SCOOP: Andy McLEOD mixes it up for $184K win in Event 11

April 08, 2009


If you are a hold’em player – just a flat out hold’em player – then you had to love Tuesday’s Event 11 since with its mix of both Limit and No-Limit Hold’em it had the best of both worlds. The high event had a buy-in of $3,150, making it one of the biggest tournaments in the Spring Championship of Online Poker here on PokerStars.

Players who participated in Event 11 enjoyed a nice overlay of more than $20,000 when the 247 entries did not meet the $800,000 guaranteed prize pool. First would receive $184,000 and the 30 players making the money would at least double their buy-in.

The event was played with maximum tables of six, meaning bustouts would come quickly. The field narrowed fast in the middle stages, but as the remaining players accumulated nice stacks relative to the blinds the eliminations slowed. The pace slowed to a crawl as the money bubble of $6,400 neared, as well as when play got down to the last two tables.

Team PokerStars members came out in droves for the event. Among them (along with their finishes) were Peter Eastgate in 43rd, Andre “aakkari” Akkari in 49th, Gavin Griffin in 95th, Chad Brown in 119th, Hevad “RaiNKhAN” Khan in 126th, Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso in 127th, Ylon Schwartz in 181st, Alexandre “Allingomes” Gomes in 207th, John Duthie in 219th, Ivan Demidov in 225th, and Barry “barryg1” Greenstein, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken and Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu in 226th.

Other notables in the field (with finishes) included PearlJammer in 125th, in 134th, Sowerss in 135th, westmenloAA in 160th, Timex in 174th, MrSmokey1 in 177th, BeLOWaBOVe in 197th, JohnnyBax in 200th and ZeeJustin in 221st.

After about 10 hours of play the final table was finally set. The final six and their chip counts:

Seat 1 – gboro780 307,550
Seat 2 – supadphat 43,759
Seat 3 – LuckyLady519 274,345
Seat 4 – get crunk 165,419
Seat 5 – DDBeast 191,066
Seat 6 – Andy McLEOD 252,761

SCOOP Event 11 final table.jpg

Supadphat busted on the first hand of the final table in a race situation. Playing blinds of 625/1,250 with a 150 ante, DDBeast raised to 3,450 from the cutoff. Action folded to supadphat in the big blind and he re-raised to 13,750. DDBeast responded by betting enough to put supadphat all-in for his last 30K. Supadphat made the call and showed 9♥ 9♠ while DDBeast held A♣ Q♦. The board ran out 6♠ A♥ Q♣ 7♦ 6♥ to give DDBeast the win and send supadphat packing with $32,800 for sixth.

A hand that changed the course of the final table soon occurred between gboro780 and LuckyLady519. Playing no limit with blinds of 750/1,500 with a 200 ante, gboro780 raised to 3,900 from the button, LuckyLady519 called from the small blind and get crunk folded his big blind. After a flop of J♣ 9♥ 3♣ LuckyLady519 led out for 6,450 and gboro780 called. Fireworks erupted after the 2♣ hit the turn. LuckyLady519 led out again, this time for 18,500. Gboro780 responded with a raise to 56,444. LuckyLady519 then re-raised it to 103,500 and gboro780 thought for a long time before calling. The 4♠ hit the river and LuckyLady519 bet enough to put gboro780 all-in for his last 225,500. Gboro780 quickly called with 7♣ 6♣, showing that he was Hollywooding his play on the turn to trap his opponent as LuckyLady519 showed K♣ Q♦.

This hand gave gboro780 a mammoth chip lead with a stack above 700K while LuckyLady519 was crippled. Gboro780 busted her in the next round of no limit when his A♣ Q♥ cracked her Q♣ Q♦ after LuckyLady519 got the rest of her 52,000 stack in preflop only to see a board of 5♣ 8♠ 9♣ A♦ 7♦. LuckyLady519 collected $48,000 for fifth.

Get crunk could never build his stack at the final table and was the next eliminated in fourth place. Gboro780 raised it to 6,000 from the small blind and get crunk boosted it to 20,000 from the big blind. Gboro780 then bet enough to put get crunk all-in for 50,000 more and get crunk called.

The hands:
gboro780 A♥ 10♣
get crunk J♦ J♣

The board ran out K♦ K♥ Q♠ Q♦ 4♥, counterfeiting get crunk’s knaves. He won $64,000 for his time at the table.

To say action moved briskly from here would be an understatement – a big one.

Five hands later gboro780 was again the beneficiary of a counterfeit situation. DDBeast raised to 5,600 from the button and gboro780 called. After a flop of 9♦ 10♥ 2♥ gboro780 checked, DDBeast bet 9,200, gboro780 check-raised to 24,000 and DDBeast moved all-in for 124K total. Gboro780 made the call with 10♠ K♣ while DDBeast was in the lead with 10♦ 2♦. The turn brought the board pairing 9♥ to counterfeit DDBeast’s two pair and the 4♣ on the river sealed the beast’s fate in third. DDBeast earned $96,000 for his third-place showing.

Gboro780 now enjoyed a monster 1.08 million to 155K lead over Andy McLEOD in a heads-up battle that was nearly over as soon as it started. On the first hand two-handed Andy McLEOD raised to 5,500 on the button, gboro780 made it 14,744 from the big blind, Andy McLEOD re-raised to 34,750 and gboro780 put him all-in.

The hands:
Gboro780 A♣ K♠
Andy McLEOD 9♣ 9♥

Gboro780 finally missed a race when the board ran out 4♦ Q♦ J♦ 4♥ 3♥ to give Andy McLEOD some breathing room. And it was time for everybody to catch their breath as play reverted back to limit hold’em.

Hevad “RaiNKhAN” Khan, watching the table, typed in observer chat, “sick…I’ve never seen so many 200 bb pots so quickly”.

Andy McLEOD slowly chipped up in the limit round, building his stack to nearly 500,000 before the next no-limit round. He continued to gain momentum in this heavyweight bout that lasted more than 75 minutes. The players took shots at each other and the lead changed hands several times. Finally, Andy McLEOD seized control by winning a series of limit pots.

When the game changed to no-limit with blinds of 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante Andy McLEOD sealed the deal. He limped on the button for 4,000 and gboro780 raised to 17,150 from the big blind. Andy McLEOD called and the flop was J♥ 5♣ 9♥. Andy McLEOD called a 20,400 bet from gboro780. The Q♣ came on the turn, putting the end of the tournament in motion. Gboro780 led out for 48,000 and Andy McLEOD overbet the pot to put gboro780’s tournament life on the line for 275,000 more. Gboro780 thought and called with 9♦ 5♠ for two pair, but Andy McLEOD had made the straight on the turn with K♠ 10♥. The river 7♣ did not fill up gboro780 and he finished second and won $128,000. Andy McLEOD pulled an amazing comeback at the final table to take down Event 11 and earn $184,000 and a SCOOP Champion’s bracelet.

SCOOP Event 11 final hand.jpg

Final table placements and prizes were:

First — Andy McLEOD $184,000
Second — gboro780 $128,000
Third — DDBeast $96,000
Fourth – get crunk $64,000
Fifth – LuckyLady519 $48,000
Sixth – supadphat $32,800


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