UKIPT Coventry: The final table

April 11, 2010


The inaugural UKIPT Coventry final table is just being prepared at Lady G’s, the bar here at the G Casino.

It’s looking very grand and is a fitting stage for what should be a great final table. First place pays out a huge £46,000 and the UKIPT Coventry title.

ukipt coventry_day 3_final table.jpg

Dan Carter is currently talking to camera in our video blog interviews and the 22-year old is looking very relaxed. He’s incredibly experienced for a player of his age and the rest of the table is going to have a lot of trouble handling him. ‘Dave Jones is a major threat at the table so I’m happy he’s three seats to my right.’ we hear the chip leader say. It’s a very valid point.

Take a look at the seat draw and the player profiles below.

Final table profiles
Seat 1, Gilles Augustus, 22, Belgium, PokerStars Player
Chips – 677,000

ukipt coventry_day_augustus profile.jpg

Augustus was the man responsible for setting the Final Table when he eliminated Joe Lucas at just after 3am on Day 2. His biggest online win is $3,700. He has certainly shown us that he’s not afraid to make big calls and he starts the Final Table third in chips.

Seat 2, Chris Brice, 31, United Kingdom
Chips – 343,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_brice profile.jpg

Brice lists his occupation as nuclear medicine so he is obviously an intelligent man and his poker style reflects this. When involved in the action, he has been very methodical and seems to have steadily accumulated chips rather than won any big coups or set up hands. His biggest live cash to date was £16,500 when he finished third in a £500 tournament in October 2009.

Seat 3, Ben Crellin, 19, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier
Chips – 126,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_crellin profile.jpg

Ben is the youngest competitor at our Final Table. When not playing poker he’s busy studying at Durham University, so he will have quite a tale to tell – not to mention less student debt to pay off – when he returns from the Easter break. He comes into the Final Table eighth in chips. His biggest win online is $4,300 when he finished fourth in the PokerStars $3 re-buy tournament.

Seat 4, Dave Jones, 22, United Kingdom
Chips – 823,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_jones profile.jpg

Dave Jones is a poker professional who specialises in tournaments, with a biggest online win to date of $77,000. His biggest live cash to date is $23,670 which he scooped in a $1,000 tournament in November 2009. Although he was seated to the direct right of chip leader Dan Carter for the last few levels of Day 2, he comes into the Final Table second in chips. Jones mixes in the same circles as many of the top UK online players and is likely to have a cheering section on the rail at the Final Table (if, as it turns out, it wasn’t a Sunday and they’ll all playing the Sunday Million).

Seat 5, Marius Lietuvnikas, 32, Lithuania, PokerStars Player
Chips – 332,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_lietuvnikas profile.jpg

Marius is making his second deep run in a UKIPT event, but he’s already gone one better than the Manchester leg of the UKIPT, where he finished 11th. Lietuvnikas, a Lithuanian who resides in London, has been well stacked throughout the tournament but really vaulted into contention when he eliminated Toby Lewis in a 320,000 chip pot just before the bubble burst. His biggest cash to date is $12,000.

Seat 6, Andrew Booth, 41, United Kingdom
Chips – 148,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_booth profile.jpg

Booth is a property developer from Liverpool. Having laid the foundations by cashing at this tournament, he will now have to work hard to build further as he lies ninth in the chip count. His best live score to date is £35,000 and he’ll have to win this tournament to beat that total.

Seat 7, Dan Carter, 22, United Kingdom
Chips – 1,411,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_carter profile.jpg

Dan Carter is a professional poker player from Cheltenham who has been playing for a living since the age of 18 and is the chip leader heading into the Final Table. Carter has just over $275,000 in live tournament earnings. He’s no slouch online either, having chopped the PokerStars Sunday Million (with a then guarantee of $500,000) for $95,976 in January 2006. Carter has variously specialised in cash games, Sit and Gos, heads up cash and tournaments in his poker career to date. He is an avid golfer who plays off a handicap of seven and in fact had to cancel a round he was due to play this morning due to the late finishing of Day 2.

Seat 8, Paul Rigg, 46, United Kingdom
Chips – 593,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_rigg profile.jpg

Rigg is a professional poker player and he has won just shy of $120,000 in live tournaments, with his biggest single cash being £21,000. He has done well to recover from running Queens into Dave Jones’ pocket Kings halfway through the day and he comes into the Final Table fourth in chips, well-placed to take his deep run even deeper.

Seat 9, Ben Dobson, 21, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier
Chips – 547,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_dobson profile.jpg

Ben Dobson is the second student at today’s Final Table and starts play fifth in chips. He had a rollercoaster ride to get here, running his stack up and down a couple of times before settling in the middle of the pack. His biggest cash to date came when he won a $75 online tournament for $14,000. No doubt he’ll be looking to parlay some of his winnings from this event into the next leg of the UKIPT, which takes place in his hometown of Nottingham on 12-17 May.

Seat 10, Joe Grech, 56, United Kingdom
Chips – 418,000

ukipt coventry_day 2_grech profile.jpg

Grech is the oldest player at today’s Final Table but with age comes vast amounts of experience. Joe has over $1,200,000 in lifetime career earnings and his first recorded cash came in 2003 when chip leader Dan Carter wasn’t even old enough to drive, let alone enter a casino. Remarkably consistent Grech has recorded total cashes of over $100,000 every year since 2004 and his biggest single cash was for $350,000 back in 2005.

The final table payouts are:

1: £46,000
2: £29,400
3: £16,100
4: £12,700
5: £10,200
6: £8,200
7: £6,600
8: £5,000
9: £3,500
10: £2,500

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