Stack attack

February 09, 2006

We’re now down to fewer than 100 players and they’re posting blinds of 300 and 600, with a running ante of 50. It’s level eight, in other words. The average stack is just over 20,000.

As far as we can see, the chip leader is Fredrik Hostrup, from Denmark, who plays on PokerStars as Mr Swatch. Marc Naalden is hot on his heels – and on the same table – with round about 54,000.

And, as it must be, we have lost some. Those include Tiffany Williamson, Pascal Perrault, Xuyen Pham, Cecilia Nordenstam, Alex Bowler (PokerStars qualifier), Marcel Luske, Carlos Mortenson, Martin Wendt.

We just heard the familiar roar that shouts “big pot” echo across the ballroom. Three players all-in pre-flop: there are one pair of aces, and two pairs of kings. Only on the internet, huh?

Here’s a selected chip count, timed at 11pm. We’ve got three hours left.

Frederik Hostrup 65,000
Henrik Olander 28,500
Marc Naalden 54,000
Michel Abeplassis 36,000
Malcolm Gorse (PokerStars qualifer) 31,300
Joseph Shechter (PokerStars qualifier) 39,500
Marc Telstcher 19,000
Roy Brindley 38,000
Patrik Antonius 34,000
David Pomroy 5,2000
John Falconer 16,000
Robert Cohen 6,000
Patric Mortensson 37,000
Roland de Wolfe 34,500
Simon Young (Team PokerStars) 6,300
Philip Hilm 5,800
Ross Boatman 11,000
Noah Boeken 27,000
Ram Vaswani 48,000
Torstein Iversen 35,500
Danny Ticer (PokerStars qualifer) 30,000
David O’Callaghan 15,500
John Caldwell 7,800
Peter Eichhardt 15,000
Ken Johnson (PokerStars qualifer) 30,000
Dave Clayton 7,000
James Dempsey 45,000


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