Spin of the Day: “I’m the epitome of your casual recreational player”

April 03, 2019inPoker

You can win tickets into one of five Spin of the Day freerolls every day on PokerStars. You might even find yourself with a story to tell.

Like “LoCoSi”, a married father of three college-aged kids, from Ontario Canada.

A graduate of the Mike Sexton/Vince van Patten era, he found himself turning that daily spin into a few hundred dollars last month. Not bad for a $0.01/$0.02 player.

His is not the story of high stakes poker you might usually find here. His is more ground level. Proudly so. He’s no gambler, he’s a poker player. It’s about fun, not the fame (or fortune).

Still. A win worth a couple of hundred dollars. What’s not to love about that?

“I’m probably the epitome of your casual recreational player.

“I’m not here to support a family. I just enjoy the game and it’s a great way to clear my head when I need a break.

“Multi-tabling takes some focus and I’ll often do that as stress relief. For me, that means playing $0.01/$0.02 full ring.

“I’ve had more money on the site and I’ve played for bigger stakes, but bad sessions with high losses would affect my mood, and I wanted this to be fun.

Play one hand every day on PokerStars to earn a free Spin of the Day. You could win Spin & Go tickets, or entry into one of five daily freerolls

“$0.02 blinds sounds low, but the average player is actually pretty good… versus free play, which tends to be the exact opposite of low stress fun.

“I actually started out on PokerPages and converted free points into real money… which allowed me to transfer $20 over to Poker Stars (eons ago).

“So, what does $457.25 mean to me?

“From an entertainment perspective, it was absolutely amazing.  My son and I were having a hoot watching it play it out.

“From a GTO perspective… I certainly didn’t deserve second place.  I simply folded my way into some cash.

“From a life perspective… Honestly, it would take a jackpot for me to consider withdrawing funds, so it’s still just part of the game.

“I’ll most likely evaluate the new bank roll, sharpen my skills with a few podcasts, then push into bigger levels with a massive over-estimation of my actual abilities… and then I’ll comfortably settle back into playing $0.01/$0.02 to kill some time.

“That, along with maybe a 1% chance that I’ll just buy into the Sunday Million and turn a freeroll into a real party story to keep in my back pocket.”



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