitting around monitors making prop bets.”

Thew just typed a smile-face into the chat box as the action resumed. orange6, with the chop secured, went to work grinding khanrava down and winning the extra $3,000. Without any major showdowns, orange6 took over the chip lead, building up to 24.7 million in chips against khanrava’s 8.5 million in chips. The end came when both players were dealt an ace – A♠ 10♥ for khanrava and A♦ Q♥ for orange6. The chips went in pre-flop and the board came 8♥ 3♥ 5♦ 7♦ K♣, ending khanrava’s SCOOP comedy career and this tournament.

SCOOP Event 22-Low $33 No-Limit Hold’em [4-max] results (includes results of two-way deal):

1st place: orange6 ($22,096.09)
2nd place: khanrava ($22,096.10)
3rd place: robot_werter ($10,042.50)
4th place: ThoboyJPG ($7,029.75)


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