Play poker the way you would UFC. With knockouts

June 18, 2019inPoker

Start playing poker the way you would UFC. With knockouts…

There’s a brand-new tournament series coming to PokerStars, and a brand-new look to go with it.

From this Sunday 23 June, Knock Out tournaments will take on a distinct UFC appearance. Tables will look like they’ve been lifted straight from the Octagon.

And to mark this UFC makeover, we’re launching a new tournament series. It’s called the UFC KO Poker Series.

  • Win prize money for every KO

  • New UFC KO Poker Series starts Sunday

  • Win exclusive trip to UFC 241 in California

There’ll be 68 KO tournaments, with prize money to win every time you knock out an opponent. Whether you’re a new player or a regular one, it means there’s always a chance to win.

Think of it as UFC, just without the gloves on.

Not everyone can jump into the Octagon to prove themselves. But anyone can log into UFC KO Poker on PokerStars, score some KOs, and win prize money along the way.

You might even win a trip to UFC 241 in California.

Read on to find out how.

Win money for every KO

If you’re new to poker you might be thinking you need to be an expert to play. Or that experienced players will beat you every time.

KO poker turns that theory on its head. A bit like a Daniel Cormier body slam.

Like UFC, KO poker is all about knocking out your opponent.

If you KO someone, you take half of their bounty as prize money. The other half is added to your own bounty.

You can see how this means you don’t have to play for hours to win. A good hand against a “bountiful” opponent, could make you a big winner very quickly.

It also means you don’t have to play long hours to win. Although the usual prize money will still make it worthwhile sticking around if you can.

Wrap up a profit in a relatively short time, and then see what happens.

Introducing the UFC KO Poker Series

There are 68 tournaments in the UFC KO Poker Series. All of them are Progressive KO events, all of them played 8-Max.

They are different buy-ins to suit new and regular players, and different formats and structures too.

And it all ends with the Main Event on Sunday 30 June.

The brand new UFC KO Poker Series starts this Sunday on PokerStars

It has a buy-in of $109 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million. That means by the closing stages, KOs will be at “fight of the night” levels.

Think of it as a Pay Per View UFC event. Only this time you’re one of the star attractions.

The Series starts this coming Sunday, to coincide with the new look KO tables. You can expect seven KO tournaments every day at different times, with nearly double that on each Sunday.

And if you’re a regular PokerStars player, you’ll find a welcome mix of hold’em and Omaha tournaments to enjoy.

Check out the full schedule.

Starting winning right away

You can download the software and be playing in just minutes.

If you need to brush up your poker skills PokerStars School offers you plenty of useful advice specific to KO poker.

You’ll find tournament tips as well.

The great thing about tournaments, whether they’re KO tournaments or any other kind, is that you only pay the buy-in.

And because UFC KO Series events are tournaments, you’ll only pay the buy-in to play.

For instance, the lowest buy-in during the UFC KO Poker Series is $11.

The most you can win depends on the prize pool – and how many players you knock out along the way.

Win trip to UFC 241 in California

We’re also running a special promotion during the UFC KO Poker Series. And if you’re a UFC fan you’re going to love it.

We’re giving away four packages to UFC 241 in California: Cormier vs. Miocic 2, this August.

You have three chances to win.

  • If you score three or more KOs in any UFC KO Poker Series tournament, you’ll win entry into an All-In Shootout on July 2. The winner of that will receive a UFC 241 package.

  • If you KO three more players, you’ll win entry into a second AISO on July 3.

  • A third package will be given away to the player with the most KOs across the week-long series.

Cormier took ten months to reach three KOs. See if you can do it in ten minutes.

If you miss out, don’t worry. You can look forward to more UFC competitions and giveaways in the coming weeks and months.

Join a community of millions

Open an account in minutes, and join a community of millions of players around the world.

From there you’ll find UFC KO series events them in the PokerStars tournament lobby.

Start playing poker the way you would UFC. With knockouts.

It only takes a click. Start with this one.


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