UKIPT Dublin, S3: Day 2, level 13-15 updates (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

May 19, 2012


8.40pm: That’s all folks
So that’s a wrap on Day 2 of UKIPT Dublin, well almost. A re-cap of the day’s play will be with you shortly as will overnight chip counts.

You can find the overnight seat draw here, play starts again at noon and tomorrow we’ll play down from 58 to the final table. — NW

8.30pm: In the money
Below is a list of the players who exited during the last level and finished in the money.

59th. Ben Jackson, United Kingdom, €1,200
60th. Darren Lyttle, United Kingdom, €1,200
61st. Barry Mullarkey, Ireland, €1,200
62nd. Christopher McNicholls, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,200
63rd. Paul Campbell, Ireland, €1,200

64th. Szymon Gajda, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,000
65th. Miguel Silva, Portugal, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,000
66th. Finbar Loughnane, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,000
67th. Thanh Pham, Ireland, €1,000
68th. Thomas Hall, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,000
69th. Dan Rankin, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,000
70th. Mitchell Johnson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, €1,000
71st. Richard Sinclair, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, €1,000
72nd. Shyam Markus, USA, €1,000

8.10pm: Play is over for the day
That’s it, play is done and the remaining 58 players have bagged and tagged their chips.

Overnight chip leader appears to be Robert Healey (454,800) who’s closely followed by Con Collins (348,500) and Lee Atherton. The latter won a huge pot just two hands from the end of the day against Marc McDonnell to boost his stack to 343,200, McDonnell is still in but his prospects of winning took a big hit. — NW

7.50pm: Clock stopped, three more hands
That about sums it up: the tournament clock has been stopped and three final hands are being played out.

7.45pm: Short stacks getting swatted
It’s grim at the moment if you’re a short stack, they don’t seem to be winning any all-ins. Only 59 players remain meaning 13 have perished in the past 40 minutes.

It doesn’t seem to matter if they get it in good or bad, this live RNG seems to be rigged against them. Paul Campbell must have been delighted to get it in with aces and find a willing caller in the shape of Shifaaz Taus who had tens. He was not so delighted with the ten on the river.

And Robert Healey claimed another scalp when his pocket kings held up against Darren Lyttle’s Q♣J♠. — NW

7.30pm: Healey trebles
Robert Healey is now right up with the chip leaders after near trebling up to 300,000.

Three players got it all-in pre-flop with the following hands:

Derrick Wall: A♠K♣
Tom Hall: A♥K♥
Healey: Q♣Q♠

The flop of 2♥4♥9♦ gave Hall a monster draw but neither he or Wall could improve on the turn or river. Hall was the shortest stack of the three, whilst Wall had the most, although he is now down to around 50,000. — NW

7.20pm: Two doubles up and an exit
Now that the pressure cooker of the bubble has been released there’s a lot of all-in and calls popping off everywhere.

Robert Molloy was all-in for 13,300 with K♠3♦ and he was up against Dan Rankin’s A♦9♣. It looked all over on the 2♦5♦A♥ flop but a beautiful 4♦ came on the turn to give him a straight. “Almost back to turn big blinds,” he grinned as he took the pot.

Christian Sosnik is another player whose scored a post-bubble double. He was all-in for around 60,000 with A♥Q♣ and behind to Mahmood Rasheed’s pocket tens. The board ran 7♥9♣9♠3♣Q♥ and Rasheed, perhaps thinking the river was a different face card mistakenly clapped but quickly realised his mistake.

And god knows whom Dan Rankin cursed during the break but he was sent tumbling when his pocket eights failed to hold up against Marc McDonnell’s A♣Q♣ on a board of 5♣Q♠6♠J♣8♣. — NW

7.15pm: The first few fallers
Shyam Markus (72nd), Richard Sinclair (71st) and Mitchell Johnson (70th) are the first few players to bust in the money. Johnson had jammed from the big blind with 2♣2♦ after Joel Benzinou opened from the small blind with K♣K♦. Despite picking up a gutshot Johnson failed to suckout. They all collect €1,000. We’ll be updating the payouts page whenever we get a chance. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

6.50pm: Bubble bursts on the break
The field will have a nice surprise when they return from the break to play the last level of the day: they are all in the money.

Brandon ‘Mazurite’ Rollinson open shoved 33,000 from middle position and found a customer in Mark Baxter.

Baxter: A♦K♠
Rollinson: J♦J♥

The window card was an ace as the board ran out A♣6♦Q♦4♣3♦ to guarantee all remaining 72 players a minimum €1,000. Credit goes to Rollinson who took the loss of the flip well and shook every player’s hands before leaving. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_bubble time.jpg

Brandon Rollinson busts (seated, blue t-shirt)

6.35pm: Still on the bubble
There’s been no more all-in and calls encounters in the last 15 minutes so 73 players remain, but Gary McCoy filled me in on how he came to be the 74th place finisher.

He raised with pocket aces a short stack moved all-in over the top with pocket tens, Stephen McGrath then flat-called with pocket kings. Back on McCoy he moved all-in and McGrath snap called. A king on the flop sent a 260,000 pot to McGrath and left McCoy chipless. Poker can be a cruel game at times. — NW

6.20pm: Finishing time
We’ve just consulted with tournament director Toby Stone who has told us that we’ll play to the end of level 7 come what may. That still means players will get to watch the second half of the Champions League final with its free bar. We’re certainly happy about that. — RD

6.15pm: Molloy hits the wall
Robert Molloy opened for 4,900 and was called in one spot before Derrick Wall three-bet to 15,000 from the big blind. Molloy four-bet jammed and Wall called all-in for from the big blind for his 90,000 stack. That was for most of Molloy’s stack, leaving him just 8,000 if he lost the hand. The cards remained facedown until the rest of the tables played out – it’s hand for hand – then, with a groan, they were turned over.

