Team Online members Ike Haxton and Lex Veldhuis knew heading into the Team Online Battle in Hamburg on Saturday that it was going to be tough to beat home country favorite Felix “Xflixx” Schneiders.


Lex Velduis, Felix “Xflixx” Schneiders and Ike Haxton prepare for battle

Ultimately, the masses went home happy as in a close series of challenges Felix took down the Team Online Battle and the accompanying trophy. A $25K All-In Shootout for those that had picked Felix to win ran the following day, with “Cobrayan” from Switzerland leaving with the lion’s share of the winnings, amounting to $2,194.75.


Felix “xflixx” Schneiders takes the trophy at the Team Online Battle in Hamburg

Hosted by Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann, the Battle got underway with some German Trivia. Unsurprisingly, Felix took an early lead in with his superior local knowledge giving him a slight edge.


Jan Heitmann putting the Team Online members to the test

Jan Heitmann’s background as a magician came into play in the following round, where the host whisked the competitors backstage to teach them a magic trick. Once back on stage, each selected a volunteer to perform the magic trick for, with Jan poised to judge the results. Lex Veldhuis ran away with this challenge, showing a deft hand and natural showmanship.


The multi-talented Jan Heitman performing a card trick

The stage was set for the final challenge, a casino-themed obstacle course which required a mixture of skill and luck in order to emerge on top. While Felix started with a head start, thanks to a second place in the magic competition to go with his trivia win, Lex was quick on his heels.


Lex Veldhuis didn’t drop the egg, proving his sure-handedness goes beyond the poker table

Ike Haxton, third after the first two challenges, started with a 20 second gap to make up. Luckily for Ike, Felix ran into trouble early at the Blackjack table, where a cold run of cards meant all three competitors found themselves on equal footing.


Lex Veldhuis aghast

They pressed on to the next obstacle in a dead heat. For their benefit I will refrain from providing details, but the photo below might go some way to explain.


Photo-shoppers, your time is now: Lex Veldhuis, Felix Schneiders and Ike Haxton shed dignity and get to grips with hula-hooping

Needless to say, after that round neither competitor had pulled ahead and they arrived at the craps table still neck and neck. The task was simple. Each player was required to roll a seven to advance, and while Lex and Ike floundered, Felix’s dice rolled true.


Ike Haxton in craps form

By now only one obstacle stood between Felix and the trophy.


The indefatigable George Danzer in goal

That obstacle came in the form of countryman and Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, standing in front of an ice hockey goal.

George, however, was in no mood to show any form of patriotic mercy, pulling off save after save. Finally an exasperated Felix, with Lex and Ike breathing down his neck, managed to steer a ball over George’s outstretched leg to find the back of the net. It sealed his victory and the Team Online Battle title.


Reconciled after the competition: Lex, Ike, and Felix

Congratulations to both Felix ‘xflixx’ Schneiders and “Cobrayan” on their wins.

For more details about the VIP Club check out the webpage.


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