SCOOP 2015: tobi123456 takes down Event #23-H ($2,100 NLHE)

May 18, 2015

Four players had eight COOP titles at the final table, but there would be no repeat victor.

tobi123456 came to the final table short-stacked and overcame the likes of David “WhooooKidd” Baker and Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier in order to take down his first SCOOP title.

For the victory, tobi123456 won $353,880.00.

tobi123456’s payday was the biggest chunk of the $1.97 million prize pool that only 117 players got a piece of.

Five of those final 117 players were Team PokerStars Pros. Eugene Katchalov finished 104th for $4,128.60 while Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara made $4,325.20 for finishing 94th.

Team PokerStars Online Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen won $5,408.20 for finishing 68th and Chris “Money800” Moneymaker made the second-deepest run with a 57th place finish.

ElkY’s made it all the way to the final table after he burst the final table bubble.

Juan Martin “xPastorcitox” Pastor moved all-in for 263,959 from under-the-gun and ElkY called from the button. The blinds folded and we had our last multi-table hand of the tournament.


Juan Martin “xPastorcitox” Pastor
Pastor turned over 5♦5♠ and was drawing slim against ElkY’s J♦J♠. The board ran 7♣4♦10♠9♦3♠ and we got down to our final nine.

The final table


Seat 1: I’am_Sound – 1,788,316
Seat 2: FaceStealer – 1,010,072
Seat 3: EEE27 – 1,297,161
Seat 4: ElkY – 1,096,859
Seat 5: tobi123456 – 489,119
Seat 6: WhooooKidd – 1,286,172
Seat 7: $uperdecay – 357,886
Seat 8: NoelHayes – 2,269,724
Seat 9: vovtroy – 234,691

The final table was well-versed in victory.

ElkY had two WCOOPs and one SCOOP victory under his belt while David “WhooooKidd” Baker had one WCOOP and two SCOOP titles.

Both I’am_Sound and vovtroy had a SCOOP victory each, but vovtroy was the first to be denied multiple SCOOPs.

vovtroy managed to double up to 461,882 a few hands into the final table but was less successful in the following attempt.

With 10,000/20,000 blinds and a 2,500 ante, vovtroy raised to 42,000 from the hijack and Stefan “I’am_Sound” Huber re-raised to 91,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back to vovtroy and the Russian player moved all-in for 389,382. Huber called and showed A♣K♦ to vovtroy’s 7♠7♥.

The board ran A♣5♦Q♦J♣3♥ and Huber won the flip.

vovtroy won $24,575.00 for finishing 9th and Huber took the lead with 2.25 million.

Extending the lead

Huber won a big pot off NoelHayes –the preceding chip leader– the following hand and then eliminated another opponent in another flip.

Blinds were up to 12,500/25,000 with a 3,125 ante and tobi123456 raised to 62,500 from middle position. $uperdecay moved all-in for 294,136 from the hijack and Huber called from the button.

Huber: A♦Q♠
$uperdecay: 10♥10♦

The Q♦K♠2♠7♣J♦ board gave the victory to Huber while $uperdecay finished 8th and earned $40,303.00.

Huber didn’t stop eliminating there.

Down and up and out

His next victim was EEE27.

First, EEE27 doubled up or victor. EEE27 raised to 73,850 from the cutoff and tobi123456 moved all-in for 638,988 from the small blind. EEE27 called and showed A♣J♥ to tobi123456’s K♣K♠.

EEE27 hit a flush draw on the turn of a 9♠6♥10♥Q♥ board, but the 2♣ on the river doubled tobi123456 up to 1.34 million while EEE27 was left with 142,563.

EEE27 doubled up the next hand with 10♠10♦ to NoelHayes’s A♥8♣ and then doubled up through NoelHayes again.

In that hand, EEE27 moved all-in with J♠J♥ and NoelHayes called with J♦10♦.

A few hands later, EEE27 had another big pocket pair. Huber raised to 77,000 from under-the-gun and EEE27 moved all-in for 404,002 from the hijack.

Huber called with J♣J♠ and EEE27 tabled Q♠Q♣.

The black jacks improved to a set on the 3♠7♦J♦6♦3♣ board and EEE27 was out in 7th.

EEE27 won $59,766.40 for the finish while Huber chipped up to 3.02 million.

No SCOOPs for ElkY

Thumbnail image for EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-197_ElkY.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier was hunting his second SCOOP title but was the next to fall to the Huber guillotine.

So far, Huber scored eliminations from flips and lower pocket pairs. Then he beat ElkY when they both had ace-king suited.

