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  • Lex makes three major final tables during 16-hour Marathon stream
  • Spraggy enjoys his biggest result ever: Marle saying “Yes”
  • Clips of the week
  • One to watch

Lex’s marathon stream

After some time away from streaming, nobody is loving the Sunday grind more than Lex Veldhuis right now. Of course, it helps when you’re putting up results.

The PokerStars Ambassador put in a marathon Sunday session on November 1, logging 16 hours and three major final tables.

The first came in the Hotter $162, but things didn’t exactly run smoothly for Lex. He endured the wrong side of several coolers, including this one below.

But when some great spots to double-up turned up, he was right back in it.

Things got a little wild three-handed with big bounties up for grabs, something Lex was able to capitalise on.

But ultimately he’d fall just short of the win, finishing second for $3,010 plus $689 in bounties.

That was a great start, but things were far from over. In one of the toughest events on the Sunday schedule–the $1,050 Sunday High Roller–Lex found himself on the final table.

The tournament had almost come to a premature end when he was drastically out flopped but somehow found a runner-runner to survive.

Alas, his tournament came to an end in seventh for $10,753.

But there was still the $55 Daily Marathon in play to cap off this marathon session.

Once on the FT, Lex made some great plays (and big folds) to survive.

But when things got three-handed, lady luck turned on him.

Lex’s run came to an end in third place for $4,778.

Lex called it “a great Sunday all-round”, and it was certainly fun to watch.

The most fun thing though? We’d go with this awesome gift.

Spraggy and Marle get engaged

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg has enjoyed some great results on the poker tables over the years, but his biggest result of all came over the weekend and had nothing to do with poker.

Spraggy asked Marle Cordeiro–a great cash game player, occasional streamer, and Spraggy’s girlfriend–to marry him on Sunday. Thankfully for him, she said yes.

Here’s a big congratulations to both of them from all at PokerStars Blog.

Clips of the week

That’s one way to improve your Saturday.

Never bluff your friends.

An emotional rollercoaster.

As if they’re ever folding.

No! Yes! No! Yes!

That’s painful.

Called it!

Barry Greenstein.

Daddy gotta eat.

One to watch:

Praaap –

According to “Praaap” himself, he’s a “random 26-year-old from Romania who tries to live by playing poker”.

He claims his English is terrible, but we thought it was pretty good. The highs and lows of tournament poker never get lost in translation.

He’s working hard to improve his poker game and currently grinds the low-stakes tournaments (up to around $22 buy-ins).

Go check him out.

Thinking of streaming your PokerStars games on Twitch?

Then check out Lex and Spraggy’s advice below.

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