Take the Quiz: How Ramon are you?

May 01, 2019inPoker

Ramon Colillas turned a dream into reality back in January. He won the PSPC and a first prize of €5.1 million.

It’s not easy to have that level of success. But it can be done. You might even have the same talents and attributes required to do the same.

If you want Ramon levels of success you’ll need to possess, the same qualities that earned him that famous victory.

Which is why we created a special Dare to Dream quiz. It will help determine how far along you are in that process.

So in the spirit of popular teenaged magazines from the 1990s, you’ll find ten questions that will help you find out below.

Select the answer you think is correct for each question. Your score will determine just how “Ramon” you are.

Unscientific perhaps, but you’ll notice that the qualities Ramon used are the type anyone will need to succeed.

Keep track of your answers, then check them by scrolling below.

Q1. When you watch PokerStars TV coverage do you…

  1. Find it hard to understand what’s going on?
  2. Consider the players on screen to be way better than you?
  3. Think that one day it’ll be you that people are watching?

Your answer: ______

Q2. When you play against top players, do you…

  1. Keep folding and stay out of their way?
  2. Say to yourself that you’re capable of playing against anyone?
  3. Hope other players get knocked out instead of you?

Your answer: ______

Q3. You play freerolls on PokerStars to…

  1. Learn why the good players keep winning?
  2. Play without having to take the game too seriously?
  3. To try to get lucky and win some free money?

Your answer: ______

Q4. When facing set-backs, how do you tend to react?

  1. Figure it’s just not to be?
  2. Curse your bad luck and blame it on things beyond your control?
  3. Set about immediately getting back on your feet?

Your answer: ______

Q5. When you daydream, what do you day dream about?

  1. Work tomorrow?
  2. Poker?
  3. The weekend?

Your answer: ______

Q6. When you get a free hour how do you spend it?

  1. A Netflix binge?
  2. Sleeping?
  3. Studying and playing poker?

Your answer: ______

Q7. At what point in a tournament do you dare to dream?

  1. When you first take your seat?
  2. Heads up?
  3. When you reach the money?

Your answer: ______

Q8. If you lost your bankroll, what would you do?

  1. Give up?
  2. Work out what you needed to do to improve and start again?
  3. Blame it on luck and try something else like stamp collecting?

Your answer: ______

Q9. If your girlfriend insists that all she wants her birthday is to see you win your way to play poker in the Bahamas, do you…

  1. Tell her it’s impossible. You’re not a magician?
  2. Set about winning a Platinum Pass?
  3. Book tickets anyway, in case you don’t automatically win a seat?

Your answer: ______

Q10. Your favourite colour is…

  1. Green?
  2. Red?
  3. Black?

Your answer: ______


So. How Ramon are you?

 0 correct: We’re assuming you found this page by mistake.

1-3 correct: Well, you’ve made a start. And not everyone needs a big win to enjoy poker. And think of it this way. If you got the “favourite colour” question wrong, you’re practically in the next category already…

4-7 correct: Much better. You might still have a little work to do to get to Ramon’s level, but you’re in the right place. With a little effort (and maybe less Netflix) you could be up there with Ramon in no time.

8-10 correct: Congratulations! You’re practically related to Ramon. You’re showing signs of having the same dedication, commitment, and determination it took Ramon to win the PSPC. It won’t be too long before you step up.

Read more about the Ramon Colillas story on the Blog. Although if you got full marks in the quiz, it’s going to seem very familiar.



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