Molloy: A♦K♦
Wall: A♥A♠

Molloy looked unwell. The all red flop brought some hope, but only one diamond: Q♥7♦9♥. The turn brought backdoor possibilities: 6♦. The crowd round the table let out a collective ‘Ooooo’. Molloy still looked pale.

“A diamond, one time,” said Molloy.

The river was red. It was the 3♥. It would have been a brutal outdraw against Wall but as it was it was simply a gross set-up against Molloy. Wall well stacked with 185,000, Molloy in bubble trouble with 8,000. — RD

6.05pm: On the bubble
The tournament clock that was showing 79 players remaining must’ve been a little out of sync as it’s now been established that just 73 remain meaning that we’re bubblin in Dublin right now. Hand for hand play is in effect. — NW

5.55pm: Bubble getting closer
Just 79 players remain, 72 of whom will make the money. The latest player to be left with a feeling of close but no cigar was Leonard White, he was all-in with A♣4♥ against Billy Ngo who had pocket tens and didn’t hit.

Other recent exits include: Dave Masters, Patrick Carron, Packie Quinn and Iwan Jones.

5.45pm: Huge pot for Taus, Jones busts
Shifaaz Taus has just won a 210,000 pot in a strange pot against Iwan Jones. Taus had 10,200 in front of him, a three-bet out of the big blind. Jones had 22,700 over the line, which must have been a four-bet. Taus stared at Jones. In reply, Jones called the clock.

Taus was given one minute. He didn’t use much of it before pushing out a five-bet to 40,000 straight. Jones made the call. Taus had 90,000 back, Jones just 64,700.

The board was then checked down to the 10♣A♥5♣2♣A♣ river. Taus checked again and Jones moved all-in. Taus didn’t muck. It wasn’t going to be an easy call but he obviously had something worth considering. He called.

Taus: Q♣Q♦ for the second nut flush, on a paired board
Jones: 8♥7♥ for complete air

Taus’ rail cheered. Jones quickly left the table. Taus up to 235,000. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_shifaaz taus.jpg

Shifaaz Taus

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ANTE 300

5.40pm: Collins cracks cowboys
The new chip leader is Irishman Con Collins he’s up to 350,000 after flopping a set of sevens against Lee Taylor who had pocket kings.

Taylor opened, Collins three-bet to 11,600, Taylor made it 28,600 and Collins flat called. The flop fell 7♠2♥5♦ and Taylor simply open shoved for around 90,000 and Collins snap called. The board ran out 2♦4♠ to give Collins a monster pot and eliminate Taylor. — NW

5.30pm: Stacked
Table seven seems to be teeming over with chips, containing as it does a number of the biggest stacks in the room. There’s UKIPT Newcastle winner Richard Sinclar (135,500), Jose Aisa (170,000), chip leader Foyzul Hussein (220,000), Mark Muldoon (146,300) and John Cahill (146,500). They’re all well above the current average of 98,000. — NW

5.20pm: Emmett finally ejected
Emmett Mullin has had a rollercoaster Day 2 but his ride has finally come to an end. He’d been as low as 13,000 but managed to spin that back up to nearly 40,000 only to come unstuck in back to back hands.

After Paul Delaney had opened, Kim Andre Carlsen moved all-in from the cut-off for around 30,000 and Mullin re-raised all-in over the top, Delaney got out the way.

Carlsen: A♥K♠
Mullin: A♠J♣

The board of 9♦Q♦7♥Q♣2♥ left Mullin perilously short. The rest of his chips went in the next hand, but his pocket threes couldn’t hold up against Delaney’s K♣J♥ as the board ran 2♦K♦4♣6♣8♥. — NW

ukipt dublin_day 2_emmett mullin.jpg

Emmett Mullin: out

5.10pm: Chips!
We’ve imported the chips from the break so there should be the full field (bar table 2 whose chips we’re inputting by hand now). Foyzul Hussein is the chip leader with 220,000. You can see them by clicking through this link. — RD

5pm: Bastiaan comes back from the brink
Dutchman Bastiaan Van Den Brink just scored a timely double up at the expense of Derek Thorpe, although he did it the hard way.

The action was started by Joel Benzinou who raised to 4,200 from the cut-off, Thorpe three-bet to 11,400 from the small blind and Van Den Brink then moved all-in for approximately 60,000 from the big blind. After getting a rough count Benzinou folded but Thorpe announced call.

Van Den Brink: Q♣Q♠
Thorpe: A♥K♥

The flop of A♠4♦10♥ was a nail in the coffin for Van Den Brink and he stood up to leave, but the Q♥ turn had him firmly back in his seat and the 6♦ kept him alive. He doubles to around 125,000, whilst Thorpe is down to 50,000. — NW

4.50pm: Exits
Recent exits include: David Brady, Barry Murray and Zeke Tuite. -NW

4.40pm: The second half of the day begins
The clock currently registers 104 players remaining in the UKIPT Dublin main event which means that there are just 32 players to bust before the money. More players will cash than not now, that’s some good prospects. One player that won’t be making the money is Barry Foley (pictured below), he’s out.

The behind-the-scenes staff are currently working on a full chip count from the break which we’ll be able too import into our counts shortly. We’ll flash it up when we have. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_barry foley.jpg

Barry Foley

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (and their Champions League predictions): Rick Dacey (Bayern Munich, 2-1) and Nick Wright (Bayern Munich, 3-1 – lots of centre-backs out). Photos by Mickey May (“Who’s playing?”). Guest appearance from the UKIPT event manager Jamie Moniz (Bayern Munich, 4-2)


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