Twitter Poker League ends sixth season

April 27, 2011


It was the final week of the sixth season of the Twitter Poker League and 649 players turned out to fight for a few last minute points. Last week’s top four finishers “zakhar0203”, “Ex-Ray 24”, “schiber23” and last week’s winner “Serj.Turchik” were given 300FPP bounties for this week. “Ex-Ray 24” (@ExRay24) was the only one of them to return this week to take on that challenge, and finished in 391st place. “Gorby3975” was the lucky winner of the bounty when his pocket sixes cracked “Ex-Ray24″‘s Aces!

Things were getting tense around the bubble, week 7 leader “Rivermenow” (@rivermenow) was watching closely to see if any of the players in contention would cash and overtake him. 99 players were paid this week, and when they were “Rivermenow” was unfortunately overtaken by both “Towei” and “RomkaNN” when they both cashed. Neither of those two made the final table this week though, which meant the overall winner was decided – as nobody who did make the final table had more than 10 points already.

The final table of the season was assembled, “HenkMeer” lead with 265k followed at a distance by “Obiwaannn” with 160k. “seyfe63” was the shortest stack going into the final table, with a mere 25k to his name. He shoved the very first hand of the final table, five big blinds with 5♥5♦ which held well against K♠Q♠ giving him a much needed early double up and was surely essential to his eventual win. Two hands later and the same good fortune wasn’t had by “NagNog” who shoved A♥J♠ under the gun only to run into “Csimpi65” who held K♥K♦ – the board ran out 7♦5♣5♦ 3♥ 6♦ and he finished in 9th place taking $8.43 for his efforts.

Next to be eliminated was “chaosboom” in an all too familiar situation, he pushed all-in with A♠J♣ only to be caught out by “Csimpi65” who held K♥K♠ again! This time the board was, 9♦4♠3♥ Q♠ 7♥ and without an ace it was farewell to “chaosboom” who came 8th for $14.27. Seventh place this week went to “jose 8104”, who boldly shoved 8♣6♣ blind vs. blind only to be snap called by “avella92” who held A♥K♠. With an ace on the flop 8♥A♠10♦ things didn’t look good despite pairing his eight. The turn 2♦ and river 4♦ didn’t help and he left with a little over $20.

“Obiwaannn” has been disconnected since the start of the final table and now that play was six-handed, it really started to affect the game. Nobody who had slightly more chips than him wanted to play as they could simply out-fold him, the biggest stacks took advantage of that as you might well imagine but so too did “seyfe63”. He was still one of the shorter stacks at the table but that didn’t stop him aggressively abusing the situation. Timid or not there are some hands you just never fold, “avella92” called easily with K♦K♠when “ElieltonPKR” pushed from under the gun with A♦ Q♣. Unluckily for him though the flop 7♦A♣8♦ brought the only over-card he was facing, no king fell on the turn 9♦ or the river 5♥ and he finished the tournament in 6th place.

“Obiwaannn” was blinded out in 5th place and picked up $33.74, and play began to return to normal when we continued four-handed. Instantly after “Obiwaannn” had left, shortest stack “Csimpi65” moved his remaining few chips in with K♦8♣, he was called by “”A♦5♦ and was in a horrible spot when the flop came A♠6♥6♦, he would need running Kings eights or sixes to survive and with the turn the 5♣ he was drawing dead. The hand right after that “ElieltonPKR” shoved over “HenkMeer”‘s min raise blind on blind and the two players found themselves in a flip. 3♣3♥ vs. A♠ 8♥, and eight on the flop 7♣J♦8♠ put the pressure on and with the final two cards not a three (J♠9♦) he left in 3rd place for $64.25.

Play was now heads-up between “seyfe63” and “HenkMeer” who held 280k and 570k respectively. “seye63” proved after a small number of hands that he was clearly the better heads-up player today, he was getting paid when he had the better hands and not losing much when he didn’t. After a while the two players managed to get all-in preflop, “seyfe63” with A♠K♦ which dominated the K♠J♣ of “HenkMeer”.


“seyfe63” took the win and the $119.45 that came with it, he also collected 20 leaderboard points meaning he finished the league in tied 8th place with a total of 30 points. “ElGocho1” finished 5th with 32 points, “Rivermenow” (@rivermenow) and RomkaNN tied for 4th place with 33 points across 6 games each. “Towei” proved that by playing all 8 games in a season you really stand a good chance, placing 2nd with 34 points from 8 games. The overall winner for Season 6 of the Twitter Poker League is; “wampir69”. Congratulations! Your $700 STEP 5 ticket will be with you shortly.

Next week will see the start of a new season of the Twitter Poker League, a fresh start with a blank leaderboard. Don’t miss out on getting an early start.


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