SCOOP: SLOPPYKLOD cleans up in Event 15 $425 8-Game Mix

April 10, 2009


Fans of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are aware that the organization stages its mixed martial arts bouts in a ring known as the “Octagon,” so-called for the eight-sided caged enclosure in which combatants do battle.

You might say the increasingly popular “8-game mix” on PokerStars in which players rotate through a sequence of eight different poker games — limit triple draw 2-7, limit hold’em, Omaha high/low, razz, stud, stud high/low, no-limit hold’em, and pot-limit Omaha — is a different kind of “mixed martial arts” competition. You could even say it is played in an Octagon — an eight-sided tournament, so to speak — and similarly requires a daunting combination of power and finesse from those brave enough to climb in the ring. (Pun intended.)

That said, I think we can all agree the chances of losing a tooth are significantly lower in the PokerStars version.

A total of 444 entrants signed up for the “medium” stakes version of Event No. 15, the 8-Game mix event ($400+$25 buy-in), meaning the $150,000 guarantee was easily met. The top 66 finishers would be dividing up a total prize pool of $177,600, with $33,744 scheduled to go to the last fighter standing.

Several Team PokerStars pros came out for this one. Ivan Demidov was there, but not for long, going out in 441st. Others team members bowing out early included Greg “Fossilman” Raymer (301st), Vicky Coren (264th), and Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso (237th).

After a little over three hours of play, the field had been whittled down to 200 players, with nitbuster holding a slight chip leader over MickBt23 and wedlowjones. Team PokerStars pro Katja Thater had been hanging in the top ten for a while, and at that point was in 9th place. Over the course of the next couple of hours, more of Thater’s teammates would fall, including Maridu Mayrinck (181st), Alex Kravchenko (172nd), and Friend of PokerStars Tom McEvoy (135th). As the money bubble approached, Gavin Griffin was eliminated (111st), as was Chad Brown (87th) and Marcin “Goral” Horecki (81st). And after her fast start, Katja Thater came up short of the cash, too, getting knocked out in 80th.

After six hours of play, the cash bubble had burst, with Team PokerStars pro Ylon Schwartz having barely snuck into the money, finishing 65th. At that point, 48 players remained, with SLOPPYKLOD leading the way, followed by pezi200, and Daniel “steamraise” Alaei.


The last hope for Team PokerStars was Barry “barryg1” Greenstein, who held steady in the middle of the pack as players dropped one by one. Former chip leader nitbuster hit the rail in 45th. ACESEDAI, who final tabled the $1,050 SCOOP Event No. 7 H.O.R.S.E. event, was eliminated in 27th. And Daniel Alaei — who won SCOOP Event No. 13, the $2,100 razz event, less than 24 hours before — was ousted in 22nd.

With just 14 players remaining, teacuppoker had stormed ahead of the pack with more than 375,000 chips, with SirWatts and osten trailing. osten would get into a big stud hand with Barry Greenstein, whose stack had begun to dwindle. By seventh street Greenstein was putting in his last 4,468 chips against osten, only to reveal he’d made a club flush on fifth street (safely better than osten’s trip treys), thus bouncing him back up over 100,000 chips and into 8th place.

When the tourney reached the nine-hour mark, there were nine players left. SLOPPYKLOD had tripped back up into the chip lead with over 600,000, well ahead of osten in second place with 389,736. Greenstein was bringing up the rear with 46,661 — not a lot to work with as play moved into Level 49, 2-7 triple draw with 6,000/12,000 blinds and 12,000/24,000 limits.

And indeed, shortly after the return from break, barryg1 found himself all in by the second draw against MOJOEX1. By the end, Greenstein had paired up on the last draw, meaning MOJOEX1’s king-low was good and the Bear was out in 9th.

DerRaeuber was next to go in 8th in a limit hold’em hand versus osten, and osten again took care of the next elimination, knocking out atlantic17 in 7th in another limit hold’em hand. The six-handed final table was set.


