The DAILY SCOOP for Wednesday

May 15, 2019inPoker

The internet calls this World Facilities Management Day. We call it Day 3 of SCOOP 2019.


So, while we acknowledge the hard-working staff of every hotel and hospitality facility the world over, we also salute those poker players who, shall we say, operate at the other end of the hotel booking spectrum.

Not the end that has complimentary slippers, satellite TV and room service.

More the basic variety. At the side of a motorway perhaps, with two working channels, windows that don’t open, and a service station opposite selling microwave snacks.

But they get the job done.

Which brings us to the affordable end of today’s SCOOP schedule, for players who want to trash the place and then move on, pocketing the complimentary custard creams on their way to the car park.

Today presents another corker…

Let’s start by breaking all of that down.

SCOOP 17-L is a 2-day hold’em event with a buy-in of just $11, and a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000.

It starts at 15:30 ET, which is 20:30 UK, with Day 2 tomorrow (Thursday) starting at those exact same times.

There’s also 2 hours 45 minutes of late registration today if you’re late to sign up. But the clock is ticking. Sign up here.

If you’re up for this one, let us know on Twitter (@PokerStarsBlog). Then tell us how you got on. Especially if you win it and cash out a first prize with three zeroes on the end.

Battle of the Poker Songs rages on to a winner

We mean the Ace of Spades. The song by Motorhead. Which is up against Lady Gaga’s Poker Face in the finale of our Battle of the Poker Songs.

It’s all taking place on Twitter somewhere, which you can check out on the main @PokerStars account.

It’s close too. As of now the scores are:

It’s too close to call. Vote NOW!

Can you even believe it?

Good luck in SCOOP today. Find out who won everything yesterday in our results post. And if you want the full schedule you can find it here.




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