Twitter Poker League begins seventh season

May 12, 2011


This week saw the start of the seventh season of the Twitter Poker League, a fresh leaderboard and another $2,100 in bi-monthly prizes up for grabs. 549 players took to the tables this week, 81 of whom would be paid and over $100 would go to 1st place.

Over half of the field was out after the first hour of play, and 227 surviving players took a short break. Blinds went up to 60/120 when play resumed and the race was on to build a stack and get to the money. By the time the second break came around there were just 85 players left, and before long we were on the bubble. “grannyfish97” (@jaydee_97) commented “@tpokerstars have been bubble once in my #tpoker career, certainly don’t intend to again”. The money bubble burst and she and 80 other players received at least $1.59.

Other Twitter Poker League regulars were spotted in the money “3Karen3” (@facetiouskaren) “crackalocker” “Flush_King73” and a past winner “3xBB”. Before long we were down to 5 tables, with “grannyfish97” (@jaydee_97) finishing in 45th for $2.19, stacks were getting shorter and the blinds higher as we closed in on the final table. “peter866” of Poland lead the final three tables as another 5 minute break was taken, when we returned play would carry us to the final table.

7 1 FT.PNG

“tendencioso” was the chip leader at the start of the final table, but soon shared that role with eventual winner “werdan” when he doubled him up in hand two of the final table. Presumably with the intention of calling one of the short stacks, “werdan” limped with Q♠7♠, short stack “leuschi71” pushed his last few chips in with A♦K♦. Both of them hit a piece of the flop 6♠7♣K♥, but the turn brought a Q♥ making “werdan” two-pair. The river was the 8♦ and bid farewell to “leuschi71” who finished in 9th place.

A few hands later “werdan” was dealt 8♦8♥ in the big blind and called easily when “pachipele” shoved under the gun with 4♣4♥. The board ran out 2♣6♣Q♥ J♦ 8♠ giving “werdan” a set for good measure. “pachipele” finished in 8th place for $12.35. Next to go was former chip leader “tendencioso” in 7th place, when he 3bet shoved A♣9♣ into “werdan” who had raised with 7♥7♦. The board didn’t bring an Ace or a nine to win him the flip, 8♥6♥10♠ 6♣ 2♦ and “werdan” racked up another elimination!

Cruising with almost 400,000, “werdan” began to dominate the table. Though not strategically sound “werdan” used a tactic we had seen at this final table before, he limped with Q♣7♣ and called the short stack shove from “mrvcooia” who held A♠K♣. The flop seemed pretty safe 10♦10♠4♦ and so did the turn 2♦, but the river 7♥ brought an end to “mrvcooia”‘s run. He left in 6th place for a solid $23.33. Five-handed play started and stopped in two hands, the latter of which saw the end of “DyxSpirit”. He moved his last few chips in with K♥K♠ and vs. the A♠10♣ he stood a good chance of a double up. A♦5♣10♠ was the flop and suddenly he was drawing very thin, the turn 9♦ and river 10♥ only made things worse, bringing a full house for the increasingly lucky “werdan”.

We were now down to the final four player, and each of them will become bounty players next week as a result of their success. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for “effieeve”, “msqra”, “stefanie696” and “werdan” next week as eliminating them is worth 300FPP each! By the time the blinds reached 4k/8k “msqra” was left with just over 6 big blinds under the gun and shoved with K♠J♣ but could get past “werdan”‘s 7♦5♦ when the board fell 9♦4♥5♣ 3♣ 9♣. Three players remained, in the second to last hand of the tournament, a recently crippled “stefanie696” shoved with K♦10♣ only to lose a flip vs. “effieeve” on a board of 8♥4♠7♥ J♥ 3♠.
Heads-up play was now on the agenda, “werdan” lead with 600k and “effieeve” had just over 200k. It was all over in one hand, and a rather entertaining one at that – as seen below.

one hand heads up 7-1.PNG

No matter how that hand was played all the money would have gone in, so it may have well been preflop as it was. “effieeve” shoveing his button and well you can see the result for yourself, a flopped set for both players – nobody would be folding even if they had the chance.

A thrilling start to the new season of the Twitter Poker League, “werdan” definitely the star of the show single-handily knocking out over half of the final table. As usual it is an ei8ht week season and week two of seven is already open for registration, check out tourneyID: 391040870 for more info.


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