UKIPT Coventry: day 1b, level 5 & 6 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

April 09, 2010


8.30pm: Dinner Break
The 120 players who remain from the 178 who started day 1b of the UKIPT Coventry main event are now on dinner break. The average stack is 22,100 and the next blind level is 200-400, ante 50. — NW

8.25pm: Williams seeing flops
Peter Williams has been inching his stack upwards to 37,000. This is one that he didn’t get away with though. Simon Mairs raises to 800 under the gun and is called by Williams on the button. A simple 1,100 continuation bet on the 8♠A♦7♣ flop. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_peter williams.jpg

Peter Williams is getting involved

8.15pm: Lewis gets three streets of value
Toby Lewis has doubled up to over 30,000 after getting paid with aces. Glen Storey limped for 300 and Toby made it 1050 to go a bet which Storey called. Storey then called bets of 1200, 2600 and finally Lewis’ shove of 8800 on a Q♣10♠2♥3d]7♠ board and mucked upon seeing Toby’s pocket rockets.

8.10pm: Heaps of Chips
As we approach the end of level six and the one hour dinner break Matthew Heaps looks to be the chip leader with 87,525.

8.05pm: Alli Mallu takes a walk
Alli Mallu has been all-in at least three times in the last few. He got no takers the first time cold four-betting all-in. He lost most of those extra chips when he lost a toss with 9♠9♦ to A♣8♥ before he was finally to rest by Anutr Amranand.

Amranand: A♥Q♦
Mallu: 10♣10♠

And it’s goodnight for Mallu when catches a couple of over cards. — RD

8pm: Tomlin takes one
The one remaining outer table is a little bit like murderers row such is the talent at the table. Four of the incumbents tangled in a recent pot. James Tomlin opened to 950 from early position it folded to the button Gurpreet ‘Sunny’ Nagi who called as did small blind Gilles Augustus and big blind James Sykes. The flop of 9♠6♦4♦ was checked to the pre-flop aggressor and Tomlin fired 2400, only Nagi called. The turn was the 3♠ Tomlin bet again, this time 4,000 and Nagi folded. Nagi and Tomlin are good friends off the felt and after a request from the former for Tomlin to show, he obliged and tabled pocket queens. –NW

7.50pm: Jarvis clawing his way back
Ross Jarvis has had a couple of tough spots today such as having to toss a set away on a straight and flushed board. His stack has been going the wrong direction but he’s started his fight back. Tim Hickling raises to 800 from the cut-off and is called by Jarvis. The flop is 7♣9♥Q♣ and Hickling fires another 1,500. Jarvis check-raises to 3,500 and it’s enough to win the pot. — RD

7.45pm: Far from steady Eddie
Eddie Lundon has vaulted over the 50,000 mark after busting Lars Hansen. In a semi-cooler Lundon’s A♣Q♦ bested Hansen’s A♠8♣ on a board of A♥3♣Q♣A♦5♠. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, 25 ante

7.35pm: Lundy playing Sheriff
Jon Lundy has increased his stack to around 40,000 after winning a three way pot. Melvin Sheriff got the action started by raising to 800, Lundy bumped it up to 2300 a bet which the small blind, Glen Storey, cold called. Sherriff also came along for the ride. The flop of Q♠7♣2♣ elicited checks from both Storey and Sheriff and a bet of 4,400 from Lundy was enough for him to scoop the pot. — NW

7.15pm: Hand in the cookie jar
There is a lot of chips on table 8 with chip leader Simon Mairs and fellow big stack Paul Rigg sat a few spaces apart with EPT winner Jake Cody stuck between them. Riggs raises under the gun to 725 and is called in three spot; by Peter William, Richard Garner and Simon Mairs. The hand is set for a great 100,000 pot before whimpering out as all four players check through the flop and turn.
Williams stabs 1,000 into the K♦6♦3♣2♥10♥ board and is looked up by Garner who shows 9♦9♥ to William’s 5♠7♠. Mairs is still sat on a heaving 65,000 stack. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 1b_simon mairs.jpg

Simon Mairs taking part in a Mexican stand-off

7.05pm: Slowly Shrinking
We’re down to just 140 players here on day 1b in Coventry and there are now just two tables in use outside of the main poker room. Among those who are out are Stephen Holden and Mike Ellis. –NW

6.50pm: Paul Jackson exerting his influence
Paul Jackson is trying to push his table around and as his stack is going in the right direction it seem to be working. Not in this last hand here however. Jackson raises to 750 from middle position and is called by Philip Rice in the big blind. Jackson continuation bets 1,000 into the 8♣10♣A♥ flop and is instantly check-raised to 3,000 by Rice. Easy fold for Jackson. Rice shows the A♠. — RD

6.35pm: Perrins unlocked by Keys
Italian Poker Tour Venice champion Matt Perrins and the prolific James Keys just played a big pot. Graham Hibbert got the action started with a raise to 800 from the hi-jack. Keys, who was on the button, flat called and Perrins, in the small blind, made it 2600 total from a stack of 13,000. Hibbert folded and Keys, who covered Perrins flat called. The flop was a monotone 8♥J♥5♥, Perrins led for 2900, Keys moved all-in and Perrins called.

Keys: A♣A♠
Perrins: Q♥Q♦

Although Keys was ahead Perrins was about 43% to win the pot but the 8♦9♠ turn and river were no help and Keys vaulted to 28,000 whilst Perrins headed to the exit. — NW

6.30pm: Back from break
We’re looking at some of the chip leaders here four into the tournament and it’s looking like our big stack is Simon Mairs with 64,000. Other big ‘uns are:

Simon Morrison – 50,500
Dennis Troake – 49,000
Paul Rigg – 47,000
Charles Denton – 43,000
Paul Jackson – 31,000

ukipt coventry_day 1b_simon morrison.jpg

Simon Morrison is second in chips with 50,500

We’re working hard on updating the chip counts of big stacks and notable players so click here to check how the players are faring. — RD

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.


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