Stevan Chew wins BSOP Online Main Event, $190k first place payout in Sunday Million

December 07, 2020inPoker

The special edition PKO Sunday Million reached a prize pool of over $2.59 million and has now paid out over $190k to the winner. The BSOP Online Main Event was a marathon event that entered an informal Day 3 before its conclusion. In the High Roller Club, a player who goes by “Alex Shepel” impressed with multiple Bounty Builder wins, and Niklas “Lena900” Astedt also showed great form. Here’s the latest stories from the weekend.

  • PKO Sunday Million pays out over $2.59m, with $190k to first
  • Stevan “random_chu” Chew wins BSOP Main Event
  • Multiple wins for Alex Shepel and Niklas Astedt
  • Top High Roller Club results from the weekend


triathlon4 wins over $190k in $2.5m PKO Sunday Million

This weekend’s special edition $215 PKO Sunday Million had a prize pool that reached over $2.59 million.

When the tourney went on break at the end of Day 1, “Coolman20000” from Russia had the chip lead and had also earned the most bounties. They gained entry via an $11 satellite and, after continuing with a rampage of KOs, came fifth for a total of $58,434, more than a 5000x return on their buy-in.

At the real business end of the table, Japanese pro “shinbunshi” came heads-up with “triathlon4” from Germany. Both had already secured the top prize of over $109k, with the huge final bounty left to play for. triathlon4, who gained entry via a $72 satellite, prevailed for a huge total of $190,376.

Here are the full results from the $2.5m gtd PKO Sunday Million:

Player Country Prize Bounty Total Prize
triathlon4 Germany $109,381 $80,995 $190,376
shinbunshi Japan $109,366 $12,974 $122,340
DalaDula Czech Republic $66,752 $15,145 $81,897
DeckMcFly Brazil $48,442 $8,228 $56,670
Coolman20000 Russia $35,154 $23,279 $58,433
JEKAAA7 Ukraine $25,511 $8,685 $34,196
OmgOlegsa Russia $18,513 $4,990 $23,503
nema_sv Russia $9,750 $2,218 $11,968
E6yperoff Ukraine $7,075 $2,992 $10,067

Stevan Chew wins BSOP Online Main Event

In the concluding weekend of the BSOP Online, Brazilians held strong to claim the top three spots in the $22 Mini Main Event. “GugstavoHG” came first for $21,229.

This wasn’t the story in the $215 Main Event, where “pxel11” was the only Brazilian player on the final table, and was eliminated in seventh place. The second day of the Main Event was nothing short of a marathon. After well over 12 hours of play, the remaining three players decided to manually pause the tournament, creating an informal Day 3.

At that point, Stevan “random_chu” Chew from Canada had a more than a 4-1 chip lead over both second place “kaziiiii” from Russia and third place “diffsam” from Bulgaria. There were few surprises when the tourney resumed, with the standings remaining as they were and Stevan Chew taking the top prize of $91,890.

Stevan “random_chu” Chew wins the BSOP Online Main Event

All in all, the BSOP Online drew a very much international crowd. Among this weekend’s winners were “clapjkspit” from Hungary, “Behind81” from Germany and “KariDD” from Canada.

Here are the top BSOP Online winners from the weekend.

Tournament Player Country Prize
17: $215 Main Event Stevan “random_chu” Chew
Canada $91,890
18: $22 Mini Main Event GugstavoHG Brazil $21,229
13: $82 DeepStack clapjkspit Hungary $11,119
20: $22 PKO Turbo kaniDD Canada $10,446
14: $215 PLO Main Event Behind81 Germany $7,151

Alex Shepel and Niklas “Lena900” Astedt hit multiple scores

Alex Shepel” from Russia had an awesome run, locking up multiple scores. They took down the $530 Bounty Builder HR on Saturday for $35,857, the majority of that amount coming from bounties. Shepel also made an epic run in Sunday’s version of the same tourney, finishing sixth place for $17,681. As a impressive kicker, they came second in the BSOP HORSE event for $2,560, making a weekend total of over $55k.

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt also hit multiple wins in the High Roller Club, including first place in the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic for $21,119. This was “supplemented” by a ninth place finish in the $530 Saturday Bounty Builder for close to $2k, and fifth place in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $7k.

Niklas Astedt won the HRC Sunday Supersonic, as well as picking up a couple of “side pots”

In the $1,050 Sunday HR, now one of the HRC’s biggest weekly tourneys, “ClutchHero” from Indonesia came third for $36k and “FourEnculePL” from Poland came second for $48k. “MynJoe”, who’s long list of HRC wins includes a $92k final table in the Titans event this year, locked up first place for $64,116.

When Day 2 of Sunday’s Bounty Builder HR reached its conclusion, “KOSICE” from the Netherlands came out on top for a total of $76,002.

Here are the top High Roller Club results:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder KOSICE Netherlands $76,002
HRC: $1,050 Sunday HR MynJoe Hungary $64,116
HRC $530 Bounty Builder HR (Sat.) Alex Shepel Russia $35,857
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Cooldown Brunno “botteonpoker” Botteon Brazil $24,343 (inc. KOs)
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic Niklas “Lena900” Astedt Sweden $21,119
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up pads1161 UK $20,073



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