Twitch Poker Tribune: Blowout Series coming soon to Twitch | Get well soon, Arlie!

December 10, 2020inTwitch

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  • Blowout Series coming soon to Twitch
  • Get well soon, Arlie!
  • Clips of the week

Blowout Series coming soon to Twitch

What do you expect when you hear the words Blowout?

We think something like this:

  • $60 Million Guaranteed across three and a half weeks
  • $5 Million guaranteed tournaments every Sunday
  • A New Year Bash with $2 Million guaranteed and an $11 buy-in

Those are just some of the details that make up the new PokerStars Blowout Series. It starts later this month and is intended to see out this crazy year in style as it pushes into what we all hope is a happier New Year.


It all kicks off on Sunday, December 27.

Documenting the action live on their Twitch channels will be all of your favourite PokerStars streamers. Make sure you tune in to find out who banks the biggest score and whose 2020 ends with a Blowout.

Head here for all the details, including the full schedule.

Get well soon, Arlie!

One of our own went in for surgery this week.

PokerStars Ambassador and Twitch streamer Arlie Shaban had plenty of well-wishes and lots of people wanted to check up on him afterwards.

Thankfully, it seems everything went as planned. But recovery still sucks.

Get well soon, Arlie!

Even when you’re down, you can always count on Spraggy for a needle.

Clips of the week

This one is for Arlie.

Tragically heartbreaking.

Innerpsy vs Lex.

Who wouldn’t want to play Call Of Duty: Fraggle Rock?

NOTE: Check out the full Poker in the Ears 200th anniversary show, with guests Phil Helmuth, Aaron Sorkin, Joshua Malina, Spraggy, Maria Ho, and Jen Shahade.

You got sniped.

It’s almost never a punt when it’s apestyles doing it.

King Ten for everyone.


Nice, chilled stream WAIT WHAT THE F*** IS THAT!

AK, 99, AA…It was meant to be.

He finally won with the worst hand.


No outs!

We all salute you.

Thinking of streaming your PokerStars games on Twitch?

Then check out Lex and Spraggy’s advice below.

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