Twitter Poker League: SilAnt Victory

August 25, 2010

by Jo Haslam

This was a final table of big hands and
back-from-the-dead comebacks. 
SilAnt was the eventual victor, in the poker tournament equivalent of Hollywood
gladiatorial combat. You think the lion’s pinned our hero down and going for the
kill? Not likely. With an acrobatic leap the tables are turned, our hero is
chip leader and the lion’s got less than 10 big blinds.

1659 players prepared for battle in this
week’s Twitter tourney, poised to tweet hero calls and bloody bad beats as they
played.  As the bubble approached
Rensten and Rafinha626 were short stacked, with final table hopes fuelled more
by dreams than chip ammunition. These short stacks needed to make a move with
the right hand and at the right time, and then find a dose of luck on top of

Rafinha626 found bubble avoidance luck when his A♠8♣ hit a full
house and beat mirom126@’s queens. Rensten found his when Arivan25 moved all-in
before he was forced to make his
all-in move.

bloody bubble

Arrivan25 and mixaundi1 saw a 9♥ K♦ 9♦
flop from the blinds, a bet from mixaundi1 was re-raised by arivan25, and they
were on to the turn 6♥. 
Mixaundi1 bet and arrivan25 pushed all-in. K♣Q♣ for mixaundi1 and
arrivan25’s K♠8♣ wouldn’t beat that.

The final table was set.


table chips:

Seat 1: mixaundi1 (621199 in chips)

Seat 2: SilAnt (148906 in chips)

Seat 3: miron126@ (270688 in chips)

Seat 4: privet09 (463378 in chips) out
of hand (moved from another table into small blind)

Seat 5: rensten (41514 in chips)

Seat 6: crumbbum15 (441457 in chips)

Seat 7: fando67 (227699 in chips)

Seat 8: litinhoo (141145 in chips)

Seat 9: Rafinha626 (132514 in chips)


on a prayer

Rensten had made it to the final table with
just 41,514 chips; he was facing blinds of 5000/10000 and was going to need
something special to keep him at the table.

With an A♣K♠ he might have thought his
final table prayers were answered, but it was not to be, crumbbum15 found A♠A♦.
It was “gg” time for rensten.

Rafinha626 was next to pray for double-up chips,
he re-raised all-in with A♠10♠ but fando67’s jacks finished his tournament.

The final table was less than 5 minutes old
when we saw another all-in. Litinhoo played his A♣J♣ aggressively pre-flop then
check raised all-in with 3♦5♦9♥ showing.  Mixaundi1 had many chips invested already and called with
K♣Q♥ getting dramatic luck to hit kings on both turn and river. Litinhoo
out 7th.


SilAnt was the new short stack and might be
expected to to be next in line for a “gg” and payout, but when he moved in with
9♠9♦ he would fight on. Privet09 called with A♥J♣ and the nines took it.

SilAnt was all-in again just a few hands
later, an A♥Q♠ this time. Miron126@ called with Q♥Q♦.  The ace on the turn ended miron126@’s
Twitter tourney in 6th place, he earned $61.38 along with his 13
league points.

Fando67 needed to make a move by now, and his
A♠5♣ all-in couldn’t catch mixaundi1’s pocket nines, the only move he had
left was to the rail in 5th place.

the lead

Mixaundi1 was our chip leader with four
players remaining, but that lead would swing to privet09 in a curious hand.
Mixaundi1 and pivot09 raised and re-raised to make a 378,000 pot pre-flop. On
the A♦ 4♦ J♣ flop pivot09 checked, mixaundi1 looked lively with the bet,
only to find a re-raise from privet09. We don’t know what mixaundi1 was
playing, but we can say it was a swift fold. This mighty pot gave privet09 the chip

not hedging his bets

Privet09 was on a roll and started to play
more aggressively now he had chips. He took the first million chip pot of the
tournament, winning a further chunk of mixaundi1’s stack. With the board
showing 3♥ Q♣ J♠ 10♦ K♦ mixaundi1 re-raised with K♥J♦. His two pair
were no good, privet09 was holding Q♥9♦ for the straight.

Mixaundi1 was left with barely more than
50,000 chips, but two all-in double-ups helped him to a fast recovery.  He’d been ahead in the first two
survival hands, and might have thought he was winning with a A♦5♥ push.
SilAnt said, “gl” as he called with his Q♦Q♣. He might have regretted the
good wishes because the luck went mixaundi1’s way – there was an ace on the
flop. SilAnt was bottom of the chip stacks yet again, but if you’ve read the
first paragraph of this report and the headline you know this player has spirit
for a fight…

SilAnt wasn’t afraid of an all-in and
pushed again, he re-raised mixaundi1 with A♥8♠, but now and it was his turn
to take the luck, the ace on the river beat beat mixaundi1’s 9♠9♣, and kept
SilAnt in the tourney.


