Twitch Poker Tribune: $721K scores and grade-A trolling from Spraggy & Lex

January 14, 2021inPoker

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  • The humongous $530 Big Blowout
  • Grade-A trolling from Spraggy and Lex
  • Clips of the week

Humongous $530 Big Blowout

From Sunday through to Tuesday, all eyes were on the $530 edition of the Big Blowout, which smashed it’s $5 million guarantee when 12,938 entries created a $6.47 million prize pool.

Ben “spraggy” Spragg reached the money before falling in 853rd for $1,487 after this final hand.

Of all the PokerStars Ambassadors who played, it was Lex Veldhuis who ran deepest, ultimately busting in 464th for $1,961.

The best of the best played this tournament, but in the end, it was a $22 satellite qualifier who took it down.

“Gwolde” of the Netherlands is by no means a poker newbie. Back in the early stages of Blowout Series, Gwolde won a $109 buy-in Deep Stacks tournament (Event #20-M), banking $35,856. But they still opted to get in for cheap, winning their seat in a $22 satellite.

Now he or she is a two-time Blowout Series champion and $721,691 richer.

Here’s the final hand:

If you’d like to see how the entire final night played out (featuring Andras “probirs” Nemeth and Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro) you can watch entire $530 Big Blowout final table right here:

Grade-A trolling from Spraggy and Lex

But trolling is a two-way street.

Clips of the week

We think it’s pretty funny. Lex probably does too, right?

I believe it was the philosopher Limp Bizkit who said: “It’s just one of those days.”

A pretty reasonable outcome.

Great work, Arlie.

He saw the king and the queen, but not the seven in-between.

Ugly turn of events for Lex in the $10K.

The ideal way to start a tournament.

The ideal way to end a tournament.

Just a level up from the rest.

Send the tissues.

Just a casual royal flush for pyefacepoker, no biggie.

CLINK! Boom!

He’s got heart.


In a chip lead pot with 12 left? Man, that’s rough.


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