TPL sees biggest field of season

August 17, 2011


We had the biggest field of the Season, this week with a solid 779 players taking their virtual seats. From the $779 prizepool that they generated, $140.78 was awarded to the eventual winner and for the first time this Season 2nd place also received over $100. Every week the Twitter Poker League manages to guarantee action, and this week was no exception.

By the time we reached the first break 55 minutes in, only 298 players remained. Over half the initial field was gone, including Team Online member and self-proclaimed world’s best poker blogger “Dalerroxxu” (@daleroxxu), who finished in 338th place. An hour later when the second break rolled around there were just 121 players left, and with 117 players being paid we were just 4 people away from the money.

Earning the title of bubble boy this week was League regular “A-FISTFULL” of the United Kingdom. Once we were in the money, there was a momentary relief for some but then play shifted its focus strongly to making the final table. Around the 3rd break, there were just tables left, and among them was “Lindowsweet1” who at the time was 4th on the Season 8 leaderboard. He ended up finishing 21st for $3.58 and picked up 5 more points for his efforts.


Two tables remained on the 4th break and shortly after that we had our final table, “Mr Mattee” easily led the table from the start, and that didn’t change much throughout. “sharky757” was the shortest going into the final nine, and when his 7♥7♣ ran into the J♠J♦ he was knocked out in 9th place. Ei8hth place this week went to “el buen jueg” after his A♣9♠ was outkicked on a flop of A♥Q♥4♣, all the money went in there and “VaVio1” showed A♠10♦. With no help on the turn 3♠ or river K♦ it was game over for “el buen jueg”

Seventh place finisher this week was the short-stacked “LULA2006”, who caught a piece of the 9♣8♠5♥ flop from the big blind in a rare limped pot. Sadly for them “Snake577” had limped with 8♣5♣ for a flopped two pair. “LULA2006” was not saved by the 2♥ turn or A♦ river, and left the table which would now play six-handed. Sixth place this week was also as a result of a limped pot, “ahaluch” limped with K♦Q♣ and “Mr Mattee” completed from the small blind. A flop of J♦Q♠4♦ brought a piece for the both of them, a check, a bet and a call to the turn 3♦ giving “Mr Mattee” a flush, “ahaluch” couldn’t get away from his strong top pair, despite the board and got all his money in – drawing dead. Fifth place finisher “Plovez” was eliminated shortly in a similar fashion, when he got it all in short with A♣Q♠ vs. the 8♥6♥ again of “Mr Mattee”. A flush by the river on a board of K♥5♦A♥ 9♣ 3♥ for the now dominant chip leader and play continued four-handed.

Be sure to make a note of these players “Mr Mattee”, “VaVio1”, “Snake577” and “gyorfigabika”, as they will each be our bounty players for next week! You can gain a 300FPP prize simply by eliminating any of them, and somehow knock out all four and you’ll net yourself a tidy 1200FPP. A joint elimination was had next with a three way all-in from “Mr Mattee”, “VaVio1”, “Snake577” each held A♦6♣, K♣10♣ and J♦J♣ respectively. A horrible flop A♥9♦A♣ for anyone other than “Mr Mattee” who then had everyone drawing dead on the turn 6♥, “Snake577” was pointlessly dealt the J♥ on the river for the worse full house. As the shorter of the two “VaVio” finished in 4th and play moved to the final stage, heads-up.

Heads up play was a gruelling process, with two strong players battling it out for over 155hands! While “gyorfigabika” put up a really solid fight considering he started the match 8:3 down in chips, the game eventually came down to the hand below.


“gyorfigabika” limped his button, allowing “Mr Mattee” to hit trips for free, while picking up top pair for himself. Unable to let his king go on the river despite multiple raises all the money went in for a 540k pot and we had our winner. Congratulations to “Mr Mattee” on the victory; taking home over $140 for his hard work.

With over $2,100 in bi-monthly prizes and just a $1.10 buyin, what are you waiting for? Head on over to // to find out everything you need to know, and be sure to follow @tpokerstars on twitter for all the latest coverage for the events. Next week’s game is already open for registration!


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