SCOOP: PiMaster scoops up a victory in Event #12-low, $22 stud hi/lo

April 08, 2009

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There are a lot of people out there that will tell you that stud poker is dead. Once the game of choice for most poker players, these days, stud is often looked upon as hold’em’s quirky, old-fashioned cousin. However, after taking a look at the numbers from today’s SCOOP Stud Hi/Lo events, the naysayers may want to reconsider their position. Though the live games may be drying up, stud is alive and kicking at PokerStars– each of today’s three Stud Hi/Lo events smashing through their guarantees by double or even triple. Not bad for a supposedly dead game.

3,062 players bought into the $22 “low” buy-in edition of SCOOP Event #12, creating a $61,240 prize pool that more than doubled the tournament’s $25,000 guarantee. A generous 520 places were paid with first place taking home $9,951,51. Though the majority of Team PokerStars Pro was found in the day’s high and medium buy-in events, Andre Akkari, Isabelle Mercier, Marcin “Goral” Horecki and Maria “Maridu” Mayrinck were representin’ in the Stud Hi/Lo. Horecki cashed in 127th place while Mayrink was the longest-lasting team member in this event, busting out in 68th place.

As the final table kicked off, betting limits were up to 100,000/200,000 with a 20,000 ante. Here’s how our finalists stacked up:

Seat 1: PKODonnell (1,743,288 in chips)
Seat 2: PiMaster (1,754,535 in chips)
Seat 3: tatsukami (2,515,667 in chips)
Seat 4: Crossroads (2,913,192 in chips)
Seat 5: BigOrange44 (368,056 in chips)
Seat 6: Biertank (979,519 in chips)
Seat 7: Beat By Rags (1,157,626 in chips)
Seat 8: $HAKESPEARE (3,878,117 in chips)

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Biertank arrived at the final table as the second-shortest stack but ended up being the first to depart. After a capped betting round on third street against Crossroads, Biertank ended up all in on fifth street. Crossroads was ahead with pair of queens for high, and his hand held up through sixth and seventh streets, neither player’s low draw materializing. For his eighth-place finish, Biertank earned $551.17.

Down to less than one big bet with ten players remaining, BigOrange44 held on valiantly through the bubble, managing to rally back to make the final table as the short stack. Ultimately, he got the rest of his chips in on fourth street vs. Crossroads with a pair of deuces for high and three cards to a wheel while Crossroads had ace-high and four to a seven low. BigOrange44 made two pair fives and deuces on fifth street, while Crossroads paired threes, however, Crossroads hit a better two pair, sixes and threes on sixth street and with his low possibilities gone, BigOrange44 needed to catch a five, a deuce, an ace or a queen on the river to survive with a split pot. He blanked out with a three, though, Crossroads scooping the pot and eliminating BigOrange44 in seventh place for $918.61 in prize money.

After twenty more minutes of play, Beat By Rags’ stack had fallen to less than three big bets. After PKODonnell brought it in on third street, Beat By Rags completed and PKODonnell made the call. Beat by Rags had the high board on fourth and led out, PKODonnell coming along with a call. Beat by Rags led again on fifth, PKODonnell raised, and Beat by Rags called all in. As their hole cards were turned up, Beat by Rags discovered he was ahead with a pair of eights over PKODonnell’s pair of sixes, and though both players made two pair by seventh, PKODonnell’s kings up bested Beat By Rags’ queens up. WIth neither player making a low, PKODonnell scooped the pot, sending Beat By Rags to the rail in sixth place for $1,837.21.

PKODonnell lost nearly half his stack in a pot he ended up folding to Crossroads on fifth street and down to less than two big bets, got it all in on third street vs. PiMaster with three overcards against his buried pair of fives. When their boards ran out, PKODonnell’s hand didn’t improve, PiMaster making an 8-7 low to go with his pair of fives, scooping the pot and eliminating PKODonnell in fifth place for a $3,062.01 score.

Tatsukami fell in fourth place only a few hands later after getting all in on fifth street against PiMaster. Though tatsukami started with buried kings, PiMaster paired his ace in the hole on fourth street and rivered aces up to win the hand, sending tatsukami to collect his $4,286.81 in winnings.

After knocking out two players back to back, PiMaster took a commanding chip lead with 9.2 million to Crossroads’ 3.3 million and $HAKESPEARE’s 2.7 million.

Less than five minutes after tatsukami’s elimination, a family pot unfolded that would unfortunately spell $HAKESPEARE’s elimination in third place. $HAKESPEARE was all in against Crossroads by sixth street, drawing dead with Q♠6♥6♠A♥3♣10♣ for a pair of sixes against Crossroads’ 7♦8♥4♠5♣6♣4♥ eight-high straight for both high and low. $HAKESPEARE earned $5,511,61 for his finish.

PiMaster held a 1.75 to 1 chiplead over Crossroads as heads-up play kicked off. Here’s a look at their chip counts:

Seat 2: PiMaster (9,772,299 in chips)
Seat 4: Crossroads (5,537,701 in chips)

On only the second hand our final two played, PiMaster seized a 2.25 million pot when he missed his low draw but paired his ace on the river. He followed that hand up by taking down two more mid-sized pots in rapid succession, to put him over the 11.5 million mark and send Crossroads’ stack tumbling to 3.7 million. PiMaster chopped away at his opponent, whittling Crossroads down to 2.3 million before the final hand unfolded. Here’s a look at their final boards (hole cards in parentheses).

PiMaster (2♣)(6♣)K♣7♣9♠2♥(J♣)
Crossroads (A♣)(K♦)10♣Q♦3♠K♥(10♦)

Crossroads brought it in for a full bet on third street, PiMaster raised and Crossroads called. PiMaster had the high board and led out on fourth, Crossroads raised, PiMaster made it three bets to go and Crossroads called. PiMaster led again on fifth and Crossroads called. Crossroads made the high board when he caught the K♥ on sixth street, PiMaster raised, and Crossroads called all in. As their hole cards were revealed it showed Crossroads as a 2-1 favorite with a pair of kings and a gutshot Broadway straight draw against PiMaster’s pair of deuces and a king-high flush draw. The river cards reversed their fortunes, however, PiMaster catching the J♣ to make his flush while Crossroads hit the 10♦ for kings up. After ten and a half hours of counting dead cards, calculating odds, and splitting pots, PiMaster emerged as the champion, earning $9,951.51 and a SCOOP title. For his runner-up finish, Crossroads took home $7,085.47.

Results for SCOOP Event #12-Low, $22 Stud Hi/Lo

1. PiMaster ($9,951.51)
2. Crossroads ($7,085.47)
3. $HAKESPEARE ($5,511.61)
4. tatsukami ($4,286.81)
5. PKODonnell ($3,062.01)
6. Beat By Rags ($2,837.21)
7. BigOrange44 ($918.61)
8. Biertank ($551.17)

There is still time to get in on all the juicy SCOOP action. Satellites are running day and night and there’s a tournament for every bankroll. Check out the SCOOP page for more details. Wondering how your favorite players are faring? Hit up the SCOOP player of the series leaderboard page. And if you missed out on any of the action, you can always count on to have all the highlights.


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