ElkY raised to 80,000 from under-the-gun and Huber re-raised to 210,000 from the small blind. ElkY moved all-in for 1.03 million and Huber called.

ElkY: A♠K♠
Huber: A♣K♣

Huber got a flush draw on the 10♣6♦7♣ flop and hit it when a J♣ fell on the river.

Huber’s lead grew to 4.75 million while ElkY won $79,426 for finishing 6th.

Shared responsibility

With five players left, Huber had a monopoly on final table eliminations.

Then NoelHayes joined him.

First, NoelHayes doubled tobi123456 up to 1.84 million. NoelHayes moved all-in with K♠J♥ and tobi123456 called all-in with A♠10♣.

NoelHayes dipped to just 277,250 after the hand and then doubled up to 739,500 a few hands later with K♥9♦ to Huber’s A♥9♠.

NoelHayes hit a king on the flop to doubled up and then doubled up again. NoelHayes and FaceStealer got into a raising war that ended in a five-bet jam from FaceStealer and a call from NoelHayes.

NoelHayes had A♣A♠ and FaceStealer showed J♦J♥. FaceStealer was left with just 192,010 while NoelHayes chipped up to 2.11 million.

David “WhooooKidd” Baker –who was left with 223,038 after doubling up FaceStealer– moved all-in from the button and NoelHayes and Huber called from the blinds.

The flop came 5♣8♣8♦ and both blinds checked. A 7♦ came on the turn and NoelHayes bet 240,000. Huber folded and NoelHayes showed 9♥7♥ to Baker’s A♠10♦.

An 8♥ completed the board and NoelHayes scored an elimination.

Baker won $99,086.40 for the 5th place finish and Huber was left as the sole remaining SCOOP champion.


David Baker
No more Noel

After joining the group of eliminators, NoelHayes joined the eliminated.

NoelHayes briefly jumped into the lead but then the Irish player doubled up Huber. Huber raised to 110,000 from under-the-gun and NoelHayes moved all-in from the big blind. Huber called with A♥Q♠ and was flipping against NoelHayes’s 5♥5♦.

The A♠K♥6♦2♥4♠ board fell in Huber’s favor and he doubled up to 3.25 million while NoelHayes dipped to 2.24 million.

NoelHayes then called FaceStealer’s all-in with A♦J♠ but was dominated by FaceStealer’s A♣K♠. NoelHayes laost again and dipped to 800,000.

A few hands later, tobi123456 moved all-in from the small blind and NoelHayes called all-in from the big.

tobi123456: K♠Q♠
NoelHayes: K♦J♥

The board ran A♠9♥10♠5♦3♦ and the final table shrunk again. NoelHayes’s 4th place finish was worth $142,535.00 while tobi123456 took the lead with 6.16 million.

Down to two

tobi123456 had a big lead and ended things quickly.

With 40,000/80,000 and a 10,000 ante, FaceStealer raised to 675,660 from the button and tobi123456 moved all-in for 6.31 million.

FaceStealer called all-in with K♠9♠ and was flipping against tobi123456’s 7♠7♥. The board ran Q♦A♥6♥4♠6♦ and FaceStealer got a $190,702.00 payday for finishing 3rd.

Heads up

tobi123456 – 7,615,374
I’am_Sound – 2,214.626

Heads up was a swift three hands.

On the third hand, tobi123456 raised to 185,555 and Huber three-bet to 440,000. tobi123456 shoved and Huber called all-in for 2.35 million.

tobi123456: J♥J♦
I’am_Sound: 7♦7♥

The board ran 10♣9♦8♣Q♣8♦ and the tournament came to an end. I’am_Sound won $255,580.00 for the runner-up finish while tobi123456 won $353,880.00 for his first SCOOP victory.

SCOOP 23-H: $2,100 No-Limit Hold’em
Entrants: 983
Prize pool: $1,966,00.00
Places paid:117

1. tobi123456 (Germany) $353,880.00
2. I’am_Sound (Switzerland) $255,580.00
3. FaceStealer (Costa Rica) $190,702.00
4. NoelHayes (Ireland) $142,535.00
5. WhooooKidd (Mexico) $99,086.40
6. ElkY (Malta) $79,426.40
7. EEE27 (Finland) $59,766.40
8. $uperdecay (Russia) $40,303.00
9. vovtroy (Russia) $24,575.00

That’s it for event #23-H but there’s still plenty of SCOOP action to go. For all the SCOOP information out there –including a full schedule and satellites to each event– check out the SCOOP homepage.


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