UFC KO Poker Series: All change on Day 4

June 27, 2019inPoker

Day 4 of the UFC KO Poker Series. Here are the latest headlines…

  • Fintan Hand smashes it. Takes lead
  • Quiet day for Lex
  • And we ask: Is compassion to blame for Spraggy’s KO drought?

The Team Pro KO KOntest

One man knew he had a big day in store, even before the data base had churned out the latest results.

And it was no wonder Fintan Hand was knocking on the door asking for results.

Smugness is a powerful thing.

We can report a new leader in the KO standings.

Fintan Hand is now in top spot after sending 24 players to the rail since yesterday. An act of ruthlessness that doubled his KO tally form the previous day.

He’s going to be unbearable.

The standings based on Total KOs:

Fintan Hand: 48 (+24)

Lex Veldhuis: 43 (-)

Ben Spragg: 24 (-)

With no confirmation yet of events played, we’re erring on the side of caution when accounting for the performances yesterday of Lex Veldhuis and Ben Spragg.

In Lex’s case, we’re assuming it was a rest day.

But with Spraggy we’re assuming he has lost his killer instinct.

It’s speculation, but we now wonder whether compassion has made him reluctant to deliver that fatal blow.

Having witnesses so many eliminations (many of which were his own), has he now found himself unable to capitalize on man’s inhumanity to man?

Or was he just rubbish yesterday?

Only he can say.

All we do know is that their scores didn’t change last night. And at least one player today will be reminding them of that.

At least one player will enjoy it while it lasts…

Latest overall standings (with a UFC 241 package to the winner)

While the Team Pro with the most KOs will earn $1,000 to be played for among their Twitch communities, there are other even bigger prizes to be won during the UFC KO Poker Series.

As we’ve been reminding you all week, there are three UFC 241 packages to be won during the UFC KO Poker Series.

Each package is made up of flights, hotel and two tickets to Anaheim, California, for a UFC night to remember this August.

One of which will be going to the player with the most KOs. Who is that player?

UserID Country Entries KOs Cashed
DSmunichlife DE 52 90 $84,837.69
dans170′ BR 38 83 $8,919.60
esha22 PL 31 80 $3,911.83
Tomfar29 RU 31 76 $1,519.78
FU_15 CA 46 75 $8,801.48
BruTiiii124 HR 46 72 $12,209.95
motreanu90 RO 61 71 $20,687.36
ultimatume RU 40 70 $2,171.88
lbsantana BR 42 68 $5,844.31
FellipeD BR 38 67 $5,135.51
highogbigdog GB 22 67 $1,398.18
JasonX85 NL 38 66 $6,789.76
bal-bruno BR 18 64 $3,663.06
ChiphunterTH DE 30 64 $3,382.20
jeanfranco07 UY 34 62 $34,556.97
Marusia1980 RU 32 62 $2,895.81
PhoenixGrind UA 28 62 $1,569.53
987bcneB DE 25 61 $2,780.20
welshshark88 GB 40 61 $1,789.87
philip0234 NL 15 60 $12,179.24
bettoBR BR 46 60 $5,507.68

How do you win one of the other two packages?


Score three KOs this week in UFC KO Series events and you’ll win entry into a special All-In Shootout next week. The winner will be on their way to Anaheim.

A third package will be given away in another All-In Shootout. This time for players who then go on to KO a further three opponents.

What’s coming up in the UFC KO Series for Thursday?

Another seven events roll up today with $850,000 guaranteed and several thousand KOs.

11:00 ET. Event 35: $109 NLHE, $100K Gtd

12:30 ET. Event 36: $530 NLHE [High Roller], $125K Gtd

13:00 ET. Event 37: $11 NLHE, $75K Gtd

14:45 ET. Event 38: $215 NLHE, $200K Gtd

15:30 ET. Event 39: $55 NLHE, $125K Gtd

17:00 ET. Event 40: $1,050 NLHE [Turbo, Daily Cooldown SE], $100K Gtd

18:00 ET. Event 41: $109 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo], $125K Gtd

Don’t forget you can follow along on Twitter by keeping an eye on @LexVeldhuis, @EasyWithAces and @Spraggy.

Learn more about the series, including details of other events, and how to win your seat for just a few dollars, on the UFC KO Poker Series homepage.


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