Toast to bouliebeer for TPL win

June 01, 2011


This Sunday brought the fourth week of season seven of the Twitter Poker League, 595 players turned out for the game and five hours later, “bouliebeer” won, and took home $111.99. Last week’s third place finisher “BunoCST” returned to take on the challenge of being a bounty player this week, and “Lindowsweet1” extended his season lead.

Every week the top four finishers are made a bounty prize player for the following week, usually 300FPP but as “BrunoCST” was the only one of the four to return this week, I upped the bounty reward to 500FPP. “Mr.JimBim” came so close to eliminating him, when he got his K♣K♥ in vs. the bounty’s J♠J♥ (below) – but unfortunately for him he didn’t quite have him covered, by a mere 73 chips.

7 4 bounty.PNG

7 4 bounty final.PNG

He was taken out the following hand (above) when he was virtually forced all in with 10♥2♠ a.k.a. the Brunson. He was drawing dead on the turn and “naampje” somewhat effortlessly picked up the 500FPP prize. Shortly after that we took the first break, just under an hour into the game, 268 players remained and were all aiming to make at least the top 90 players, and the money.

By the time the second break rolled around there were just 103 players left, and it wasn’t long before we were in the money. Each of the 90 players were guaranteed at least $1.54 and had picked up a minimum of 5 points for the leaderboard. Once in the money most, if not all players will have been focused on building a chipstack and heading for that elusive final table.

7 4 final table.PNG

When we eventually got there, “bouliebeer” had a slight lead over “abarcot”, with 190k and 175k respectively. We kicked off with a big hand, a cooler and a double elimination. “lkkr hoor” raised, “PVG501” flatted with K♥K♣ in the cut-off, “Mgielka5” called from the small bling with A♣10♦ and chip leader “bouliebeer” had a great price to close the preflop action with 6♣5♦. The flop brought everyone a piece 10♥5♣5♠, “Mgielka5” jammed with top pair top kicker, “bouliebeer” flatted with his set and then “PVG501” moved in with Kings up. “Bouliebeer” held and took down a monster pot, when the turn 7♥ and river J♣ came. Play was now seven handed and players took another short break.

“GryffinCA” was this week’s 7th place finisher, later revealed to be @EdensaysHi on twitter, they took part in a three way all-in between the button, small blind and the big blind. The button held 10♣10♥, “GryffinCA” held A♦8♥ in the small blind and the big blind held K♥Q♠. When the board ran out 3♥3♠7♣ Q♦ 6♣ “abarcot” scooped the majority of the pot, and “Calin0410” who was on the button with Tens was crippled. He bust a few hands later when he ran A♠10♠ into the 10♣10♦ of “lkkr hoor”. While he picked up more outs by the turn Q♥8♥4♠ 8♠ the river didn’t bring the Ace nor the flush, and he left in 6th place for $25.28.

Five-handed play was brought to an end by a very unlucky or lucky hand – depending on who you were in the hand. Action was folded around to the blinds, and after a small raising war, “sanzhuk” got his 8♦8♣ in pre-flop vs. “bouliebeer” who held 5♥5♦. The flop J♠A♥5♣ brought a set for the chip leader , and with no ei8ht on the turn Q♣ and river 4♥ “sanzhuk” left in 5th place. Four-handed play lasted a fair while before “abarcot” and “tatasegio” got it all-in blind on blind with A♣3♣ and K♠2♠ respectively. The better hand won, and “tatasegio” who was the shorter of the two left in 4th place – Taking $44.62 with him for his efforts.

Play continued for a short while three-handed, then “lkkr hoor” got involved in a pot with J♦8♣ vs, “bouliebeer” who held a slightly better Jack J♥10♣. The flop J♠3♥2♠ brought both players top pair, and naturally all the money went in, the turn 2♣ and river 10♥ brought no hope for “lkkr hoor” and he finished in third place. Heads up play was a lengthy ordeal, with both players taking a rare 5th break, but it was all over when “bouliebeer”‘s 10♣10♠ held vs. “abercot”‘s A♠J♦ all in pre-flop.

Congratulations to all players who cashed, made the final table and of course to “bouliebeer” who took the win. While they may have missed out a little, and come 3rd overall “lkkr hoor” was lucky enough to make a straight flush on the final table! More than that, he was paid off when he made it, a rare occurrence and always fun to watch.

straightflushamnets 7 4.PNG


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