Super Tuesday: DuTTiFruTTi9 seizes the day, beats experienced field for $53K win (11-7-17)

November 08, 2017

With just a dozen players in this week’s Super Tuesday, DuTTiFruTTi9 was flying under the radar. The former Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million finalist had an average stack and was still looking for an opening. But that patience paid off. When the first opportunity opened-up, DuTTiFruTTi9 followed it directly to the final table. When the second came along an hour and a half later DuTTiFruTTi9 took that too, and didn’t look back until the title was won.


Then, having played more than eight hours of poker well out of sight of the chip lead, and with the possibility of missing out on the final table looking more real by the minute, DuTTiFruTTi9’s day improved in a big way.

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It began after calling an all-in bet from the even shorter-stacked papan9_p$, who had moved with A♦3♣. DuTTiFruTTi9’s K♠4♦ was behind but made two pair on the flop, knocking papan9_p$ out in 12th.

Six minutes later DuTTiFruTTi9 picked up J♦J♥ which held against Q♥10♥, ending KornmeisterX’s day in 11th. Some 12 minutes later DuTTiFruTTi9 opened with A♦8♥ on the button and called when natfalber11 shoved for 371,902 in the small blind. natfalber’s K♣5♣ missed the board completely, busting him in tenth, and giving DuTTiFruTTi9 the chip lead against an experienced lineup at the final table.


Seat 1: DuTTiFruTTi9 (1,532,279 in chips)
Former Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million finalist
Seat 2: Joep “Pappe_Ruk” van den Bijgaart (1,275,225)
Former WCOOP and TCOOP winner
Seat 3: bronxx_tale (581,598)
Seat 4: th’Kick (714,577)
Former Sunday Grand champ and SCOOP-H Main Event finalist
Seat 5: dragonwarior (748,292)
Former two-time SCOOP-H winner and Super Tuesday runner-up
Seat 6: D_DIGGLER99 (773,643)
Former Sunday Million winner
Seat 7: viktorrz (699,312)
Former TCOOP and SCOOP finalist
Seat 8: Fugliee (722,347)
Seat 9: aliasbissen (452,727)
Former Sunday Warm-Up winner

A massive three-way pot kick-started the action.

Joep “Pappe_Ruk” van den Bijgaart got things going with a button raise to 53,750 withA♥J♥, a bet that bronxx_tale called in the small blind with K♦K♣ and 408,348 behind. Then th’Kick moved all-in for 604,577 from the big blind with A♣K♥. The other two players called, setting both th’Kick and bronxx_tale all-in for the 1.69 million pot. The board ran out 10♦7♣4♥9♥A♠ to give th’Kick the win with a pair of aces, king kicker. bronx_tale left the tournament in ninth.

th’Kick went from the back of the pack to second place with that win. That became the lead two hands later when DuTTiFruTTi9 called with J♠J♥ and got outflopped by dragonwarior, whose A♦K♣ caught a king to win the 1.37 million pot.

A pair of aces a few minutes later expanded th’Kick lead even further. By the time dragonwarior lost with A♦5♣ against 5d]5♥ to double D_DIGGLER99’s stack, no one was within 40 big blinds of the leader. th’Kick finished off the surge by picking off short-stacked viktorrz, who had moved in with A♣5♠; th’Kick’s A♦K♦ flopped the nut flush and viktorrz was gone in eighth.

th’Kick slid into the lead when DuTTiFruTTi9 called a different player with pocket jacks and got outflopped.

Two hands later th’Kick’s progress was reset by DuTTiFruTTi9, who opened the betting for 68,100 chips in early position with A♠K♣. th’Kick moved all-in with A♦Q♥ in the cutoff and held on to a one-big-blind lead after the J♠10♣10♠6♦10♥ board failed to topple Big Slick.

With the break approaching, aliasbissen open-shoved for 362,217 in the small blind with A♠4♠. DuTTiFruTTi9 called with A♦8♥ in the big blind and turned aces and eights, which took the pot to knock aliasbissen out in seventh.

