Szili001 wins Twitter Poker League week 6

February 15, 2011

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Szili001 is the Twitter Poker League champion for week 6. A total of 1,300 players turned out this Sunday the 13th of February, and although that’s just a coincidence we all know how superstitious poker players can be. Those 1,300 players generated the largest prizepool this season ($1,300) and a first place prize of $218.02. Despite the larger-than-usual field the game was all wrapped up in time, proving once again that the Twitter Poker League is never short of action. Four players volunteered to take on the role of being a bounty player this week, each with a starting bounty of 300FPP on their heads. Our eager volunteers were; “Jefkez” @jefoss, “Kelltox” @kelltox, “Pettman18” @pettman18 and Twitter Poker League regular “gypsy19790” @gypsyparis.

“Jefkez” was the first bounty player to be eliminated, falling early in 885th place. He fell victim to “vovchik_73”, who decided to slow play K♣K♠ trapping Jef. Next to leave us was “Pettman18” but none of us know what happened, not even @Pettman18, as he tweeted “Played 4 hands and got punished, it was all a bit of a blur”. His 300FPP bounty is still up for grabs, if you can prove you claimed it feel free to message @tpokerstars to get your prize. “gypsy19790” was the next bounty player to leave us, after his 9♠9♦ was unable to hold up to the A♠K♣ of “hajny”.

This left “Kelltox” as our final bounty player, as usual his bounty was increased to 600FPP for being the last of the four left, but that didn’t stop him. Before long he made it to the final table along with “Szili001”, “nicko31AA”, “gena60”, “boss040172”, “W@Rrior77”, “frisbald”, “pezza253” and “stasiek1969”. As a result his bounty was increased again, now to a total of 600FPP! “Kelltox” is the second player to make the final table despite being a bounty, something that is no simple task when everyone is calling you much lighter trying to knock you out. The first player to achieve this feat was “Gil3000″in Season 5 Week 4.


If you had to sum up this final table in one word it would have to be ‘fast’. Clearly filled with aggressive players, the last table of the game was over in just 168 hands, taking a little over an hour. “gena60” was the first to go, a bold call with just a pair of eights on the river, no match for a deceptively played A♥A♦ and they left in 9th place taking $13.39. It was finally the end of a great run by “kelltox” when he made his move as a short stack with 5♦5♥, he was called by both “W@Rrior77” and “Szili001” who held J♦9♦ and 10♠10♦ respectively. Pocket tens held and “Kelltox” finished in 8th place, with “Szili001” taking the 600FPP prize.

Seventh place this week went to “W@Rrior77” after his aggressive shove with 3♦3♠ was snap called by the A♥Q♦ of “pezza253”, a queen on the flop was the death of the warrior as no miracle two-outer was had on the turn or the river. “boss040172” exited in 6th place, which this week was worth $50.70. He shoved from the small blind with A♥8♣ right into “szili001″‘s aces and was crippled. Unable to recover with such a small stack, “szili001” eliminated him before long. Set over set on the flop lead to a huge all-in pot between “nicko31AA” and “szili001” they held 5♦5♣ and 10♥10♠ respectively. The case five didn’t make an appearance and “nicko31AA” left in 5th place taking $63.70. As a result of that hand “szili001” now had a healthy chip lead and began to bully the table, perhaps not the wisest move as he quickly doubled “frisbald” up and lost his chip lead. Almost certainly that angered “szili001”, who sports the image of the Hulk at the table. The very next hand he knocked out “pezza253” and scooped the majority of a 1,034,855 chip pot!


“pezza253” was now the shortest of the four remaining players, and was felted by the A♦J♦ of “frisbald” a few hands later. Three handed, “szili001” made an aggressive push from the small blind with J♣10♠, “frisbald” made an easy call from the big blind with A♠5♣ but unfortunately a 10♦ on the flop and no ace by the time the board ran out left us heads up. “frisbald” received $120.25 for 3rd place. “szili001” no had an overwhelming chip lead with around 70% of the chips in play.

The heads-up match could have been over in the very first hand as both players moved all-in, however they both held A-9 and the pot was split. Despite the overbet by “szili001” on the 10♥A♠5♠ flop, “stasiek1969” thought his J♦J♥ was good, it really wasn’t, though, as “szili001” flipped over A♦5♦ for a flopped two pair, the turn brought a 8♣ and the river a K♠ and the game was over. I wonder if $218.02, 20 leaderboard points and the 600FPP bounty from busting “Kelltox” will calm the Hulk down, or perhaps we will find him smashing about on the tables next week.

We also awarded a 150FPP prize this week to “rivermenow” (@zelljrc) for the most entertaining tweet, it wasn’t easy to pick one as there were a fair few great ones. However, in the end our favourite was:

@marjamma: “Ooh a table move, this will be interesting – are they as bonkers on this table too?” #tpoker

In all likelihood the answer to that was “yes”. We will be awarding the same 150FPP prize again next week so make sure to use the #tpoker hashtag when tweeting. With just a $1.10 buy-in, FPP bounties, league leaderboard prizes and a friendly community both at the tables and on Twitter – there is something for everyone. Come and join in the action. Next Sunday’s game is already open for registration, tourney ID: 358316933.


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