Twitter Poker League starts new season

August 31, 2011


A fresh start was had this week with a brand new season of the Twitter Poker League. With a blank leaderboard and another $2,100+ to be given away in prizes after these 8 weeks. An exciting time for Twitter Poker players, and the first week of the season kicked off in style. 595 players took to the virtual felt for the inaugural event of Season 9, generating $110.89 for first place.

The Twitter Poker League is a fast paced tournament, with action left right and centre. By the time we reached the first hourly break, than half (239) of the field were left. Two hours in, on the second break just 94 players remained, of which 90 would make the money. You get 1 point on the leaderboard for playing each week, 5 points for cashing and between 10-20 points from 9th to first place on the final table. Once we’re in the money the focus of the game shifts promptly to making the final table. Before long there were only a few tables left and not long after the third break the last 9 players assembled around the final table.

tpoker91 FT.PNG

Multison378 was the chip leader with over T$300k going into the final table, and Gerasim36 was not far behind with T$240k. Notables at the table included: grannyfish97 (@jaydee97), zobole (@poker4women) and mar4a111 (@themar4a) who are all league regulars and join in with the #tpoker conversation on twitter each week.

Our first casualty was LukeWinston who’s A♣K♦ lost vs. Q♥Q♦ of Alexvul and A♥J♦ of mar4a111 in a three way all-in after a board of 4♣9♥7♦ 10♣ J♣. Crippled but not out after that last hand mar4a111 was the next to go, basically forced all-in in the big blind with 8♥5♥ vs. the A♦J♠ of cross_graven. He finished in ei8hth place for $13.38 once the cards were dealt 10♦4♥3♦ K♠ 10♣.

Grannyfish97 called quickly with A♦J♦ vs. zedyx85’s late position shove, and made the flip vs. 6♠6♥ look easy by flopping the nut flush 10♦3♦Q♦. After the turn J♥ and river 2♦ were of no help and zedyx85 left in 7th. Next to go was league regular grannyfish97 (@jaydee97) when she shoved 8♥8♠ into the A♦Q♦ of the chipleader Multison378. A board of K♦Q♠K♣ A♣A♠ spelled goodbye and she left in 6th place for .

Five handed play was brought to an end when zobole shoved K♠K♥ from the button and Alexvul called with A♥6♠ short stacked in the big blind. No Ace came on the flop 2♥10♦9♥ and on the turn K♣ he was drawing dead. Take note of the final four players “Multison378”, “zobole”, “cross_graven” and “Gerasim36”, as they will each have 300FPP bounties on their heads next week.

Four handed play kicked off with zobole (@Poker4Women) making a short stacked shove with 10♥10♦ only to run into the K♠K♦ of cross_graven. She tweeted: “Out in 4th place which is not too shabby at all!! :o) #tpoker” – which pretty much sums it up. Third place this week went to Gerasim36 after they made top pair only to be crushed by the flopped nuts, in the hand below.

tpoker91 3rd.PNG

Cross_graven probably rejoiced in his seat at being handed 2nd place given that he was the shortest of the three players at the start of that hand. Heads up play was now on the agenda, though it was all over in just a few hands. Despite doubling up a missed timed bluff shove on the river with 10♦7♥ on the board of J♦4♦5♥ 4♠ 3♣ was caught out by J♥10♣. Don’t feel too bad to him $80.32 for a $1.10 investment is still great. Congratulations to our winner Multison378, who will now be leading the Season 9 leaderboard with 20 points.

Registration is already open for Week 2 and can be found easily with the tournamentID: 432212737 with 7 weeks left this season – it’s still anyones game. Come join the action and be sure to follow the twitter conversation with the #tpoker hashtag.


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