Things change fast in tournament poker,
possibly more so in $1.10 tournaments, and so it proved with mixaundi1’s
changing fortunes. He went from chip leader to 4th place finisher in
a handful of hands.  He tangled
with chip leader privet09 on a flop showing 5♣3♣5♠, privet09 calling his
all-in bet. Both players were chasing the club flush and would hit it on the
turn 9♣. Privet09 held K♣10♣ with mixaundi1 fielding a lower flush with
6♣8♣. Only a miracle 7♣ on the river would keep him in the game. It was a
humdrum 10♥ instead.

With 3 players left privet09 was in poll
position with 1,454,142, SilAnt a few laps behind with 687,543 and crumbbum15 needed
emergency pit stop repairs with 346,815 chips.

Crumbbum15 managed the repair operation
when his pocket fives beat privet09’s K♦Q♦. It was no longer clear which
way this tournament was going to go, in numerous hands the short stacks would
take the lead and the leaders would take the short stack title. It seemed it could
be anyone’s game.


Crumbbum15 and privet09 got busy betting on
a flop of 4♠5♦2♥. They got busier still on the 9♠ turn.  It developed into a million dollar pot,
as SilAnt noted with a chat box, “Wow.”

Crumbbum15 had to think hard about calling
privet09’s all-in re-raise on the turn. His tournament life depended on it, but
eventually he folded with a time out and a chat box revelation that he’d held
pocket sevens. Privet09 sportingly showed his mucked cards to reveal the hand
was beat, he showed 4♦ 4♣ for a flopped set.


A family pot next, all three players taking
a look at the 8♣ 4♦ 2♣ flop. Privet09 bet out and crumbbum15 re-raised. Privet09
stayed with the hand to see the 4♥ on the turn. He bet out again and
crumbbum15 moved all-in. It was an obvious call for privet09 with 4♠6♠ . Crumbbum15’s
top pair 8♦9♦  was no good.
Crumbbum15 was out in 3rd place.

Let our heads-up battle commence.



Privet09 was dealt A♠ A♥ in the very
first hand of heads-up play, but with SilAnt folding from the small blind they were
pretty but worthless.

SilAnt had a lot of work to do to catch
Privet09, but as we’ve discussed this was a tournament where the guy with the
lion’s share of the chips was regularly getting mauled by the underdog.


privet09  1,893,457 in chips

SilAnt  595,043 in chips


SilAnt left it late for a comeback attempt,
he was down to just 385,043 chips when he moved all-in with A♣9♥. He hit the
ace to double up against privet09’s K♠8♥.

Next he was all-in with 5♠5♣ and the
pair held up against privet09’s J♥Q♦. Due to the the remarkable restorative
powers of double-ups it was now anyone’s game, chips were roughly even.

The heads-up players had a look at a flop
showing 3♠7♦K♥ and both checked. SilAnt bet the 5♠ turn, privet09
re-raised. The river was K♦. SilAnt bet out and privet09 moved all-in with
10♦5♥. SilAnt could do a lot better than that pair of fives, he called with
K♠6♠. Those three kings crowned him the tournament champion.


The win gave SilAnt $266.76 and 20
leaderboard points, it was his first league game and the 20 are good for 5th
place on the league leaderboard.

Monyarrasco tweeted that, “I’m on the top of the
leaderboard…and I am keeping it that way.” And she was true to her word, she
finished 177th when her A♥[Aq] ran into aces, but another cash
gives her 5 points to add to her score.  Alytus73 is another league high-flyer to cash this week, he
stays second and gains ground.

We’re now half way through the league season but there’s still time to
get involved and win a place on the league table. To find out more about the
Twitter Poker League you can follow PokerStars on Twitter
 or visit the Twitter Poker
League website

You don’t have to play poker like a Hollywood gladiator to win our
Twitter tourneys, but wave your sword and give it your best shot; we’ll be
following all the tourney action and reporting from @Tpokerstars

We who are about to tweet, salute you!

Poker League Leaderboard – Week 4 (08-22-10)

– 30

– 27

– 22

– 21

– 20

 – 20

– 19

– 18

– 18

– 18





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