After the break dragonwarior moved in for fewer than eight big blinds with K♠8♥ before D_DIGGLER99, with a slightly larger stack, successfully isolated with A♦4♠ in the small blind. dragonwarior made kings and queens on the K♦Q♦Q♣ flop but D_DIGGLER99 jumped back ahead with aces and queens on the A♣ turn. The 10♥ river kept things as they were and dragonwarior hit the rail in sixth.

Three hands later D_DIGGLER99 took out another short-stacked player. The Canadian opened for 92,000 chips under the gun with K♦J♦ and was the lone caller when Fugliee moved in for 237,561 in the cutoff. Fugliee’s A♥10♣ had the edge all the way through the turn, but the river of the 8♦6♣8♥3♦4♦ completed a runner-runner diamond flush for D_DIGGLER99, ending Fugliee’s run in fifth.


Things were looking good for th’Kick with four players left, but the Swiss player lost the lead after calling DuTTiFruTTi9’s 90,800 button raise from the small blind. th’Kick check-called bets on the flop and turn of a J♥5♦8♦10♦Q♠ board but folded after DuTTiFruTTi9 made a pot-sized bet all-in on the river. That moved DuTTiFruTTi9 into the lead by about five big blinds; winning 16 of the next 20 pots took that lead up to 52 blinds.

Now firmly in command, DuTTiFruTTi9 began closing things out, calling with 7♣7♦ in the big blind after short-stacked Pappe_Ruk opened all-in with A♠6♣. The board brought no help and Pappe_Ruk left in fourth.

Now firmly in command, DuTTiFruTTi9 began closing things out.

The next stage took longer. Both th’Kick and D_DIGGLER99 had enough chips to pose a threat, so DuTTiFruTTi9 avoided overcommitting. th’Kick then altered the balance by moving all-in with A♦8♥ after DuTTiFruTTi9 had limped in from the small blind.

DuTTiFruTTi9 thought it over and called with K♥Q♠, and even caught top pair on the K♣5♠J♠ flop, but after the 6♦ turn and A♠ river the pot went to th’Kick with a pair of aces.

That shrank DuTTiFruTTi9’s lead to 12 big blinds. Persistent aggression soon erased most of the loss, then D_DIGGLER99 opened the action by moving in from the small blind, leaving DuTTiFruTTi9 a decision with K♦Q♠ in the big blind. When DuTTiFruTTi9 called, it was to face off against A♣8♥ once more. The result went the other way this time, the K♣10♣4♥2♦J♠ board making a pair of kings for DuTTiFruTTi9 to eliminate D_DIGGLER99 in third.

th’Kick wasted no time heads-up.

chop it and go to bed?” the Swiss player asked.
ok,” said DuTTiFruTTi9.

With the prize money split by chip count, DuTTiFruTTi9 open-shoved on the button with Q♠2♣ and th’Kick called with J♥10♣ in the big blind. The 5♥Q♦2♠A♥9♠ board made queens and deuces for DuTTiFruTTi9 and just like that the tournament was complete.

Congratulations to DuTTiFruTTi9 on the big win!

11/7/17 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 300
Total prize pool: $300,000
Places paid: 44

1. DuTTiFruTTi9 (United Kingdom) $53,285.17*
2. th’Kick (Switzerland) $45,197.63*
3. D_DIGGLER99 (Canada) $31,206.45
4. Joep “Pappe_Ruk” van den Bijgaart (Netherlands) $23,193.30
5. Fugliee (United Kingdom) $17,237.73
6. dragonwarior (Germany) $12,811.44
7. aliasbissen (Sweden) $9,521.73
8. viktorrz (Russia) $7,076.76
9. bronxx_tale (Canada) $5,259.57
* – denotes results of a heads-up deal leaving $5,000 for the winner

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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