The worst (and best) slowrolls ever

February 17, 2021inPoker

There are only a few occasions when slowrolling is accepted:

  • When it’s Twitch streamer vs Twitch streamer (the clips provide added slowroll equity)
  • When you’re playing against friends in a Home Game (let’s face it, your buddy deserved it)
  • When you’re playing against Shaun Deeb

Over the years, however, we’ve seen some barbaric behaviour in the form of slowrolls which don’t fit any of the aforementioned categories.

The PokerStars YouTube channel recently highlighted one which they believe might be the worst slowroll of all time.

It’s a brutal one, and Shaun Deeb was nowhere to be seen.

So to counter such crude conduct, we’re also going to show you the best slowroll of all time, featuring a 96-year-old man living his best life at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Check it out.

The WORST slowroll ever?

This hand took place back in 2010 in a unique poker tournament format called the World Cup of Poker. Each country had a team of players, with one team member taking a seat at the table at a time. They could substitute new players into the game, and also call time outs to converse with their team during a hand.

That’s exactly what Germany’s Sascha Cornils decided to do after Canada’s Darus Suharto had shoved all in with pocket kings.

The weird part?

Cornils had pocket aces.

Cornils’ slowrolling shenanigans begin

“I remember this hand very clearly from when we did the live stream,” says PokerStars’ James Hartigan. “I think the TV edit has been nice to Cornils. From what I remember, Cornils turned around and signalled a time out, but they cut the TV show to make it look like [German team captain] Jan Heitmann had called the time out. I don’t remember it going down that way!”

What was Cornils thinking? We’ll never know. But there is an interesting backstory to his bizarre hand which might explain why Cornils felt the need to seek advice (and let him off the hook a little).

You can read that backstory here.

“I’ve got aces! What should I do? Feels like I should fold…”

“Heitmann has talked about this hand many times,” Hartigan continues. “When he found out Cornils had aces, he said ‘What are you doing? Get back out there and call! Now I have to buy all of the Canadians a beer’.”

To make things worse, when Cornils returns to the table and calls, he still waits for Suharto to turn his hand over first before revealing the pocket rockets.

Perhaps a king hits the board to provide some good karma?

Watch the full hand video on PokerStars’ YouTube channel here (you must be signed in and over 18 years old to watch).

The BEST slowroll ever?


That’ll be 96-year-old Jack Ury who at the 2009 WSOP managed not only to pull off the greatest slowroll of all time but get a round of applause afterwards.

Ury remains the oldest person ever to play at the WSOP. He sadly passed away on 1st February 2011 at the age of 97.

RIP Jack.


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