TPL title goes to the Netherlands

August 03, 2011


“tobias3319” of the Netherlands took down a slightly smaller Twitter Poker League this week. No doubt a result of the enormous inaugural Red Spade Open, in which over 31,000 players took part! 668 of you took part in this week’s game, and generated a $668 prizepool and $122.94 for first place.

Last week’s 3rd place finisher “LindowSweet1” returned this week, to take on the challenge of playing with a 300FPP bounty on his head. It’s not as easy as you might think, even for a former winner. Not long into the second hour of the tournament, he was counterfeited on the river in a flip vs. Q♥9♥. His 7♥7♦ was now only 7-high and “cheater010” scooped the pot and the 300FPP bounty prize.

lindowsweet1 bounty 8 5.jpg

99 players were paid this week, and on top of the $1.53 min-cash each of them would be guaranteed at least 5 more points on the Season 8 leaderboard. Sadly for “Mr.Nitters” who finished in 100th place this would not be the case, not really living up to his name busting one place from the money. Once the money bubble had burst the race was now on for most people to build their chipstacks and head for the final table. It doesn’t matter if you come 99th or 10th you still get 5 leaderboard points, whereas the final tables means anywhere from 10 to 20 points.

tpoker 8 5 FT.jpg

A little under 4 hours into the tournament we had the final 9 players set around the last table. “bartosh ap” of Russia and “Thorsen9” of Denmark were neck and neck for the chip lead to begin with, both with around 180,000 in chips. That was quickly changed when “ranger40290” found K♠K♣ in early position and was glad to call the shove from “cheater010” who held K♥J♥. A handful of outs were possible by the turn 10♠5♥8♠ A♣ but the river was not a Queen rather a 3♦ and he finished in 9th place. The 300FPP from earlier should ease the blow of busting so early on the final table. Ei8hth place this week went to “speña9” of Spain, when he rather desperately shoved his last few chips in with J♣10♥ under the gun and was unable to beat the A♦8♦ of “DEVILSWEET09”. The board ran out A♠4♠9♠ 7♠ K♣ and he was awarded $14.69.

Seventh place finisher “Shark-Ledi” failed to survive the flip between his A♥Q♣ and “DEVILSWEET09″‘s pocket sixes of the same suits. He got $21.37 for his efforts, once the cards had been dealt 9♠8♦4♠ K♣ 8♣. Six-handed play saw “ranger40290” of Portugal leading the pack with over 250,000 and “MeiaNova” of Brazil peddling the short stack. Unsurprisingly, they were the next to be eliminated when he shoved with 5♦5♥ and ran straight into the 10♣10♥ of “tobias3319”. By the turn J♥10♠6♠ 6♥ he was drawing dead and the river Q♥ was of no importance.

After that, “Thorsen9” bust in fifth place, when he committed half his stack with A♣J♠ preflop, and was out-flopped by the Q♥J♥of “DEVILSWEET09”. He called the shove on the flop 3♥Q♣8♣ despite only having Ace-high and was drawing very thin, the turn brought the J♣ bringing a flush draw, but the Q♦ made “DEVILSWEET09” a full house and brought an end to his fun. Make a note of these final four players, as they will be the bounties next week. You’ll need to keep a close eye on them and try to be the one to knock them out, in order to claim the 300FPP reward.

Four-handed play saw “ranger40290” leading with a colossal 500,000 in chips almost more than the rest of the players combined. He was certainly aiming to bully the table, and made light work of eliminating the short stacked “bartosh ap” in 4th place. However a number of orbits later he decided to donate it all to “DEVILSWEET09” when he just wouldn’t fold top pair on this final board 5♥7♦9♥ 4♥ 8♦. “DEVILSWEET09” held 6♥3♥ for a flush and 10♠9♣ was no good at all.

Heads up play was thought to be a walk in the park for “DEVILSWEET09” based on the fact that he had 850,000 chips compared to “tobias3319” who had just 140,000! That said the underdog fought hard and after a huge double up when he held 8♠8♦ to dominate the 7♠7♦ of “DEVILSWEET09” that chip difference had totally flipped around. It was all over when the pair of them raced K♣8♦ against Q♦10♣ and “tobias3319” came out on top hitting a Queen on the flop. He took home $122.94 and 20 leaderboard points for the win.

$meinpot24$ of Germany is our run away Leaderboard leader right now, but it’s still possible to catch him over the next 3 games. With over $2,100 in bi-monthly prizes and just a $1.10 buyin, what are you waiting for? Head on over to // to find out everything you need to know, and be sure to follow @tpokerstars on twitter for all the latest coverage for the events.


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