The beauty of a simple TCOOP tournament? For a 5,000+ person event, the money bubble burst in under 100 minutes and the entire tournament was wrapped up in a little more than four hours. In that short time frame, MikeyGG3 faded a field of 5,162 players to win TCOOP Event #13 or the Saturday Speedway Special Edition.

MikeyGG3 began the final table as the chip leader and went wire-for-wire for the victory. The Canadian only needed nine hands to win a heads-up bout. MikeyGG3 orchestrated a scintillating and miraculous win on the final hand to become the newest TCOOP champion. Canada’s MikeyGG3 final tabled a 2014 WCOOP event, but never won an actual COOP… until tonight.

2016 TCOOP Event #13 $33 NL also dubbed as the Saturday Speedway Special Edition, which drew in 5,162 runners on the first Saturday of TCOOP. They created a juicy prize pool worth $154,860, which surpassed the 100K Guarantee. The top 675 places paid out with $24,297.72 set aside to the champion.

Out of a sea of turbo enthusiasts, one familiar face managed a min-cash… Team Online Jamie Staples cashed in 653rd place and busted just after the money bubble burst.

With 36 to go, Finland’s sorakasa held the lead with 2.2M. With 18 to go on the final two tables, Maestro_Bolt seized the lead with 3.5M.

With action hand-for-hand on the final table bubble… MikeyGG3 surged to over 7M and the lead, which was 2x as much as Maestro_Bolt in second. MikeyGG3 also picked off mostafa99 on the bubble when mostafa99 made a stand with K♦Q♣ against MikeyGG3’s A♥8♠. mostafa99 didn’t improve and bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


TCOOP 2016 – Event #13 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: MikeyGG3 (8,311,146)
Seat 2: sorakasa (2,586,771)
Seat 3: allan sheik (1,144,366)
Seat 4: MrWhitie (2,220,552)
Seat 5: Maestro_Bolt (3,843,063)
Seat 6: po82m (2,701,754)
Seat 7: TheCorridor (2,663,608)
Seat 8: da Ape (1,014,294)
Seat 9: 3bila (1,324,446)

The final table kicked off during Level 39 with blinds at 90K/180K and a 18K ante. MikeyGG3 sat atop the big stack with 8.3M, while Germany’s da Ape was last with a hair over 1M.

JOE AND THE LION: 3bila eliminated in 9th place

The final table was barely getting settled in before one of the short stacks rumbled. TheCorridor min-raised to 360,000, 3bila shoved for 1,042,446 with 6♦6♠, and TheCorridor called with J♠J♥. The board ran out K♠4♠2♥K♥7♦ and TheCorridor’s pocket Jacks held up. 3bila failed to improve and became the first layer to bust at the final table. For a ninth-place finish, Morocco’s 3bila earned $1,238.88.

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THE SECRET LIFE OF ARABIA: allan sheik eliminated in 8th place

Big-stacked bully MikeyGG3 shoved for an intimidating 11,866,146 with A♠Q♥ and super-short allan sheik called all-in for 259,366 with K♦5♣. The board ran out Q♠10♣4♦A♣4♣. MikeyGG3 flopped a pair and turned two pair, but allan sheil turned a Broadway gutshot draw. MikeyGG3 faded the straight on the river and won the pot with Aces Up. For an eight-place finish, Brazil’s allan sheik collected $1,935.75.

SONS OF A SILENT AGE: MrWhitie eliminated in 7th place

MrWhitie open-shoved for 1,879,104 and po82m bombed it all-in for 1,897,450… and just a little bit more. MrWhitie led with A♠J♠ versus po82m’s A♣9♣. The board tan out 9♥3♠2♠K♥5♣. po82m flopped a pair of nines to win the pot. MrWhitie was unable to avoid elimination and was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $3,484.35.

With six to go, MikeyGG3 led with 12M and da Ape was last with 1.2M.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: da Ape eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked da Ape moved all-in for 1,040,588 with J♥10♦ and sorakasa called with A♥5♣. The board finished up 6♣3♥2♣A♣6♠. sorakasa turned a pair of Aces and rivered two pair. Germany’s da Ape busted in sixth place, which paid out $5,032.95.

MOSS GARDEN: sorakasa eliminated in 5th place

Battle of the blinds. The carnage was not pretty. When action folded to MikeyGG3 in the small blind, he shoved for 10.6M and sorakasa insta-called with 2,387,542. MikeyGG3 trailed with 6♣3♦ against sorakasa’s A♠J♣. Alas, MikeyGG3 hit the flop and won the pot with two pair when the board ran out K♥K♣6♥5♦7♦. For a fifth-place finish, Finland’s sorakasa took home $6,581.55.

With four remaining… MikeyGG3 was out in front with 13.6M, followed by Maestro_Bolt (5.3M), TheCorridor (4.9M), and po82m (1.9M).

BLACKOUT: Maestro_Bolt eliminated in 4th place

Shorty Maestro_Bolt bombed it all-in for 1,067,852 with Q♥5♣ and po82m called from the big blind with K♦8♠. The board ran out A♥10♦4♠8♣K♥ and po82m won the hand with two pair — Kings and eights. Maestro_Bolt failed to improve beyond Ace high. Russia’s Maestro_Bolt busted in fourth place, which paid out $8,749.59.

SENSE OF DOUBT: TheCorridor eliminated in 3rd place

On the next hand…we saw another rapid-fire bustout. TheCorridor moved all-in for 3,454,108 with K♦5♠ and MikeyGG3 snap-called with A♦K♠. An ace on the flop clipped TheCorridor’s wings. The board finished up A♠9♠9♦10♠4♣ and MikeyGG3 won the pot with Aces up. TheCorridor failed to stave off elimination and was knocked out in third place, which paid out $12,775.95.

HEADS-UP: MikeyGG3 (Canada) vs. po82m (Ukraine)
Seat 1: MikeyGG3 (20,426,148)
Seat 6: po82m (5,383,852)

MikeyGG3 held a 4-1 advantage, but in nine hands it would be all over.

HEROES: po82m eliminated in second place; MikeyGG3 wins Event #13

Lots of action packed inside a nine-hand heads-up bout. On the third hand, po82m landed a crushing blow and doubled up with A♣9♥ against MikeyGG3’s Q♠J♠ to win a 9.4M pot. MikeyGG3’s lead was trimmed to 15M-10M. Just when po82m was attempting to seize the lead, MikeyGG3 went in for the kill.

On the final hand, po82m was all-in for 10.2M with a dominating hand.

po82m: A♠9♥
MikeyGG3: A♦8♥

An eight on the flop gave MikeyGG3 the lead and the Canadian never looked back when the board finished up K♦8♦7♣3♦2♠. po82m failed to come from behind and failed to stave off elimination. MikeyGG3 won the pot and binked the tournament.

Ukraine’s po82m earned $18,041.19 for a gutsy runner-up performance.

Congrats to MikeyGG3 for winning TCOOP Event #13. First place paid out $24,297.72.

TCOOP-13 ($33 NL Hold’em, Turbo, Saturday Speedway SE) results
Entrants: 5,162
Total prize pool: $154,860
Places paid: 675

1. MikeyGG3 (Canada) $24,297.72
2. po82m (Ukraine) $18,041.19
3. TheCorridor (Germany) $12,775.95
4. Maestro_Bolt (Russia) $8,749.59
5. sorakasa (Finland) $6,581.55
6. da Ape (Germany) $5,032.95
7. MrWhitie (Austria) $3,484.35
8. allan sheik (Brazil) $1,935.75
9. 3bila (Morocco) $1,238.88

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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