Seat 1: SirWatts — 290,737
Seat 2: needurstake — 163,883
Seat 3: osten — 701,038
Seat 4: SLOPPYKLOD — 309,515
Seat 5: teacuppoker — 437,987
Seat 6: MOJOEX1 — 316,840

Play moved through Omaha high/low and into razz, with SirWatts having slipped to the short stack with 108,337. All anted 3,200, then SLOPPYKLOD brought it in for 4,800 with a queen showing. teacuppoker completed to 16,000 with a 4, and SirWatts made the call with a 7 up. On fourth street SirWatts picked up a 9 and teacuppoker a 10. SirWatts bet, and teacuppoker called. On fifth SirWatts picked up an 8 and teacuppoker a 3, and a raising war ensued that ended with all of SirWatts’ chips in the middle.

SirWatts showed 2-5-7-9-8 for a made rough nine, while teacuppoker would be drawing with A-7-4-T-3. teacuppoker picked up a deuce on sixth to make a seven-low, while SirWatts drew a non-helpful 5. And on seventh, teacuppoker picked up a 5 to make a wheel, while SirWatts drew a jack. SirWatts was out in sixth.

The game ground on, through stud, then stud high/low, where MOJOEX1 started things off in a hand by completing with the J♠ and getting calls from both osten with the 4♠ and teacuppoker with the 3♠. On fourth street MOJOEX1 picked up the 9♠, teacuppoker the K♦, and osten the 9♦. MOJOEX1 bet and the other two called. On fifth street teacupoker drew another king, MOJOEX1 drew a second jack, and osten drew the 8♠. This time teacuppoker bet and the other two called. On sixth, osten got a queen, teacuppoker a five, and MOJOEX1 a ten, and again teacuppoker led out and the others called, this time putting MOJOEX1 all in.

osten and teacuppoker checked seventh, and the showdown revealed osten had failed to make that low, ending with 2♦6♠4♠9♦8♠Q♦10♣, while teacuppoker’s 5♠6♦3♠K♦K♥5♥J♥ meant teacuppoker had started aiming for a low but made a high hand of two pair. MOJOEX1 mucked, having failed to draw to better than kings up, and was out in fifth.

The tourney careened into Level 56, pot-limit Omaha, and where its reputation as the “action game” was well maintained with players vying for several big pots. Eventually needurstake, the table’s short stack with 243,008, ended up getting all of the chips in the middle on a flop of Q♦6♣8♣ against teacuppoker. When the cards were turned over, it was revealed needurstake had flopped top two pair with K♥Q♠8♥4♣ and teacuppoker had a club flush draw with 3♣9♣6♠Q♥. The turn was the K♣, completing the flush, and when the J♠ landed on the river needurstake was out in fourth.

When the game now three-handed, they switched back to 2-7 triple draw. teacuppoker led with 1,116,209, with SLOPPYKLOD was in second with 795,215, and osten third with 308,576. osten’s stack dribbled down a bit, then came a hand in which osten open-raised from the small blind to 60,000 and SLOPPYKLOD called from the big blind. On the first draw, osten took one card and SLOPPYKLOD drew three. osten bet, and SLOPPYKLOD called. osten stood pat on the next round, and SLOPPYKLOD took just one. osten then bet all in for 53,576, and SLOPPYKLOD called. Both stood pat on the last draw, and osten showed 10-9-6-5-3, not enough against SLOPPYKLOD’s 10-7-6-4-2. osten was out in third, and this here cage match was down to two.

When heads up started, teacuppoker had the edge with 1,356,209 to SLOPPYKLOD’s 863,791. teacuppoker extended the lead, but a couple of big limit hold’em pots swung the advantage back to SLOPPYKLOD. Soon teacuppoker was down to just 42,418 to SLOPPYKLOD’s 2.17 million, and with the blinds 15,000/30,000 he had little choice but to go all in with J♣2♥ versus SLOPPYKLOD’s K♠5♦. The flop was 7♣6♥8♥, then the K♦ on the turn made the river J♥ meaningless. teacuppoker was out in second, and SLOPPYKLOD ended as the night’s ultimate fighter.

Here were the payouts at the final table:

SCOOP Event #15: $425 8-Game Mix
1. SLOPPYKLOD (Philadelphia) $33,744
2. teacuppoker (Laguna Niguel) $24,864
3. osten (El Segundo) $18,204
4. needurstake (Wachtberg) $12,432
5. MOJOEX1 (Hallandale) $8,880
6. SirWatts (Toronto) $5,683.20

It’s no-limit hold’em (one rebuy, one add-on) and Omaha high/low tomorrow as SCOOP carries on. Click here for the rest of the SCOOP schedule.


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