Twitch Poker Tribune: Psychic Tonkaaaa knew he’d win the Supersonic

August 12, 2021inPoker

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  • Tonkaaaa wins the Supersonic for $10K
  • Clips of the week

Tonkaaaa’s destiny

They say it’s better to be lucky than good, but perhaps being invincible is even better.

On Saturday night (August 7), Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot was downright unbeatable.

The PokerStars Team Pro emerged victorious over a 41-entry field in the $530 Daily Supersonic for $9,808, and the win came as absolutely no surprise to the man himself.

He simply knew he was going to win.

He simply knew he’d be the champion.

Talbot also finished third in the $1,050 Saturday KO for $5,969 ($3,969 + $2,000 in bounties), rounding out a successful session.

Clips of the week

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Tonkaaaa’s poker lesson.

Lady luck.

Are you crazy?

Winning on a Sunday.

Who invited Barry?

Pure filth.

Quads vs 10-high.


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